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Oh I can relate to so many of the posts.

We're actually going through molars right now... argh! It's made worse this time around as I'm working partime at home (after Ds goes to bed) so quality sleep is all the more essential. My ds is alittle older (2 1/2) and actually, I've just been giving him a popsicle when he wakes up... probably not the best thing with sugar, but it's only been a couple of times.... he sucks on it for five minutes, and zonk. Important: don't fall asleep without taking the popsicle away. We learned that lesson the hard way one night and dh and I were both VERY tired.

I think routines for bedtime can help A LOT. I know my dh is struggling right now as he recently has taken over putting ds to sleep. They're working on establishling their routine.

Ocean: we went through two horrible spells with ds about waking up and playing in the middle of the night. The first time, we got up with him, played, went back to sleep, and it only lasted a couple of days. Second time, ds was older (18 mnths +) and that strategy did not work at all. We finally slowly started setting limits. Basically, childproofed our room very well, and when ds would want to play in the middle of the night, we'd ignore him with one eye open. He'd pull at our eyes trying to open them, sometimes he'd wimper for a minute or two... we'd just hold him, rock him, maybe rub his back, and keep repeating night time, it's night time, time to sleep. After a weekof being strict about keeping the lights out, refusing to play, and insisting on sleeping, it was over. It was only a week, but it was pretty painful. In the middle of the night, it's hard to be consistent
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OH I remember those days..........
I found that I couldn't get through a day without doing something stupid, breaking something or whatever, cause I was just SO TIRED all the time.

Dh was a stay at home dad till DS was 14 months old, and once I'd stoped breastfeeding I was DONE with night time thing. (That was at 6 months old) I rarely wake at night now, now and again I will hear Dh get up to see to DS........... I just can't do without my sleep like DH can, he sleeps MUCH less and seems to handle it so much better. If there are any nights with a sick boy - I handle those, dh doesn't have it in him to sit and comfort in the dead of night, he sees to business and hes back in bed within minutes. (very little disruption to DS) I also can't see a DARN thing in the dark, DH can see like a cat so he never turns on lights or anything like that, which also helps to keep DS sleepy.
Of course we're in a fairly set routine now so it helps and DS is now 3 1/2 so he only wakes now if he needs to go potty.

I couldn't even do the co-sleep thing, the best I could do was have ds in a bassinet next to the bed..... I just couldn't sleep otherwise.

I guess I've been really really lucky....... I feel for you guys!

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