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Mercury/Amalgam Fillings

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Hi there. I go into the dentist in 2 weeks to get some fillings put in. For health reasons I would like to have white fillings rather than the silver(mercury) fillings. The first dentist I went to had no problem with doing all white fillings, however; my insurance covered a lot more at a different dentist, so I transferred there. When I mentioned to the new dentist that I wanted white fillings, he said there might be some teeth he couldn't do in white. I am curious if anyone has any knowledge about this, and why he would say this. I do not want to, nor will I allow him to fill my cavities with silver fillings, so what do I do? I was thinking perhaps have him fill the ones with white that he says he can do and then go back to the other dentist for the other ones that he can't do(and just have to pay out of pocket, but hopefully not as much). I have 8 fillings(I know it's horrible!!), so that would be a lot of mercury(in my opinion). Anybody research the silver fillings and are concerned about the mercury content? I know there is a dentist on this board, what do you think? Any suggestions for me. I guess this is my lesson to take better care of my teeth. Thanks.
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I have all silver fillings(quite a few, all from childhood,; I have had no cavities in, oh, 15 yrs or so), but I insisted my son get a non mercury(white) filling for his tiny cavity in a back molar at 7. I was poo-pooed (for my concerns about mercury) by 2 dentists, told by both it couldn't be done in the tooth in question, my insurance wouldn't pay for a non merc. filling anyway, and I ended up tracking down a merc. free dentist (not only because I refused to allow mercury in my child's mouth if I could help it, but because I had an infant at the time, and had to take her into the offices and was concerened about merc. air pollution from OTHER patients as well) and paying him out of pocket.
He did the filling easily, and gave me a list of fellow merc free dentists in the state we were moving to. That was 2 yrs ago; so far, so good. The filling has not degraded as I was told it would. And even if it DID have to be replaced every sev. yrs, I would favor that over mercury. Besides, from what I have read, mercury fillings are only "good"/stable for 10 yrs or less, so I'm sure all mine should come out and be replaced. When I get richer, I shall look into it Kim, mom to Forest, 9 and Lily, 2
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my husband had his metal ones removed and white put in
the dentist recommended it

my poor husband had terrible pain for about a year.

he still has some issues.

i don't recommend anyone have the old ones replaced.

as for the white fillings for first time, i have never had issues.
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Mercury Fillings

Anyone here had their mercury fillings removed by a mercury specialist dentist? I'm hoping to embark on this adventure soon. That's probably what the tax refund will be spent on.

I didn't wise up about mercury fillings until I think it was the early 90s and this is when I began refusing metal fillings. But meanwhile, I do still have about 5 or 6 metal fillings in my mouth. The more I read about the subject, the more I realize just how serious it is to leave these metals in the mouth. They have been linked to all sorts of health problems. I understand there is even an electrical current issue as well.

I just spoke with my naturopath who recommended what is called I believe a "biologic dentist". Evidently, the therapy involves homeopathic remedies 3 to 6 weeks BEFORE I even get the fillings removed. And then afterwards, more homeo remedies to assist the body in ridding itself of metals.

My naturopath had his wife's mercury fillings removed. He insisted they be removed before they even attempted to conceive their second child. She is currently very pregnant and he says that this pregnancy has been an absolute breeze for her compared to her first pregnancy. Plus he believes it will greatly decrease their odds of this child having allergies like their first child did.

Also while talking to my naturopath, he recommended the book "Let the Tooth Be Known". How cute is that title? I just looked for it on Amazon and they have it so I'm gonna buy a copy. You can do a search at Amazon for it.

Here's a blurb:

Book Description
Must reading for people with Mercury/Amalgam fillings. That's almost everyone. If you have unexplained illness' and chronic pain and discomfort, this book will explain the toxic effects of Mercury fillings, Root Canals etc. An excellent guide to finding a Biological Dentist. About the Author-Dawn Ewing began her career as a dental hygienist in 1977, after graduating from The University of Texas Dental School. She was appointed to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners by the Governor of Texas and served two terms. A thirst for knowledge about the human body immersed her into the world of emergency medicine. Becoming a Nationally Registered Paramedic, she spent 12 years on a 911 ambulance and 4 years in international air ambulance transport. She began teaching CPR to the public,... (more at link when you do search)
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I just saw where someone was wondering about the cost for mercury removal.

I was told by the dentist's office that a ballpark figure is $350 - $450 per filling. It sounds high until I remember that I have spent almost $200 just to have a very deep cavity fixed with the plastic stuff. I figure his expertise at keeping both his and mine mercury exposure during the procedure to a minimum is worth it. Plus his expertise in ridding my body of the metals.

