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Have you told everyone you are pregnant?

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We are about to tell our familes that I'm pregnant. We have told only two people so far and I'm 19+ weeks now. We're going to wait until everyone comes for Thanksgiving. My ultrasound is the day before Thanksgiving and we're finding out if it's a boy or girl so we'll announce that too. I am getting slightly nervous.
Anyone else kept it a secret so far?
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I told my parents about a week after I got a positive pregnancy test. DH told his family about the same time. We were too excited to keep the news to ourselves,especially because it's our first!
I haven't told anyone at the office yet. I'm 17 weeks, and I'm just starting to show a little. Maybe more than a little-- last week, one of my co-workers asked me if I had any "news." But then, the same woman had asked me if I was expecting before we were even thinking about TTC, just because I was wearing a loose-fitting tunic top : She must be keeping an eagle eye on my belly.
We have meals with my parents quite often, and I think they'd know something was up when they'd see that I was not drinking alcohol.

EDD 4/19/06
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Family knows...our friends we're kind of telling as we see them, which means that there are still a lot of people who don't know. All my friends who live out of town have no clue; by the time dd goes to bed and we have dinner I am too exhausted to have a conversation with anyone! Dh just found out that his office is closed Dec. 26-Jan. 2, so then I might have a shot at being less wiped out if we are sharing dd "corralling" during the day!
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Everyone around me knows... I told my mom the day I took the test! LOL (I can't keep these things from my mom - especially after trying over 2 years for this one! LOL) And I told my best friend a few days after taking the test... We kept it a secret for the first two months, but then I was just getting so sick that people who knew me when I was pregnant with my DD KNEW that something HAD to be up! It has slowly leaked out to other family members and now that I am showing, everyone knows! LOL (They all pretty much knew anyway... Seeing as I have been "filling out" for a while and had my first maternity pants on my bod at 12 weeks! LOL (I'm 16 weeks now...)

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Dude, you couldn't miss it. I am freaking huge! But I'm still down 5 lb. We haven't told everyone the sex yet though.
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Well, all of our family lives out of town and we don't have any friends in the area so we'd have to call around if we wanted to tell. Trust me if you took one look at me you'd know. I've already gained 20 pounds!
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Pretty much everyone knows. I had to tell people like the day after I found out in order to resign from my job before the season was over - so they could get someone in place for next season.

Fam knows- except for DH's dad - who currently doesn't have a phone or internet, and DH hasn't written him yet.

After trying for three years, there aren't many secrets left about my conception journey.
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It was really important to us to keep it just to ourselves for the first trimester and then we *really* wanted to tell family before anyone else. We ended up telling our parents when I was about 15 1/2 weeks and then I finally booked a prenatal appt the next day (I work at my birth center and no way was I telling my work before my family!!). We slowly started telling friends and after keeping it to ourselves for so long it's been REALLY FUN Everyone is super excited and that's just awesome. There are still a few important people to tell, but it's not something I want to leave on voicemail and I haven't had much luck getting through to these busy ones!
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We tell right away. The same day we get the +! It's a personal decision though. I know lots like to wait...but for us...if I am going through a miscarriage or something scary...I want the support and encouragement of my family and friends.

Besides, most who know me would know I was being awfully weird and would want to know what was up.
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My immediate family and closest friends knew right away. Everyone else found out as we saw them and at dh's Aunt's wedding when I was 12 weeks.
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We've told everyone except my husband's brother and his wife. They lost a daughter (their first) to trisomy 13 (I think or was it 18- she had triple of one thing). It was back in March. They have been having a really hard time and we are sort of afraid to tell them. My mother in law thought we should wait to tell as well, but I'm wondering just how long we can or should wait. I don't see them, they make a point to pretty much not see any family anymore but we don't live nearby anyway. His wife was hard to deal with and distant with the family for years before the baby and now she is unpredictable. She won't get therapy because she studied psychology in college and says she knows all about it.

Any suggestions?

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We told our parents we were pregnant the week we found out. Them and one friend. At 11 weeks we told everyone else. So now, everyone knows.
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haha! i have looked OBVIOUSLY pregnant since 12 weeks. i didn't have to tell anyone, they all knew when they looked at me!
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We told everyone around the 9/10 week marker. We sent out announcements since we live thousands of miles from everyone. They were very excited, and happy to hear we are expecting another baby..
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I have yet to tell my family.... I just don't feel comfortable telling them (long story). However tommorow my Dad is coming to visit and will obviously see... Guess now we get to tell him.
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Our friends, work, and family all know, but it's funny -- I'm an elementary music teacher, with about 350 students, and only one has guessed so far!! And sadly, she will probably be pregnant herself within a few years (she's in 5th grade now...and very high risk of dropping out). Staff members at my school guessed a while ago, but it's funny how kids don't pay attention... Yesterday, though, a 4th grade girl asked me if I'm coming back next year, and I said that I wasn't, and then told her I was pregnant. Her reply was, "Wow! That's great! I was wondering if you were just getting fat, or maybe going to have a baby." I thought that was really cute.

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