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eilonwy -- How are you finding the Singapore math? I've heard good things about it and was just checking it out online earlier. I was looking at samples and when ds saw what I was doing he wanted me to print out the sample pages so he could work with them!

They are tricky to get a hold of here in Europe (there's only one supplier in Ireland and you can't order online with them).
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Originally Posted by eternal_grace
eilonwy -- How are you finding the Singapore math? I've heard good things about it and was just checking it out online earlier. I was looking at samples and when ds saw what I was doing he wanted me to print out the sample pages so he could work with them!
The kids and I love it! The program does seem like it might (ideally) move very quickly, but of course that's not necessary when you're homeschooling. I think that children working at a variety of speeds, especially those who need a high degree of visual stimulation, could do very well with Singapore. I really like where it's going, the fact that they introduce all four of the basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in the kindergarten year and that algebraic thinking begins (I believe) in second grade; kids learn these things before they have a chance to get "nervous" about them.
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Thanks, I liked the look of it on their website. I've contacted the suppliers in Ireland. I'm hoping to be able to get a hold of it.
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Originally Posted by eliwony
Oh! BeanBean is also taking swimming lessons at the Y. They're going pretty well, and I think that they will get better till the end. I'm really hoping that we can swing another session for him.
My dd is taking swim class at the Y too She LOVES swimming!

I started doing research on homeschooling while I was still in junior high school.
I was homeschooled for eighth grade So me too!
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So glad to find this! I've been doing poorly lately, my life has become a whirlwind (how on Earth do I upkeep the house AND find lots of time for my kids? I have yet to figure it out). But, DS is 3.5 now and doing really well. He wants to learn to read, so we've been doing Zoophonics (which he LOVES, it's like a game to him). He knows all the letters and their sounds, and we are working on sounding out words now. It's just starting to click. I need to start taking him to the library.

I often worry about him being bored. I feel I have so much to do to upkeep things at home and he is left to occupy himself (which too often involves tv) and then he gets a bit mean to his baby sister. I've thought about some kind of preschool, but not real preschool -- one of the creative classes at the Y maybe so I can have some time to get things done at home and he is occupied, but I hate that so I'm really thinking about getting a cleaning lady instead.

The only school I'd consider sending him to is a Montessori but it costs SO much money. I'd like to do it for kindergarten but until then I think he will be at home. I also think a kid as bright as he is, who already knows shapes, colors, letters, sounds, etc would be bored at regular preschool, don't you think?

Anyway, I'm loving hearing ideas and would also love to hear more about activity resources! One I like is www.montessorimom.com
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Our preschoolers will be HSing too

I have twin 4yo DSs, whom we are planning to homeschool as long as possible! We started leaning away from PS & toward the idea of HS when they were around 2. Initially, it was partly because they were boys (and therefore more likely to be disadvantaged by the learning style required for traditional classroom success), and partly because they were very close to the age cutoff (which led to questions of either "redshirting" them or letting them be the youngest in the class -- both of which seemed less than ideal). The more we have read about HSing, the more sure we have become that this is the right decision for us.

Right now, we are not using any specific methodology or resources other than the library! I don't consider us to be "homeschooling" specifically right now, mainly because we're not officially required to register as such anywhere. I'm just concentrating on letting them have plenty of time to explore and play and exercise their imaginations, and above all, follow their interests! I don't really see much difference between that and official HSing though. I'm still in the process of figuring out the various styles & methods at the moment.

We have made contact with a local HSing group though, mostly because my boys' peer group are of course spending more & more time in preschool. I wanted to find others of a similar mindset to us, so that neither I nor my boys felt too isolated in the decision to avoid formal schooling. I am hoping that they will be progressively more involved with these other children as they all get older! It has been fabulous to meet up with others of a similar mindset.