Still gonna have to wait on that tax money though...
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this is something i'm interested in too - though not looking forward to it! i've got about 6 amalgam fillings it'll be awhile till i can pay for it all:
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One factor involved in the higher cost of removing the mercury fillings other dentists put in (cheaper) is the price of the special equipment/procedures required to safely remove and dispose of the mercury tainted material without causing harmful exposure concerns to the patient or dentist. I would always check and make sure whatever dentist I hired to remove fillings had all this in place; otherwise, you will just be exposing yourself to MORE mercury during the removal process than by leaving them alone.
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Yes, I had all my amalgam fillings taken out over a year ago by a biologic dentist. He is who I use and one of my large amalgam fillings fell out and I had no choice but to go ahead and do it. Be sure the dentist you select uses a "mercury protocol" which involves the use of various supplements- like garlic, chlorella, spirulina, homeopathic detox aids, and cilantro. I was/ am nursing a baby and have been nursing for the past 11 years straight, so of course I was very concerned.Everything turned out fine though and I feel SO MUCH BETTER without those toxic fillings inside of me. I continue to eat a lot of cilantro and I had been using blue-green algaes on a daily basis prior to this. I just never had the courage to go ahead and do it until I was faced with no choice!
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Wait a second...I have a lot of mercury fillings. I'm going to estimate at least 10. Maybe more like 12. Anyway, what's the deal with mercury? Why is it so bad? What harm does it cause? My mouth is hurting just thinking about it.

Also, having them removed...is it very painful? Some of my teeth seem to be almost entirely filling, hardly any tooth left.
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The deal with mercury is that it is a cumulative neurotoxin (like lead and fluoride) which accumulates in the body over a lifetime and can cause numerous serious effects, both "mental" and "physical". There is no debate over whether mercury is toxic to humans, (witness advisories to avoid possibly contaminated fish, esp. while pg or bf, moves to reduce or eliminate mercury derivatives in vaccines due to concerns the cumulative dosages might exceed "safe" levels in children, and the recent advice to eliminate mercury thermometers due to the risk of exposure.) The issue usually debated with regards to fillings containing the element is how much leeches out into the body over a lifetime of having it in the mouth, esp. given that the once "stable" fillings erode over time and release tiny quantities into the body with chewing/breathing.
I tend to assume that any quantity of a known poison is less than ideal, jmo. And since alternatives are available, I decided not to expose my kids to any level. I pers. didn't have a choice in the matter, so have a mouth full of the things, which I may or may not eventually have removed.
Mercury fillings have already been banned in Europe and elsewhere, (partly due to concern for the living, but also due to the fact that when people die, the mercury in their teeth manages to get into the environment via decomposition in the ground/release via cremation into the air.) Either way, the stuff is bad news, and not intended to enter into the food chain. Once it does, it lingers darn near indefinately.
And what really bothers me is that I have been told by professionals that the stable "life" of a mercury filling is only about 10 yrs or so;after that, they tend to break down more readily, releasing mercury into the body. ALL of mine are far older than that! Oh well; my tax return has to go to repair my van this year
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Hi Elainie, thanks for sharing your experience. I've been reading about people who have had some serious health problems and after mercury removal, they are better. Scary stuff. I wonder just who had the original thought "hey let's put a poisonous metal in everyone's mouth!"

Thanks for reminding me about all the other chelating stuff besides homeopathics. I don't know if this dentist does all that too or if he just uses homeos. At any rate, I know that Dr. Mercola has that very same chelation info on his site, so if need be I'll just look that up.

Here's something that I thought was interesting. When I talked to the nurse at the dentist's office, I asked if they use the x-ray machine that uses less energy (thus less radiation to the client). My naturopath/chiropractor has one - that's how I know about them.

Anyway, she said no, they don't have it but as a means of reassuring me stated that they do have a homeo for x-ray. I'm not big into homeopathy, but I always say if it can't hurt, give it a try.
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Thanks for the info. I'm very concerned for myself now.

I'm going to start reading up on this. Any good books to recommend?

Also, and this is the major question I need answered... what SHOULD dentists use to fill a cavity? I want to ask my dentist if she uses it. Thanks!!
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Holistic momma,Here is a book that I was going to recommend to you a while back.It's a must read-uniformed consent by Hal Huggins d.d.s,m.s & Thomas Levy m.dm,j.d.If you can't find it you can borrow mine.I'm getting ready to have my amalgams removed along with a compleat oral revision.I've been researching this for a while to put together the perfect format to go by.I'll get my notes together and post ya a rundown.
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Waaaay cool Campo-momma! :cool: Thank you. I'll look forward to your rundown.

Thomas Levy, for some reason I feel like I know that name. I'll look for it on Amazon. I LOVE Amazon. By the way, what do all the initials stand for? DDS is that doctor of dental surgery. I can't even figure out a guess for the others. That is, unless JD stands for Junior Detective. Heeheehee

Your book may be along the same lines as the one I'm reading right now entitled "Disease Mongers" by Lynn Payer. I've only read the first 100 pages, but it is wonderful and I've been thinking about posting about it to see if anyone is up for a book discussion.

