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Is my pregnancy possible??

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: Hello Mammas
I am not sure where to post this so I will try here first. I* hope you all can help me. I am a proud mamma to a 15 month old girl. We want to try for our second and "plan" the birth so I am due next summer, on my break from college...So I have all summer with my 2 babes...But here is the question. I am breastfeeding and will as long as Lily wants to. I have heard I cant get pregnant while breastfeeding? Can you all help? We plan on trying in August-September so the babe will be due in May....Does this sound likely????please help....
peace and love
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Did you get your period back, yet? Are you pumping part time? Sometimes the semi-interruption due to pumping can create a pause that allows ovulation to start, even before you've started your period (usually you O before you flow, btw) - but it's different for everyone.

I'ts not impossible to conceive while bf'ing, there are quite a few people here who can attest to that. But, I don't think it's a science.

Best wishes,

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Once your child is not exclusively b-fing (i.e. eats solids) you can potentially become fertile again. However every woman is different as far as when they become fertile again. Once you get your period back you should be able to concieve even if you continue to bf. I got pregnant while still bfing my 2.5 year old, but I'm sure he wasn't nursing as much as a 15 month old.

Good Luck TTC!
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In the midwifery practice that I was a part of. we had several moms get pregnant (while bsfing every 1-2 hours) even after the baby was 1 month old. it depends on your body. you can ovulate before you get your first period. I have seen woman that do not get their period for almost 3 years.
do you have your period right now? I would not use bsfing as a birth control, it is not 100%
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I just got my first post-p. period and dd is 14 months... but I've been trying to chart for a few months and didn't see that coming - my chart is all over the place since I'm still b-feeding

and I've heard of a lot of women who nursed exclusevely and still got pregnant with the first nursling being way younger than yours.

I think if you're still nursing when you're TTC, it'll be more unpredictable, but definitely possible!
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It is definately possible. My period came back 6 weeks post-partum, despite the fact that I was exclusively bf'ing (no pacifiers, bottles, nothing in his mouth except my nipple) every 45 minutes.

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I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. (still dancing today...). My son is 15.5 months old and still nurses 8-10 times a day, though most of the time he doesn't nurse between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am. I am pregnant, but never got a period! My last period was December of 2000!!

GOod luck
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Keep dancing, Emma!! That is wonderful news Peacefulmom.....my little girl (3 weeks old today!) was conceived when my DS was 15 months (while I was breastfeeding) and I am really liking the age difference between them; although if you do conceive...you might have to change your name (I'm thinking more like wildncrazymom...lol). To answer your questions......yes, you can get pregnant while breastfeeding. What kind of knowledge do you have of your own fertility cycle? This will great enhance your chances of getting/not getting pregnant. There are some great books out there on natural family planning. Good luck!!

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Congrats to all of you new mommas...I am so excited for you I have to ask you ...How is having a toddler and a new babe? Do you have any huge challanges as of yet and how are you other loves with the new babe? Anyway Thank you all for your replys about my being able to get Pregnant. You have all made me feel so much better and I will stop streesing so much about it ...Than you all and I will keep checking this post for more replys so thank you all Peace and Love...
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