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The many faces of PPD...is this one of them?

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The other night dh asked me a very simple question and I had no idea how to answer it. He asked me, "What happened to the person I married?" He said that all I seem to want to do anymore is nothing. I don't talk and joke like I used to and I'm just not the same person.

I have no idea what happened to the pre-baby Megan but I really want her to come back! My mom says it is milk hormones

I never thought that I may be experienceing a form of ppd until about 3 days ago.

I'm just not me. I have desire to do anything. I'm just kinda blah about everything. I feel like I don't know how to have a conversation anymore. I have no interests.

What do you think??

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Hi Megan,
(Love your name by the way - it was my #1 choice for girl first name when I was engaged to college fiance)
Sounds like it could be a touch of PPD. How old is your baby? Are you getting good sleep?
I had not a ounce of baby blues or anything with dd1 but she was a perfect baby - slept through the night from birth (nothing we did - she just was a good night sleeper), bf was easy, just no complaints. THEN four years later we had dd2! That child would not sleep and had the most raging all day/all night colic. I had PPD and really believe it was brought on by lack of sleep and having to hear her scream month after month without being able to make it better.
My suggestions are to accept help from dh, your best friend, your mom, your sister, your neighbor. You need to get some good, uninterupted sleep if you are not now. Also, take occasional breaks during the day. Go to the grocery store by yourself. Meet a friend for coffee (or whatever). Spend an hour in the library browsing for a good (non-baby related) book. Do things you previously liked - even if they don't appeal as much now. Pretend you are your old self, act like that girl and you will get back to being her.
My PPD lasted about 4 months, curiously ending right around the time dd2 started getting over her colic.... She and I (and dd1 and dh) are all very happy now! They are actually 6 and 2 now and we are expecting #3 in May. So you will get through this and be "the girl he married" again!
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Tracy is 8 months old. He is a horrible night sleeper.....well not horrible but not good. He still wakes about 4 times. I odn't have a lot of alone time. Dh and Tracy don't really get along alone
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Megan, I hope you are reading some of the other ppd threads! Especially the intros. You are not alone, and ppd does rear it's ugly head in many different ways.

Is there a way you can get some time alone? You should try to trust that dh and ds will do just fine without you, as tough as it is to let go. I feel very guilty when I leave dh alone with both girls (2 1/2 and 5 mo) but the relief I feel after some time alone is worth it.

It sounds like you could also use some time alone with dh. Is that a possibility? You might also talk with a doctor or nurse--especially one with experience in ppd or depression.

With my ppd I felt out of control, no motivaiton to do much more than eat and nurse the baby, although I did want to shower daily!! (Some say that when you can't get out of bed that's a good sign...) And this with a perfect baby who slept through early and was an awesome nurser. Now I have the exact opposite baby and I am so happy and so bonded.
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Yes, apathy and lack of interest is a symptom of depression
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