So far the book has been about how industry attempts to convince healthy people that they are really sick. Also about the overuse of diagnostic testing. One point was that the laypublic does not understand the harm a test can cause. Sometimes the actual test can be dangerous and sometimes the test has a snowball effect to other tests which are dangerous and even to treatment which may not have been necessary in the first place. You'd really have to read the book in order to understand what I'm trying to say here.

Anyway, thanks for thinking of me Campo-momma.
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Holisticmomma's comment on xrays brought to mind my view on this matter. I am not a fan of xrays, unless, of course, they are indicated for a specific and compelling reason.
I myself was subjected to numerous dental xrays(and at least 2 others as a child), and I tend to refuse them at every oppourtunity now (for myself and my children).
Obviously, if they had a broken bone, or some serious dental issue which required an inside view, I would allow it, but as a routine thing at every check up? No way! My son has had one set done(at his first visit), and I made sure to get those for our files. I know most dentists feel it is nec. to take periodic xrays(even every 6 mths or so for kids) unless there is some reason other than wanting a look-see, and all other outward signs are fine, I will refuse them.
Like mercury, xrays are cumulative, so the effects build up in the body over a lifetime. The fewer the better, obviously. And I have real curiousity about the possible effects on the thyroid gland and other areas of the head and throat as a result of repeated exposure to radiation. JMO.
FTR, I feel the same about mammograms (like many others, I question the wisdom of exposing breast tissue "preventatively" to repeated dosages of radiation, which has been proven to CAUSE cancer in breast tissue.) As a dignostic tool, as indicated, is one thing. As a routine procedure for apparently healthy individuals, is quite another, imo. Not to start a whole huge debate (as I know this issue raises lots of emotions), but I recently read an excellent editorial by a BC activist on the subject, challenging the current approaches and calling for better alternatives.
Anyway, I am not too well read on mercury; just what I know from "common knowledge" and mainstream sources mostly. So I can't rec. any books. Glad to see some others can Kimberly
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Hi Holistic momma,I'll check out that book.I'm always in search of good reading!Thanks.The Huggins book is along the those lines with the dental twist.They tell what should be known.Not sure about j.d. either,but I like your junior detective. Well,here it goes-

Supplements etc...
*If you can,find a biological dentist who will do a drip IV of vit.C.If
not,mega doses of C before hand and after the procedure almost
to the point of saturation but DO NOT take C by mouth the day
of procedure as the C taken orally will detoxify the anesthestic
adequately to let you feel the pain of drilling or surgery.Then
1000mg C daily for the next 3 months.
*Good doses of chlorella before and during,but not after as it
moves the mercury too rapidly for the body to eliminate.
*Vit.E to protect the brain.
*Cilantro to mobilize the mercury.
*Glutathione & a good mixed amino to chelate.
*Super important-bowel elimination 3x daily-90% of the mercury
is eliminated this way.
*Lots of nuts-yummy
*NO dairy or sugar
*Sauna baths 2 or 3 days following the removal-important!
*If your appointment is broken up,make sure the appointments
are schedualed on alternate week days so it does not land on the
7-14-21 lymph cycle.Also 48 hrs. between appoint.
*Also hepar sulph.6c prior & after.It draws the mercury from the
jaw etc..

dental protocal-
*If there is a window in the dental room,have it opened.
*A rubber dam is a must.
*Have a saliva ejector placed under the dam to wick off any
mercury vapors that penetrate the latex.
*Have an alternative air source!**
*A high volume evacuator tip should be used at ALL times 1/2
inch from tooth.
*Make sure they use liberal amounts of cold water spray!
*Have the dentist remove as large of the sections of amalgam as
*Have particles washed away and evacuated immediatley.
*When through,rinse mouth for at least 30 seconds.
*Have the face area washed/wiped down.
*Remove the dam before restorative proceedure.
*Have dentist change out gloves and then replace new dam.
*Change out clothing,go home, shower, rest ,then head to the
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I'm curious if your husband had the amalgams removed by a dentist who was trained to do it safely, i.e. has equipment that minimizes exposure. If not, he could have been exposed to a high level of vapor during the drilling, causing further health problems.

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Holistic Momma-amalgam removal rundown

Hey Holistic Momma,I posted the protocal on the mercury thread.
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Wow Campo-momma! Thanks for taking the time to type all that! It's so dang complicated, isn't it? I'm going to print out your info. Hey, I really like the sauna idea. I haven't had a sauna in 20 years. Back when I was a teenager, I had a gym membership at a lil bitty club. One of the things they offered was a sauna which I enjoyed using.

I sure could go for a sauna right now. But I don't have a gym membership anymore. My rinky dink town doesn't have a gym and I'm too lazy to drive to the next town over on a regular basis that does have a gym. Geez if I'm too lazy to DRIVE, guess I'd be too lazy to do any exercise once I got there. Heeheehee
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Well, I just did a search on Thomas Levy at Amazon. There's another book entitled Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health written by a Thomas Levy. You think it's the same Thomas Levy?
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