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UPDATE: Bead Swap information

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Here is the list that I got from eilonwy, make sure your name is on here if you signed up to participate.

1. AdinaL
2. AllisonK
3. aprilushka
4. Black Orchid
5. eilonwy
6. FreeSpiritMama
7. giarose
8. jenais10
9. kyle98sean02
10. KerriAZ
11. magmammaof3
12. mamatoady
13. PhoebeNFam
14. Sadiebug
15. Stayathomemommy
16. steelcitysistah
17. zion
18. txgal
19. surfmamato3 Added one more person to the list making the final count 19 beads. Thanks girls.

So, based on that final list you will need to buy/make 19 beads and send them to me by the last day of February. Eilonwy informed me that the bead bracelets that she did with her other DDC cost about .60 to mail, so I am going to ask for $1 from everyone to cover return postage and the supplies to string the beads. If you are able to send more to cover someone that may not be able to swing the postage, I know that would be greatly appreciated. Like I said before, when you get ready to send me your beads just PM me and I will send you my address. Any other questions ( I am sure I missed something) let me know.
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just bumping to make sure no one miss this. check out the size info thread too.
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Cool! Now I just need to work on my blessing!! (THis might take me while! LOL good thing I have til February! LOL)

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bump, How do I make this a sticky? So I don't have to keep bumping it up. Is that a possibility?
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There are 19 ppl total, so do we buy/make 19 beads or only 18 since our own name is on the list of 19? 19 is probably easier for the person stringing them together. Just wondering.
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good question, I hadn't thought about that. You would only need to send 18 beads. Unless of course you want to add your own blessing which is fine too.
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Actually... it will still be easiest for txgal if we each send 19 beads. Here's why:

If everyone sends 18 beads, then each string of beads will have to go to a specific person-- the person whose bead is missing from that particular string. That will require *much* more work and paying attention from txgal than having 19 identical (or at least similar) strings of beads, which can then be sent to anyone at all on the list. See what I mean?
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Thats exactly what I was thinking. But I wanted to check just to be sure.
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I agree with sending 19, makes it much easier for txgal

Can we sticky this post?
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I am so glad I have all you to help me figure this out. Maybe between all our placenta brains we can make this work So 19 beads it is. Don't forget to PM me when you are ready to send your beads.
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what exactly is this bead swap? it sounds really neat

what kinda beads are ya'll talking about as far as what they look like or type of bead?
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