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Julian is here!

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Hi ladies! My son was born a day after his due date. Nov 4th at 3:09am. Not exactly the birth experience that I was wanting but he is healthy and that all that I wanted. Although I still have what if's in my mind I try not think about it b/c I start to get depressed. On Monday of that week I had a visit with the doc and after my check I felt very crampy all day. Some of the cramps were really strong expecially that night. I think I had about 3 hrs sleep that night. Woke up Tues morning and told DH that maybe it was a good idea to stay home that day b/c I could feel contractions coming and going all through the night. Nothing happened Tues but about 1:30am Wed my contractions had gotten pretty regular about 5min apart. We were off to the hospital got there at about 2:00 Wed and i was happy that the nurses were letting me do my thing. They would monitor that baby and the contractions for about 20 min and they would let me walk (they did not let me eat however and I do think that affected me) Long story short labored for about 17 hours. At about my 13th hour my 5th nurse (that how many shifts went by) said that my doc was considering pitocin to strenght the contraction I was so exhausted, hungry and afraid at this point that I said okay but if they were doing pitocin that they were also doing an epi. My contractions already felt intense to me so I was afraid of what the pitocin induced ones would feel like that I had to get an epi to get through it if not physically mentally. So both things were adminstered and at about 2:30 am thurs I started to push Julian was born at 3:09 am. My stitches afterwards were the worse. I just saw the doc stitch and stitch and he wouldn't stop at about 3:50 he finally said that he was given up on try to stitch everything. He said that the baby's head was in position for so long that it made me swell up and every stitch that he did would just make a new tear. So he put a pack in me and said that the lateration that he left were small one and that they would heal on there own. A week later and I can still barely walk so not exactly what I had in mind but an experience that I will never forget b/c I got my son out of it
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I think we're all going to have little pieces of the birth that weren't what we expected or hoped for, but you're exactly right, when the experience brings forth a healthy baby, it helps keep the rest in perspective.

and congratulations to you, mamma!
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Welcome, Julian! Congrats to you and your family!

I'm sorry your birthing didn't go exactly as you had hoped...try not to be too hard on yourself, mama...

I love the name Julian, btw--one of my faves!
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: Julian!

Congratulations, mama, and don't be too hard on yourself. Be happy to have your little man with you now.
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Congratulations! Sending you lots of good healing vibes.

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I hope you heal quickly! Congratulations!
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Quick healing vibes to you, and congratulations!
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Welcome to the world, Julian! : Hope he is doing well, and wishing you a happy babymoon and hope you heal up nicely
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Congrats, and welcome Julian :

I am sorry that the labor was so exhausting for you, but like a PP said -- don't be too hard on yourself -- it sounds like you did awesome considering the situation -- great job. I'm sorry that you are still in pain - it might take a while but you WILL HEAL, hope it goes as quickly as possible.
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Congrats and enjoy your new baby. I hope that you heal well from the birth...I'm sure you will continue to process the experience in the days and weeks to come. Happy babymoon!
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. I'm sorry your birth didn't go the way you envisaged it: I still have problems giving myself up to parts of my (absolutely textbook) second homebirth, so I can understand that dealing with medical interventions and wondering "what if? what if?" makes it so much harder for you. Here's hoping speedy healing for you, and blessings for you and baby Julian
How's nursing going, btw? You didn't mention?
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I think you did an awesome job with the pressure you were getting from the hospital people! You have only the future to enjoy your babe with...although I think it' sgood to reflect, don't get too down.

I tore some and had stiches. Can I tell you that the shots to numb were more painful than labor?! Ouch!!! I asked my MW if it was really necessary for her to stich me even! HA. You will feel better down there soon, just remember that! The pain cannot last forever!

Yay for a great babe to love on and bond with forever! You did so many things right and you will do so many more, I know!
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for the stiches and long birth. I understand where you are comming from with my last birth.

Congrats on a healthy baby and your inner strength!
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Congratualations! I too am sorry it was such a hard birth. Hope you recope fast and well!
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Congratulations! Love on that baby!
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Congratulations! You did an amazing job! Lots of hugs and healing and enjoy your new baby.
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I'm sorry you are in pain from your tears. Have you tried sitting on a Boppy? I did that with my last baby and it made things so much better.
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I saw your thread from the forum home and wanted to say Congrats!! My son (born last December) shares the same beautiful name. Enjoy your babymoon.
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A big fat congratulations to you & your family!!!
Enjoy your wonderful babymoon. Welcome, Julian!
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Thanks for all your well wishes. I am healing slowly but surely. My little piggy eats all the time and bf'ing is going well. His birth weight was 8lbs 8oz and he was at 9lbs 13oz a week ago. He is a little colicy or gassy doc can't tell yet. But other than that doing well. Thank you all for your support while preggo
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