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I have a breech baby!

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I had my 30 week midwife visit yesterday. 30 weeks folks!! That's right...30! Which in mytime means I have about 8 weeks to go! Yikes!! Sorry for all the exclamation points I'm still meausring about 2cms big. Lots of fluid. Active wonderful baby. Good b/p. I decided not to pee on the stick thing because I honestly didn't have to pee. I love hanging out with my midwife. The highlight of her visit was feeling up my belly. Where a cute little butt hadbeen two days earlier a sweet little movable head was yesterday! I've never had a breech baby before. This is kind of cool! My husband wasn't even worried and he's Mr. Worrywart. I was pretty shocked. Baby was moving around and shaking its HEAD at the midwife. Nice heartbeat, bouncing between the 120s and 140s. Midwife says she doesn't worry about breech babies until 32 weeks anyway. My baby can obviously turn and move a lot as it has been all the time. So who knows. I'll birth any kind of baby, except a transverse one...so it can stay breech, though I'd be much happier if she'd go back to vertex. Heck, she can even go back to be posterior if she wants. Anything but transverse

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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Wow! Cool!! I admit with this pregnancy I've been secretly wondering what it would be like to have a breech birth. I read this awesome birth story about a Cannonball breech birth, and was intrigued (it was kinda hard not to be impressed).

Totally with you on the whole 'anything but transverse' thing. I'm about 31 weeks and occasionally have a shoulder presenting first- not a comfy thing. And not really something I want to be going into a homebirth with preferably.

Here's hoping that baby finds the best position for both of you!
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That's cool that you are so positive about it. Most people would instantly thing "OMG! I have to get a version done or cesarean! Better set a date!" I had a breech baby and wish I'd had such a positive attitude about it at the time. I've heard many babies turn during labor too. As long as everyone is comfortable and your midwife is comfortable delivering breech, more power to you! Baby is closer to your heart .
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I'm positive this babe is either breech or transverse as well. Definatly not head down yet. I'm hoping she turns soon because my OB does not do breech.
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Tara, you have a great attitude! I was a breech baby and was my mother's first delivery. I don't think having me was much harder than having my brother, who came second and was head down.

I got excited b/c my baby was head down at my appt the other day (32 weeks). My mw said that it will probably go back and forth a bit before settling there; I bet yours will, too. But it sounds like you'll be fine even if it stays the way it is!

Here's to no transverse babies!!!

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