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Yeast infection and pregnancy

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I am 8 weeks pregnanct and I think I have a yeast infection. I'll call my midwife tomorrow but it itches so bad right now. I got some yogurt and acidophilus at the store. Is there anything else I can do tonight?

What are some "natural" remedies that you have used with success?

Thank you!


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I've only ever had those awful yeasties when I 've been pregnant ... only after making love ... sigh. What has worked the BEST for me is making capsules out of Boric Acid and putting one in my vagina at night for 3-4 days in a row. It changes the vaginal pH (makes it much more acid) and the yeast just doesn't like it. I've cured some nasty nasty infections with this.

I've looked and looked for information regarding it's use in pregnancy - dangers, etc. haven't found any. The original reference for use with yeast (though not is pregnancy) was in the Our Bodies Ourselves book from a long time ago.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I've had the same bottle of boric acid (with really scary skull and crossbones on it ...) for years now. I got it at a grocery story pharmacy. It's also good for getting rid of ants and cockroaches (!!!)

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my mid-wife also swears by this boric acid remedy.

but for the itch....hmm. I have sprayed a about 25% apple cider vinegar/water solution on my irritated vulva....just that this stings alot at first...but makes you forget about the itch for a minute. I guess I'm a masochist.

i had the yeast for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. fun. I tried everything (but hadn't heard of boric acid).
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I had the same problem at the beginning of my pregnancy and homeopathic sepia cleared it up pretty quickly. I took it every six hours for about 36 hours and then it was gone. It also took the itchiness away right up until it was just about time to take another one. Good luck!
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I had a few nasty yeast infections when pregnant too. My midwife suggested filling the tub with 3-4 inches of warm water, and adding a cup of vinegar (white, cider, whatever), then sitting in it for 10-15 minutes or so. Along with eating yogurt and taking some extra acidophilus capsules, it definitely did the trick!!

Our bodies are "sweeter" when we're pregnant, so it makes for a friendlier place for yeast to grow. So, it might help to cut back on sweets and carbs if you're prone to yeast infections.
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