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greeting cards- keep or toss?

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I have been working so hard on this whole decluttering concept- less is more, etc. But I'm stumped when it comes to greeting cards.
I'm just wondering what everyone else does with cards they've received- like birthday cards, for example.
I think I would like to hold onto the cards the children have given me for Mother's Day, my birthday, etc. (and I've told DH that in the future I would prefer handmade cards/drawings!) but there are so many more from grandparents, parents, etc.
I hate the whole idea of greeting cards in general, but it's more about the messages written inside them.
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I've kept all the homemade ones and some special store bought ones. The rest I've either put into my kids craft supply box or donated to my kids elementary school.

I dont receive nearly as much cards anymore. I've asked my family and friends to send e-cards instead. Some do, some dont.
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For Mother's Day, my DH and DS gave me a really pretty keepsake box for cards and momentos. I went through all the cards I got while pregnant last year, and I kept a few in the box, put a few in the baby book, and tossed the rest. I also had fun gathering keepsakes, photos, drawings, etc. to have in one special place. I keep the box in the livingroom--it is nice to know some v. important things (to me) are right at hand (not that I look thru it all the time).

BTW, I toss most cards, and my mom knows better than to give a card at b-day's. My husband used to make cards for special ocasions (and I have all sorts of love notes from years ago). Ah, those newlywed days...
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I toss cards. ("My name is SneakyPie, and I toss cards.")
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The cards that I just can't part with I stick in my kids story books or a book I know I will get into now and then. For example a thesauruses or an atlas.

Cards are so thin, they don't take up any room and when we come across them in a book, they are always such a fun surprise that brings smiles to my and my kid's faces. I will do anything I can to bring a warm feeling like that into our lives especially now with so much tough news to endure all the time. Wars, bird flu, you know what I mean.
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If someone just signs their name - no personal message - I keep them for awhile and then toss them. I have kept some special ones and all the ones DH has given me. This post reminds me I have a big pile to go through.
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Simple Living, I love that idea! I may have to try that one....
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Just keep the xtra special ones and toss all the others
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I kept my ones from my wedding, the ones that we got when dd was born, ither than that unless its super special it gets tossed
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The special ones I keep in a memory box with some other special things. The special cards for my son I have added to his scrapbook.

I decorated an old serving tray with cut out pictures of pretty cards. You can either decoupage it or have a piece of glass cut to fit the tray and then periodically switch the cards, pictures, etc.

My DS has also used the cards to make craft projects or to just cut up. He is 3 and loves cutting everything!
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I keep anything to/from the kids or to/from dh or me. Everything else goes.
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I toss most everything. There are a few homemade ones my kids have made over the years that are in a keepsake box, but general "Hallmark" ones always get tossed.
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We use the fronts of last years Christmas cards as the tags for this years gifts.

My sister has started a book for my niece of all the cards she received (of course the first one was from Auntie! )
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fek&fuzz- that's a good idea, using them as holiday tags.. I might have to try that!
I also like the idea of using them as a book mark.. Especially the sweet ones from DH
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I have saved some cards: wedding, baby, 1st bdays, some just really special ones. Others I have cut the front off (the picture part) and given it to sons teacher for the kids to cut apart for use in projects.
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[QUOTE=fek&fuzz]We use the fronts of last years Christmas cards as the tags for this years gifts. [QUOTE]

I do that too!

I also keep the extra special ones and toss the rest.

ds 5/8/02
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When I was little my grandma had us do a craft project using cards, particularly holiday cards.

Then we put a coffee container on top of the card and traced around the border, then cut it out.

Then we arranged them in a cute pattern and she clued them to a cardboard backing that was thin. Then she had them laminated...and that gave us holiday placemats.

I am 30 now and I still remember that fun art craft.
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I keep cards that have a personal, handwritten message that is sweet or unusual and toss the rest. Sometimes I'll put them in our photo album. (Especially if it is, say, a birthday card from my SIL, and I have a photo of me with SIL at my birthday. Then I'll put the card and the photo together.) I have a file in my file cabinet for "keepsake correspondence," which is where I put the handwritten ones that don't make it into the photo album.
For Christmas cards, I use up a few pages of our photo album and keep the photos that people send, and I cut out their signature and handwritten message (if there is one) from the card to caption the photo. I also use a page or two of photo album just for the cut-out messages that people have handwritten in cards, if they say anything memorable. Otherwise, toss, toss, toss!
And for the record, I'm not a scrapbooker, I just have a regular old sticky-pages photo album where I put photos and basic captions, and using the cards actually makes it easier because I don't have to worry about captioning.
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I hang onto the special ones. I use the others for gift tag or collage fodder.
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I generally toss....except for ones that are especially beautiful/handmade/or have a special message.

BUT....last year I saved all the photo cards we received at the holidays and used them for DD to look at during diaper changes! It worked great! I will definitely be doing that again this year!
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