My boys are extremely interested in letters & numbers, and have been for ages. They are now starting to read everything they possibly can, and it frequently takes us hours just to walk down to the shops & back again because we have to stop & read ALL of the signs we can see along the way! Signs are a particular favorite, and they are totally obsessed with the "Warning," "Danger" & "Caution" signs which seem to pepper our environment. They're also hugely keen on trains (life-sized & toy ones), reading books, playing "make-believe" games with their toy animals, dinosaurs, & cooking. They have recently started a gymnastics class, which they enjoy, and a general sports/games class as well.

Looking forward to having extra support from others in similar situations!

Giz. Mom to Kyle & Aidan, 08/2001
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Originally Posted by jessicaSAR
(I've even heard people talk about their daycare providers as "school")
My nephew turned two in September. My sister has been referring to his daycare center as "school" since he was about 6 months old. I think this is ridiculous, and my personal opinion is that she does this because she feels better about sending him to "school" than she does about sending him to "daycare." She also COMPLETELY buys into the "learn as much as possible as early as possible" idea.

I have found some fun games on the Noggin wesbite. We don't have cable or anything like that, but my friend who has a dish told me about some Laurie Berkner videos on the Noggin site, and we have explored it a little more since then.

Anyway, my kids are 3 3/4 and 2 3/4 (355 days apart in age) and we are most definitely, without a doubt, homeschoolers. We are homeschoolers simply because we plan to homeschool, even though we are not actively engaged in a curriculum or academic activities at this time. In my experience, there is a HUGE difference in attitude between those who plan to send their kids to school and those who don't. That attitude, in my opinion, is the central thing that makes the difference between homeschooling families and families who just don't send their kids to preschool. It's just a completely different worldview.

We do unit studies as my kids are inspired to do them. They provide the interest, I provide the activities, and they eat them up. If I plan something that my kids don't enjoy, we don't pursue it (although my kids very, very rarely don't enjoy something I have planned ... NOT because I am a super-great planner but because my kids just LOVE to do activities). I don't believe in early academics but I also don't believe in the idea that I have read here at MDC (more than once) that parents of kids younger than six or seven have no business trying to direct their kids' activities AT ALL. I think my kids benefit greatly from my planning things for them to do (sometimes ... I'm not talking 40 hours of planned activities here). The danger would come if I got so invested in the activity (or the time I spent planning it) that I took their disinterest personally (and I have, on occasion, but I have been able to swallow the feeling of rejection and just move on) and tried to force them to continue, which is, of course, what schools do: make kids do things regardless of their interest in or benefit from it.

IMO, if a family has decided to take responsiblity for their kids' education, and they are not sending their kids to school full-time, they are homeschoolers. Even if their kid is 1 day old.

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What's everyone up to this week?

We are moving, so it's going to be a chaotic week for us. I'm sitting here amongst boxes.

I'm trying to get a hold of the Singapore maths series 1 and 2. There's only one distributor in Europe and he's in Ireland, without online ordering facilities.

Ds is crazy about Studydog at the moment.

He also LOVES water colours which is messy but fun. Just the other day we made a racing car (with a kit from the arts & crafts shop) which involved painting the cardboard shape, gluing it together, putting stickers all over and attaching the plastic wheels. He was so excited about this project that he decided that his name was 'racing car' for the day. He even introduced himself to our new neighbour with his new name.
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I have decided to start doing more. DS has made it abundantly clear that he wants to be challanged and I have to pick up the pace. He's one of those extremely spirited child who constantly needs to be challanged and when he's not, it shows up in undesired behavior. When I keep him busy and even gently push him, he loves it!

I want to spend this week getting the house organized so I can spend less time cleaning and more time in learning pursuits with my children . I have a reading nook all planned out and I hope it comes out how I envision!

I have been busy picking things out from my favorite book site that I noticed has tons of manipulatives. I get so excited looking at this stuff! I bought DS an early learning Math set with learning links, counting frogs and shapes that was meant for Christmas, but I think I might crack it out sooner. I'm leaning toward Math U See for our math curriculum but I'm not sure at what age it's ideal to start it. I figure we can just work on the basics (he loves doing anything with numbers). Math is probably the only thing I'm concerned about with homeschooling since it was my worst subject. I'm feeling more confident about it now though.

