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falling off chairs

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my son just turned 3 last week. he has always been a very cautious, dexterous boy. he rarely ever fell, even a year and a half ago, when learning to climb etc..

well, since around christmas time, he has started falling off chairs on a regular basis! i mean he'll just be sitting (or kneeling) there, and i'll look away, and all the sudden he's falling head-first to the floor. it's so weird, and it happens like one or two times a day now. i know he's not playing, he's not having any weird episodes, it's like he just loses his balance or something.

it's really freaking me out. any ideas?
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I would take him to the dr. & have his ears checked to start with. Has he been sick lately where the infection could have moved to his ears? If that's not it, I'm sure the dr. would know of some other things to check for.
What does your son say about it? Does he feel weird or anything before he falls?
It's probably not serious, but is not normal & should be investigated.
Let us know what happens.
Good luck!
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no.. he hasn't been sick in a while. had a slight cough a few days ago, but nothing serious..

one other thing he's been doing lately (and i have no idea if it's related or if he's just playing with sounds) is, when he says a word that ends with a k or a t, he repeats it several times, like stuttering "mama milk-k-k" he's been doing that consistently for a few days.

do you think it could be a hearing problem (the falling off chairs?) he doesn't seem to have a hearing problem, he's always heard me fine..

right before he falls he seems totally fine and then all the sudden he's just falling. he's never hurt himself badly. usually a kiss makes it go away, but it is strange..
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