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Late Posting--Signe Arete has arrived

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Our new little girl arrived quickly and 5 days overdue on October 30. At 3 am I woke to menstrual-like cramps after having just dreamt that I was nursing a very hungry baby girl. I monitored the contractions and was having about 4 per hour. Good enough, I thought. And went back to sleep, sleeping in until about 8 am. At 8, the very mild contractions still seemed like they may just last all day and through the next. But I decided to vacuum our room, just in case, and I washed the bath tub, so I could deliver in the tub, if I felt like it.

I ate breakfast around 9, and the contractions sort of died down, although I had a spurt of about 4 in a row, and then nothing for nearly an hour. My midwife was on alert, and just told me to keep in touch (she lives 45 minutes away). At 11 am, things suddenly began to take off. The contractions became much stronger, and I checked in with my midwife again, to let her know that maybe my body was going to get serious about things.

My DH at this time, decided it would be a good time for him to tell me I should have this baby that day, and that it would be really nice if I didn't have it in the middle of the night (Yeah! If only we could all control that!!).

At noon, I decided to change the sheets,and put on the plastic. At that time, I was suddenly in hard labor. I managed to eat a sandwich, as I was thoroughly exhausted and starving during the birth of my first, and I didn't want to be like that again. I had to stop chewing between contractions, which suddenly seemd to be coming at a rapidly expanding rate!

At 1:30 I called my midwife again, and I said, yep, I think this baby will be coming soon, but since I'm not totally sure, I'll call you in a half hour. Well, at that point I couldn't even keep track of time. A half hour went by, she called, and I told her my contractions were lasting a minute, and were coming at 3 minute intervals. She was already on the road. I decided to lay down on my bed on my left side, and though, while it wasn't very comfortable, it seemed like the best place to be. I was already offering up some very primal moans, and my 3 year old was not handling it very well. She was being very sweet, however, patting my head, saying it's okay, Mommy, it's okay.

As soon as my midwife arrived, my 3 year old calmed down tremendously. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, and I remember saying, I don't know why my legs are shaking. My midwife laughed and said, I'll tell you why they're shaking, you're in hard labor!

After a while I got in the bathtub and continued laboring in the water, which felt absolutely fantastic. My daughter was in the tub with me, but when my water broke she turned to her dad and said, I'm done, get me outta here!

I pushed in the water for about 20 minutes, and then decided I couldn't spread my legs far enough in the tub, which is super deep and long, but quite narrow. In between contractions, I managed to get out of the tub, onto our bed, and within about 5 minutes I had this baby out!

In retrospect, I was very unprepared to be pushing when I began pushing. The midwives were breaking out all the birthing supplies, and I asked, is this baby coming out soon. They were like, yeah, it'll be here any minute, and I was just shocked. The contractions were not wave-like at all, and I didn't have to wait for a contraction to push. They just came incessently, with very short breaks in between.

Signe was born at 4:15 in the afternoon, and my DH couldn't have been happier about the timing! Of course, at that point neither could any of us, midwives included!

She's absolutely precious.
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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your Birth story! Awesome!

Welcome to the world Signe!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby Signe!
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What a great birth! Congratz and welcome to your cutie Signe. Can I ask, how do you pronounce Signe?
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Thanks everyone!
Signe is pronounced like Sidney, only with a g instead of the d.
It's Scandinavian, and was the name of my Finnish Great Aunt.

Baby moon, sure is, isn't it??

I love this Baby bliss time.
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