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posting an update about my 3rd c-section.

I had it at 36, weeks, 6 days due to PIH (though I also had GD). My epidural was flawless, and the surgery went well, though I felt more pressure than before. I asked not to be given any woozy drugs (versed?) and finally had a great female anesthesiologist who listened! When they got done with the section and the tubal my OB asked if I wanted the stitches or staples. Though I had wanted stitches, after being on the table for an hour, I was ready to be done and said to go ahead with the staples.

My baby ended up being transferred to a NICU across town for respiratory distress, and thankfully I had a miraculous c-section recovery and they released me from my hospital early (no beds in the one across town for me). My staples were removed on day 5 (my last one, that I had so much trouble with, was day 3) and my incision is just flawless, little pain, no openings, very quick recovery compared to my last.

My babe was released a week ago and we've managed now to transition to breastfeeding after the bottlefeeding at NICU.

So now my experience is 1) good recovery with stitches, 2) terrible recovery with staples 3) excellent recovery with staples. I think this last section recovery was not only easier than my previous sections, but also my previous vbacs as well.
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gethane - it is wonderful that your surgery went well and your recovery was smooth. Congratulations on the birth of your precious little treasure!
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Gethane, congrats on the birth of your new baby and so glad to hear your surgery went well this time!

Eilonwy have you checked out spinningbabies.com for ideas on helping your baby turn?
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Well, our DS didn't turn and didn't want to turn during the external version, so I had my c-section last Thursday. It went as well as it could though, thank goodness. Mysteriously, the Dr. didn't see a reason why he stayed breech... little bugger.

I'd love to share recovery /post c-section thoughts with you other Jan/Feb mamas. Maybe we can start a new thread...

I am finding that I'm more sore the last day or two again and wondering what's "normal". How is the incision going to feel as it heals and what can I do to make it heal better? Off to search for old threads in the meantime...

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Heyla mamas!

Since we seem to be getting going again after the holidays, I've created a Jan/Feb thread at http://www.mothering.com/discussions...97#post4495197

Brookesmom...congrats on your new babe! Why don't we move over to the Jan/Feb thread and talk about healing and support strategies? I know for me I was totally shocked by just how much I couldn't do in the first weeks after the c/s...

hugs to you and your newest addition!
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spinal anesthesia

hello, dear friends..
Its so good that this thread has been started..
We the cesarean lot too need lot of support and even though we would have preferred to have a v.birth, but what do we do..when we have no choice..
i have had two cesareans..and they were bad..especially my second one..
Now i am stated for a schdueld one in 10 days time..
My previous two cesarean were general anesthesia..and it was done by another dr.
The dr to whom i am showing now suggested that i go for a spinal one as she says it is the better of two..
i am thinking of going for it..
Can some of you please let me know your experiences with the spinal anesthisea?
i apologise for the spelling mistakes...
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The spinal went quite well for me, zs25--it took quickly, worked completely, and lasted about 2 or 3 hours, if I recall correctly. I had no side effects or aftereffects, although some women do (it depends on the skill of your anaesthesiologist, I suppose, and the medications they actually use). I think the side effects are generally less than epidural, and the risks are certainly less than with general anaesthesia.

You might also want to check out this thread:

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Thank you so much andi.
They were great resources.
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Originally Posted by fiddledebi View Post
Hi all,

I've read a lot of these threads but not posted much -- I am still so conflicted and hurting about my c-section that it's hard to talk about. You can read our story here You strong mamas are awesome inspiration though!

However, I do have a question. I am 14 weeks post-section and still kind of sore. It's not on the incision at all -- that feels pretty normal -- but for about 2-3 inches above it along the right side. It's tender -- like a bruise -- and I have very little sensation in the skin there. Is that normal? It still takes my breath away if DD1 barrels into me for a hug. I really want to start running again, but the bouncing of my pp belly really hurts in that spot. Should I be concerned?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

How are you doing now? Better? I can relate to your post. I am still having the pain and other sensations.
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i am pg with number 3 and had 2 prior c/s. i really wanted a VBAC until i got a copy of my records. my reasoning for my first c/s was completely wrong. once i learned that i have a narrow pelvis-aka TRUE CPD i knew that i was not willing to risk my baby's life for a VBAC. i would get a copy of your records and if there is anything you don't understand just ask. i held out until 34 weeks to schedule and would only schedule with in the week i was due. my OB is ok with this. she knows that i labor well, just can't deliver vaginally. it has also helped me a ton in coming to terms with my c/s. i had even called every CPM in my state and asked if they would take me on. glad i didn't go there though. a healthy baby is the most important thing in the world!!! just remeber this: just because your baby came out of your belly makes you no less a mother. you carried your child for 9 months and nurtured him/her in utero and will do so after birth. they way we enter the world is such a small thing in the grand scheme of life. having good parents, good friends and a wise being are just sooooo much more important. there is a All Children by C-Section tribe in finding your tribe that i find to be invaluable right now. best of luck mama. if there is a little vioce saying that this isn't right it most likely isn't, but if you discover that it was for a reason that might not reoccur then you can always try and if it doesn't happen you can always say that you tried.
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