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question re: position of babe

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I had my 32wk check with the mw today. The babes head is totally in my pelvis...so deep that she couldn't even feel it. She asked if I was feeling pressure and I am and I feel it in my butt (sounds silly but I don't know how else to describe it). She said it was a little unusual, but not unheard of with #3 or4. I am a little alarmed as my ds1 was born at 33 wks. I also measured small for the first time ever....30cm. I measured small because the head was so deep within the pelvis. Anyone else have or had the babe drop like this and then go back up? Just looking for a little reassurance. I have been under tremendous stress lately, but was hoping it would not affect the babe. I know.....fat chance.
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With her fifth baby, my mom carried him "in her pelvis" for the last 2 weeks to a month. He was born 2 days before his due date. He did have a "ring" around his head from where he sat for the last month, though .
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I'm glad you asked this question, though I don't have any answers. I woke up today with my belly noticeably smaller. I'm not sure if the baby has dropped or what. It's my 5th baby and I'm only 29 weeks, so I hope that's not it. She's still moving around plenty though. I'd always heard that most women don't drop prior to labor with subsequent children though.
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Emily- your response made me feel better! Thanks.
Gethane- I too thought that after the 1st they didn't drop until labor. Maybe after so many babies there's more room to "drop"? Don't know I guess we'll wait and see. I go back in 2 weeks. This babe is VERY active as well....lots of pushing. I swear it has knitting needles in there .
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Wow, I didn't realize your ds1 was born at 33 weeks. That must have been really hard for all of you.

I don't know much about early engagement with subsequent pgs, but I was amused when I read your post because I had my 32 week check up today, too, and I was basically probing my mw for when this baby will (please!) drop. I have so much reflux and trouble keeping my food and water down that I am so eager for it to drop. But, I guess I should just happily wait.

It sounds like your stress hasn't eased much. DH must still be job hunting, is he? Hugs to you!

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You made me laugh. My mw said atleast I could breath with the babe so low! I guess she is right! Sorry your reflux is so bad....I know how awful that is.

Yes, it was pretty hard to have the 1st one so early, but we were very lucky and he is fine and healthy now! I am glad it was our first as we had loads of time to devote to him in hospital. The next 2 were both 2 days past their due date...go figure.

DH has been traveling back and forth to Charlotte every w/e to paint and fix what he can. The house is on the market and now we have to re-carpet (I had no idea how expensive that can be), order new cabinet doors, etc. We are just praying that it sells quickly. We are trying to keep things in perspective and be thankful that we have our health and each other. Somedays this is easy...some not so easy! I can't wait for 2006!!! We are having a bonfire with all the negative stuff from 2005! You may see the flames where you are!!!

**Hope you "drop* soon BTW what did your mw say about dropping?
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With my friend's first child he dropped quite early and she was having PTL and went on bedrest around 34 weeks for 2 weeks.
But she doesn't think the PTL was related to his dropping early but to the fact that she still had yet to slow down. She was still swimming miles of laps in the pool everyday. She thinks the PTL was just her bodies way of telling her to slow down.
She then went then went at least a week post date. He too was born with some funky head shape due to being so low for so long..a osteopath helped fix that up after the birth.

So the baby being low doesn't mean labour is imminent.
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Depends who you ask. Some will sya that subsequent babies drop earlier, some say later. Statistically, subsequent babies drop earlier in pregnanty, but it's not exact and many drop later. They can indeed go back up, but usually they get pretty happy once they are down low and don't want to go back up. I wouldn't either

My baby was nice and low in my pelvis and head down. Now she's higher up and breech. So yeah, they can move up and down and all around. Nothing like walking around with a bowling ball between your legs the last two months though. I hope you can get some relief somehow!

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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Thanks everyone! Wish I could get him or her out so they won't end up with a funny head!! 2 months is a long time to "hang out" down there. It is so nice to have a place to come to to get such good information and support. Thanks Mamas.
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Just got back from my appt, and sure enough, ultrasound and physical exam confirmed my babe dropped. The doc said she's RIGHT THERE when she was poking at me. But I have no dilation or effacement. If I have any cramping, they'll want to run that one test for pre-term labor, I forget what its called, but right now doc said everything looks fine.
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I went to my 34 week appt today and found out that my baby is WAY down and engaged, too. I haven't been able to find its head for the last week or so and I was worried that maybe it was breech. Turns out its head is just so deeply set in there that I can't feel it anymore. My mw said babe should definitely be there to stay, as it is probably "stuck" there. I am loving the relief from heartburn and reflux (totally gone) and remembering that pressure in my pelvis from the end of my last pg. My mw also said its unusual for a 3rd baby to engage that early, but it doesn't mean a thing. I think it's a bit of a blessing for me.

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Glad you have gotten some relief! I am guessing your indigestion is gone!? I had my 34wk check today and we are still very low! I did measure 32cm which made me feel better. She did say it felt like a good size baby already! My last two were 7lbs 12oz which she felt was pretty big for my build. We shall see! Can't believe how close we are getting to having our babes!!!
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