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Knitting question

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Hi Mamas,

While I was in high school a wonderful woman lived with us and she taught me how to knit. She had spinal cancer and died at the end of her stay with us. I loved sitting with her drinking tea, watching her knit as she talked about her life. I managed to make several scarves after she taught me some basics. It's been years though, and I want to start again, but when I look at the needles and the yarn I can't seem to remember how to start and forget about finishing!

Are there any easy to read books out there that could help me out?


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I would suggest going to a craft or knitting store and picking up a "Teach Yourself to Knit" book. Seeing the diagrams and following the instructions may be enough to stimulate your memory to remember what you once knew. I learned to knit solely from a book and within a year was making Fair Isle sweaters and teaching others to knit - once you have the basics you really have everything. All stitches are just variation on the basic knit or purl and as you gain confidence you can try adding in new colours. If you want to try things like Fair Isle or cable knits you could always try small pieces and give them to your children for a doll house or teddy blanket before making the leap into a full size sweater.

Scarves are a great place to start but there is nothing like the feeling of finishing your first sweater. Go for it!
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