Problems with DS's sunday school teacher this weekend has made me realize that if teachers can be this bad at church, how would I handle the public school system. I know what happened doesn't bother DS but it made me furious. At least it gave DH and I a lot to talk about, being about the two thousandth thing to reconfirm out commitment to homeschooling this week. It's a source of daily discussion around here lately. I'm so glad he's on board with me.
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Originally Posted by bwylde
my favorite book site
Link please!

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Check out the kids section and there are lots of things in the boxed set section. I love this site so much and order a lot. I find I have to act quick as things sell out so quickly
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We are using Little Hands to Heaven.

We went to the musuem and zoo yesterday and when DD saw some of the animals from her new song, she started to sing it to the animals. It's fun to see her tell the animals that God made them.
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Originally Posted by bwylde
I want to spend this week getting the house organized so I can spend less time cleaning and more time in learning pursuits with my children . I have a reading nook all planned out and I hope it comes out how I envision!
Me too. I don't see it happening, though. Right now, BeanBean is enthusiastically arranging and rearranging four duplo blocks into various airplanes. I am being a bum on MDC, and BooBah is painting her body with the remains of her brother's yogurt. It's definately time to do some cleaing around here...
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Originally Posted by Karenwith4
Can you tell my why you consider this homeschooling? I'm not trying to be argumentative. I just don't get how unschooling preschoolers is different from just being an involved parent at home with them. I'd like to understand the need to define this as homeschooling/unschooling. I can somewhat see the difference if a parent is sitting down at 9:30 am 4 days a week to do math workbooks, followed by a preplanned science lesson but the unschooling of preschoolers is something I have trouble distinguishing from life.

This may be why some unschoolers find it very important to insist that it's not "homeschooling" unless the child is also of school age, perhaps.
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My toddler is i'd say actively reading right now. She's reading words i didn't even know she knew. Her little sister is enjoying her big sister reading to her, it's so adorable. We are also working on beginning spanish for her also, which she seems pretty receptive to the idea. I have a feeling i'm not going to be able to keep up with her in a few years
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DS tired some of the Singapore maths sample sheets today and he loved them too, thanks for the link Rynna He has also been listening to his Muzzy & Lyric language spanish CDs and is picking up so much vocabulary.
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Too excited about this thread to read it all the way through before I respond.

DS is 31 months old, so a bit younger than others I've briefly saw here. I tend to tell people that we plan on homeschooling since DS is still younger than the typical preschooler.

I have been thinking of homeschooling for a long time now, and it is an active part of my approach to life with DS. Most of the time it means just staying out of his way. As was mentioned earlier. I read a lot about art education, trying to figure out the best approach to introducing art play. Actually I have read a lot about a lot simply because I love to research. : )

DS's interests are: babies, dinosaurs, monster trucks, machines, how cars work, volcanos, hurricanes, earthquakes, monster trucks (did I already say that ) poetry, books, Laurie Berkner, painting his body with paint, ramps, pulleys, germs, jumping, monster trucks, and other trucks, helping me cook ("I am a good cooking helper mama").
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Well, I managed to place an order for Singapore maths Levels 1 and 2. They should be here on Thursday. I'm excited to get them. Ds really liked the sample pages.
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I should check out those sample pages you guys are mentioning. We did the math kit I mentioned earlier and it was a lot simpler than I expected. It's mostly making patterns and problem solving but I tried making a little more involving with counting and simple addition. We did almost both books this afternoon and he just loved it! He was leading me right along with them. He kept saying that he loves math, lol!
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crlacey-Thanks for the response. I'll check it out!

I hear a lot of talk about Singapore Math. I'm going to look into what it is on-line in a few minutes. I've been using the MathStart books...by Stuart Murphey. They are just story books but each book has a concept...like pattern, capasity, odd/even, etc. Some of the books are just okay but most of them my kids ask to read over and over.
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