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Iron pot question

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When I cook applesauce in my iron pot, the applesauce turns kind of gray from the pot. Is it safe to eat the applesauce?

I know the pot needs reseasoning but just wondering if the food is still safe.
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Please do not take this as a definitive answer - I'm just trying to use logic.

Applesauce is acidic, right? Like tomato sauce. I know the acidity of tomato sauce makes it leach iron out of cast-iron pots. This is actually a good thing and makes homemade tomato sauce high in iron if cooked in a cast iron pot.

So it seems logical that the applesauce leached some iron out, too. And this must be what causes the change in color.

I would think that it would not only be good to eat, but that it would also be higher in iron.
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I don't know but it wouldn't hurt to call the manufacturer. If you don't know the manufacturer, I would call Lodge - they make tons of cast iron and could probaby answer your question.
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After the horrid tasting experience of making homemade spaghetti sauce in my good cast iron pot, I came to the conclusion that cooking anything particularly acidic in cast iron is a recipe for disaster. It won't taste good, unless you like the taste of iron.

Enough iron gets into regular foods cooked in cast iron without having to ruin the acidic foods by using the cast iron. I doubt it's very good for the pot either.

Anyway, that's my experience.
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