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grrrr.....I don't think i'll ever score..............
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Hm I got the farm size 0 too...
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I got the purple Haze Size 2.

I had another one in my cart, but it wasn't my favorite print so I put it back
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I got an email a little while ago. The cart did oversell, but the FM moms are so awesome. They're letting me order 2 custom NBs, instead of the one's that they had for sale, which I thought I had purchased.
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Carli and Amy have the most incomparable customer service!
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Originally Posted by zexplorers
Carli and Amy have the most incomparable customer service!

They really do! I don't want this thread to get pulled for becoming about CS, but they are always super quick to fix problems that occur, even when they're not their fault. Awesome WAHMs!
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what prints are you going to pick?? What fun!!
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I think I've decided on the yellow animal toss and the blue celestial. They're both on the first page of fabrics. I want to keep it gender neutral. We won't find out what we're having for about 4 more weeks. I love so many of the prints, but a lot of them are really pink or girly. I figure they probably have a better chance of selling later if they're gn too. It seems that a lot of people don't find out what they're having and are hesitant to purchase gender specific items.
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Congratulations to those of you that scored!
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Usually they leave up the diapers for a few days. I love looking at them but I guess this time once they sold, they took them down....how many were there?
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There were 2 FCB0 fitteds, 6 size 1 envelopes, 6 size 2 envelopes, 6 size 1 nightlights, and I don't know how many size2 nightlights, because I wasn't in the market for those . It seemed like they were mostly girly prints. Pretty, but not my style for the most part.

I think they took them down, because the cart was overselling. I think they're going to be sewing customs for a few weeks. We really should unchain the Fluffymoms from their sewing machines every now and then so they can at least have a potty break.
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You never know. If you were the first to snag the instock diaper, then it's yours.
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Originally Posted by momma2emerson
We really should unchain the Fluffymoms from their sewing machines every now and then so they can at least have a potty break.
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Missed it...bugger for me, but phew for my credit card
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Arg!!! Here I was having a hyperemesis day yesterday! OMG! I can NOT NOT NOT believe I missed a newborn fitted! And, the pics are all gone so I can't see what pretty pretty things they offered. Tell me they were all REALLY ugly, ok??? Darn it! Darn it! I have only 3 weeks left till EDD! THREE WEEKS!!! And, I timed my day to be sick wrong (plus i stocked yesterday and got flooded in my inbox while I was busy throwing up). Man! One of these days I'm not going to be pregnant (preferably in the next 3 weeks) and i'll stop throwing up and I'll actually score something at Fluffymail!


Ok, moving into gratitude and away from disappointment. Well... I am glad that I have one LC sz0 fitted that I can put on my newborn when he/she arrives. It's not like I don't get to try a FM fitted on my little boy or girl. I have one. And, it was truly a special special gift.

I like AIOs. I like AIOs. I like AIOs. I have one LC fitted already. I like AIOs. I have three FCB AIOs. Relish the AIOs. Relish. Relish. Relish. Pet the AIOs. Pet the AIOs. Breathe.
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Originally Posted by Lindsaylou
How many of you have the last size 0 in your cart? I had it in mine, but I just can't justify it

It is so cute! Someone buy it!

I already have one in my stash. That is enough to say that I tried fluffymail sz0. That is enough. It's a sweet little fitted and I will cherish it more as a solo than if it had a partner.

Must say if ANYONE has buyers remorse on a sz0... please let me know.

Congrats to those who scored! Really. It's a hard thing to do! Even when the cart is overselling! Poor FM mamas. They REALLY are soooo nice.

Mama2Emerson, i think you made GREAT fabric choices. I'm glad you scored. It's so hard to get in on a FM stocking in the 9 month window we're given! I hope it's not your last score before your baby comes, but if it is, I know you'll really cherish those two! There's just NOTHING like a fluffy new FM dipe.
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Originally Posted by Spark
Lol, I'm with you!!!
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Ok, sorry. I didn't mean to whine. Please, excuse me. Here, I give you this to go along with my whine...

Something to accompany my whine.
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Originally Posted by jesamin
Lol, I'm with you!!!
I guess misery loves company!

Would you like a SLICE?
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Claire- Don't feel too bad.

They didn't have any FCB0 AIOs, just fitteds. And, honestly I wasn't thrilled with the fabrics, but I was thinking "Instock FCB0s!!! I don't care what they look like!" So, I feel bad for the Fluffymoms having to sew customs for people, but I'm glad that I'm getting to pick the fabrics. I really don't need too many NB diapers, because I sewed a truckload for my sister's twins from the VB pattern, and she's going to loan them back to me. I'm trying to concentrate on small or size1 diapers, but size 0 FM was too tempting for me.
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