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OUCH! Major Baby Biter!!!!!!

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I am looking for advice from mamas who have/had AGGRESSIVE baby biting while bf. I am currently bf my third baby. Who at 7 mos. has his two front teeth and more popping up. So, with my first two I encountered the whole biting while feeding situation and was able to resolve it. This child is more difficult. He isn't just nipping but biting and locking on and then yanking back! He has broken the skin on my nipples a couple of times causing me to bleed. I have been using my lanolin, helps to heal but not with the pain. My nipples hurt so much I am beginning to dread bf. I have been trying all the usual tricks to stop this but he doesn't get it AT ALL!!!! I am beginning to wonder if I can continue bf as he gets more teeth, he is vicious with these pearly whites of his! Need some nipple armor!!!
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I know that many people hate nipple shields, but in your situation since the baby has already learned out to latch on well it might be okay. Have you thought about buying some of those and seeing if it helps?
When you say you've tried the regular fixes, did you try taking the baby off the breast, saying "ouch" firmly and then try letting him latch again? I'm sure that's what you've been trying anyway.

My babe hasn't broken any teeth yet, so I may be way off base there...

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my solution for biting was for me to hold baby's nose - it opens their mouth enough to remove the throbbing nipple and they HATE the feeling. it may sound extreme but done gently it's just enough to let baby know that that is a no-no. i also use boiron camilia teething remedy for those times when baby is uncomfortable, and am sure to use it before i think he wants to nurse. this technique worked for my two. also if all else fails, i let baby off the breast and let him have a hard toy to chew on, til he felt better. hope this helps!
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Hi Mtn. Mama,

I'm having the same problem with my baby. What are the "usual tricks" you've tried?

My doctor recently advised that I more consistently say NO BITING and take my son off the breast for a minute and hold him still. Before I was only doing it when the biting really hurt, and ignoring the times when he bit just a little bit. She says I need to be more consistent, and that the problem should be solved within a week. I haven't seen any improvement yet, but I thought I'd share this with you in case it would help in your situation.

Chicklet, how do you hold your baby's nose? I tried this but found it difficult to -- while being bit -- reach my right hand (he almost always bites on the left side) around to grab his nose.
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i just use my free hand to GENTLY squeeze his nose - just for long enough to let his jaw open. most of the time you can feel a bite coming - they just nip a bit and then they CHOMP! this worked wonders with my first - after a few times she just knew thet it was coming if she tried to bite. the NO thing didn't work for us - she thought it was a game, then i got upset, she cried, milk spewing everywhere....a mess. i used this method exclusively with my son and it works wonders. if he really needs to bite on something than i offer him a teething toy, when he's done we go back to nursing. no fuss, no muss.

hope it works for you!
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I heard on another list that the mom increased her milk supply and then her child stopped biting. I guess he was doing this to increase the flow or something.
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Thanks ladies!

The usual tricks I have tried are mostly saying "NO" firmly and removing him from the breast briefly. I am fairly consistent with that. I have used my finger to break his "grip" and say "NO". I have also been able to determine if he is just wanting to chew on something and stopped feeding him, replacing breast with object. He likes to out of the blue, bite down FIRMLY, lock on and quickly yank back = breaking the skin. It seems to have lessened over the past couple days, allowing my wounds to heal. I can only be firm about saying NO and stopping feeding.

Interesting thought Bowen Therapist! I know that sometimes he will get frustrated if my supply is a bit low and can anticipate him about to bite and stop him. But, oddly enough I have noticed my supply is up more than before and his aggressiveness lessening. So, maybe there is a correlation.
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I was just about to come here and post a thread about this tonight!

my babe will be 5 mos old on subday and doesn't hav any teeth, but he does SOOO much damage when he nurses!! I notice he does it more like right when he empties one breast, sorta like he's saying "im still hungry, so i don't want to get off the brest, but nothing's coming down so because im bored i'll bite" that makes his gums feel better, and he thinks it will help bring milk!

It hurts SOO bad when he does it and he's been doing it more and more. how do you increase your milk supply?

also, he does this other REALLY painful thing: je starts nursing and sucking really hard and then he takes his hand and like pushes my breast out while biting down harder, like he's trying to wring the milk out or something??

I have thrush right now so that doesn't help either. i need serious help though cause tonight i was almost in tears from the pain!

p.s...yes, he's teething (still!!)
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Instead of holding babies nose I would pull them into the breast for a second. This probably has the same effect. They would let go immediatly. Saying no and removing baby from the breast resulted in laughs from my oldest and a severe crying attack from my second. It did nothing for the biting.

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Re: OUCH!!!

Originally posted by Blessed81902
It hurts SOO bad when he does it and he's been doing it more and more. how do you increase your milk supply?

You can increase your milk supply by breastfeeding more frequently, feeding on both sides at each feeding, and pumping in between feedings. (Any one of these should help, no need to do all of them.)


An update:

I've been ignoring my doctor's advice (described in an earlier post) because after a few days I was seeing no improvement. Instead I've been pushing him into the breast as Sarah mentioned. And it's working! He's hardly bit at all for a few days (knock on wood!)

Thanks for all of your advice!
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Oh I feel for you. It seemed that my boys teethed for months for each tooth. They also did the grabbing and pinching thing. When it hurts to bad I jut hold their hands gently and make sure my breast is covered. My babies were a bit older when I started doing this, but I do think they do it to stimulate more milk. They also will try to play with the other nipple/breast to encourage let down. That is one I cannot stand and do not allow. I doubt I could handle nursing ds #3 27 months if he still did these things.

I have used Mother's Milk tea in times of stress when I was worried about my milk supply and it did seem to help.


I'm glad that it worked for you. It worked very quickly for ds #3, but I started it the first time he bit me.
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another biter...

zella is 10 months old and has started biting and dragging. it has increased until yesterday - now she does it at every "nursing" so basically she is hardly nursing at all in the daytime. she does not eat much if any solid foods. i dont know what to do, it seems as if she is doing it for fun - when i shout NO she laughs and lunges for another bite! when i tried to pull my shirt down after a bite she lunged forward and bit a random place on my breast! she bites, pulls the skin out and then drags off. like eating an artichoke.

i don't know what to do, this is pushing all my limits and she is hungry but won't stop biting.

mama to Zella 3-30-02
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