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Favorite pregnancy pillows? Other tricks for bedtime comfort?

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If you use multiple pillows at night, what are your favorites and how do you like to use them? Has anyone tried the wraparound body pillows? Do you have any tricks for changing positions easily with a large pillow?

I'm only using a regular pillow between my knees right now. I'm normally a backsleeper, but now that I'm pregnant I have to sleep on my sides -- which isn't very comfortable for me. I tend to get sore shoulders, a sore upper back, and a sore lower back from sidesleeping. My husband insists I consider getting a body pillow, but it's hard enough changing positions with a regular pillow between my knees. With one of the large wraparound pillows, you don't have to move the pillow from one side to the other because it's the same on both sides. I'm interested in it, but I'd like to know if anyone has experience with it.

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I have the Back n' Belly body pillow, and it's been a huge help. DH and I have a queen bed, and it takes up about 1/2 the bed, but it seems to be working out.

What I like about it so much is the fact that I don't have to readjust everything when I want to roll over. Same with getting up all the time to pee, the pillow stays as it is (I do have to push a "leg" of the pillow over the side of the bed to get out...). I also like the contouring of the inside of the pillow- it isn't a straight tube, instead it curves out at the waist to support the bellly and back.

What I don't like about it is that is't not very soft and fluffy. I also find the cover to be a little rough and wish it was softer. Also the curve of the upsidedown U (where your head rests) the cover is pulled fairly tight, and at first it would feel like it was cutting in to my shoulder. That feeling seems to have gone away.

I also like the upsidedown U shape as opposed to the C shape because it's really nice to lean on when laying on your back. I put a pillow at the head of the couch, then prop the body pillow on top of that, and sit in it, resting my butt in the open spot that the curve creates. Keeps me elevated a bit so I'm not completely resting on my back, but is very comfy. It also looks like it will be good for nursing, can use it like a boppy if you lean up in the curve and wrap the legs around your waist.

So that's my review- there are things I don't like, but DH and I are both sleeping much better since we bought it! Worth the money!
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That Back 'n' Belly pillow sounds fab...but I'm able to do pretty much the same thing (roll over without readjusting pillows) by using one regular pillow between my knees and 2 small pillows sandwiching my torso. One goes behind my back and one next to my belly (or chest if I feel like snuggling with it). The small pillows are very soft little cylindrical things that kind of mold to my body.
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Due to bed-sharing with twins ( ) a few years ago, we have a king size bed. I've been using three king size pillows--one for my head, and on on either side of me. Either I curl up on my side and use a pillow as a body pillow (hugging the top and knees around the bottom), or I sleep on my side/back by putting a king size pillow behind me and laying back on it. It's been very relaxing, and having one on either side means I don't have to move pillows around at night.

One teensy word of advice...if at all possible, avoid flannels sheets! Nothing like trying to move flannel pillows around under a flannel sheet--it's impossible!

I'm back sleeper, too. This side stuff stinks!
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i am a tummy sleeper and can still sleep on my tummy with a pillow under me a bit. if i am on my side, i am just using a big pillow for now. later, i am going to look for a long big squishy type pillow. haven't found one yet. i looked at target, but they didn't have one. i think i saw one way back when i shopped at wal-mart. i might have to go back, just for the pillow. i am not looking forward to uncomfy sleeping. right now i sleep pretty good, except for getting up to pee 3 times. but i sleep 10-12 hours, so i shouldn't complain.
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I have the wraparound body pillow, and I LOVE it! I was a stomach sleeper before, which ended around week 6 because my chest was so tender. I tried using a regular body pillow for awhile, but couldn't stand sleeping on one side all night, and it was too much trouble to try to drag the body pillow to the other side of me.

Now, I sleep like a baby, and no hip/lower back pain! (Okay, it also helps that we replaced our ancient innerspring mattress with a memory foam mattress . . .) DH complains a bit about the size of the thing, especially since our dog sleeps with us (and oftentimes some of our four cats!), but fortunately we have a big bed!

It would work on a smaller bed too, provided it was just two adults and not all the animals.
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I have tried to use a small pillow between my knees, but it just ends up on the floor by morning. :P
The best thing that has helped my hips from hurting is exercise. It doesn't seem to matter what kind - Pilates or walking on the treadmill, or doing the elliptical trainer- all of it seems to help more than a pillow
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Ok, I use every pillow in the house. Those other pillows look lovely but they are way out of my price range. I have a big puffy pillow for my head, 2 pillows for between my legs, one to support the belly and about 4 for the back and hips. I've even been known to use the couch cushions. I have a waterbed so that helps some but I need lots of support everywhere. I sleep on my side or toward the tummy while pg, when not pg I sleep on my back.
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An update on my pillow experiments: I wanted to see if I could make regular pillows work before I invested in the wraparound pillow, so I wedged myself between two pillows one night (one against my back, one against my belly). It didn't work well for me and I had a backache most of the night. So I went back to my old method of putting a pillow between my knees, but I switched to a thicker, fluffier pillow. That seemed to do better for me. I want to try sticking with this for now, and then I'll probably invest in a pregnancy wedge for my tummy when it's really big.

I guess I'm resistant to investing in the wraparound pillow... if I knew for sure I'd have more babies, I'd feel better about spending the money on it. But I'm not sure if I'll have any other babies after this one (it was hard enough to get pregnant this time).

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