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I wish I never had a cavity in my life, but unfortunatly I have lots. I have heard that getting them removed is a very toxic thing to do to your body but it may help. If you do it during a time in your life that seems the safest ( not pregnant, nusing, or planning on getting preggers) there are technigues, diets and homeopathic remedies you can take to help get rid of toxins in your body. If I had the money I would get it done. I wish I would have known more information earlier, but now I can at least make better decisions for my children, even if the dentist keeps insisting that it's "safe", I know better.
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The dentist that removed all my mercury fillings, used a "rubber dam" along with the suction, so I wouldn't swallow any of the substance being removed. Amalgam fillings break down and leak the mercury, so that it does get into our systems...the fillings don't remain "as a solid" substance. That's why decay gets under the older ones we have in our mouths.
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Mercury filings

Well, I just recently discovered, via this site, that mercury fillings are not considered safe. Anyhow, I read this article today and thought I would share it. Apparently word is starting to "leak" out!


I found it rather interesting.
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My fillings saga! What to do?!?

I'm going to have some extensive work done (I'm not pg BTW) and I'm going to have several teeth filled & crowned, along with a wonderful root canal
I'm not going to get the silver fillings since I've learned about the risk of mercury poisoning. I BF my dd and plan to get pg w/in the next year.
Now I worried about the ones I already have, I've read all the past posts about the risks could be greater to get them replaced then contained, what's your input?? I would really like to get them out of my mouth!
I also have had a bad metal taste in my mouth last week and a green spot on my tongue. My dentist said it could be a leaky filling or a tooth infection. That really scares me!
Sorry for the lengthy ?'s
Thanks for any help!!!
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feeling really frightened and scared..

after coming across something on the internet about mercury and amalgam fillings, i decided to try to find a dentist in my area.

after talking to this dentist, i am really frightened. he seems to think i should have them removed and referred me to a doc, whom he thinks i should talk to first. i have about 11 silver (mercury) fillings and i'm really scared about what damage may have already been done. not only to me, but to my children, as they were exposed to it in the whom, and i am nursing my 2 month old and 17 month old. we do not use birth control and i will probably be pregnant again in a few months.. and i'm scared of the mercury i'll be exposed to when they are removed, and thus pass on through breastmilk, and waiting until breastfeeding is done is not an option, because i will prob be pregnant by then. and discontinuing breastfeeding is not something i want to do. i am really freaked and scared.

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No advice but now I am a little scared.
?How do you know what kind of fillings you have?

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If you are going to get it done, this may be the best time for you. I am in the same boat - still have 9 of 11 amalgams and I'm nursing my 2 year old and may also be pregnant in a few months. Only, I can't afford to fix those now anyway. I had one done in an emergency last fall. There are precautions that can be taken (my dentist uses some type of dental dam and oxygen to reduce the amount of mercury breathed back in). You can do vit. C IVs before to boost immune system. And, there are homeopathic remedies to help remove mercury from your body - called something like "mercurium" - contact a homeopathic doctor and I'm sure you'll get some suggestions. I hope this brings some relief.
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are you not concerned about the mercury that may be released into your body during the removal? there are precautions you can take but none of them are fool-proof. thats one reason i wanted to wait until i stopped nursing. but if your child is a little older then maybe he can go for a while not nursing (easier said than done probably, just an idea). also, i am afraid of takingany supplements to remove the mercury from my body because that will probably raise the amount of mercury in my bloodstream (and then milk) atleast for a temporary time. i would rather get them removed first. i read somewhere that you should wait atleast a year after amalgam removal to get pregnant. why did you have one done in emergency?

beloved-- i'm sorry to scare you. amalgam fillings are the "silver" fillings-- you should be able to look in your mouth and see them.

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Mercury Fillings Affecting Dentists

Dentists are more likely to suffer memory and kidney problems that could be due to long-term exposure to mercury in tooth fillings.

A study of 180 dentists by researchers at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland found the dentists had up to four times the normal level of mercury in their urine and nails and had more kidney disorders and memory lapses than the general public.

The researchers found several differences in the health and cognitive functioning between dentists and the control group.

Remainder at
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That doesn't surprise me.

My FIL came down with Parkinson's fairly early in his life and was a dentist. My MIL really thinks it was all the chemicals he was exposed to as a dentist. This was back in the 60's -80's so the situation was probably even worse then in terms of awareness.
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Yeah, as much as I'm concerned about my own health regarding the mercury in my mouth, one of my first questions to the biological dentist was what precautions were in place for his own safety. You know something that is poisonous for us to be sporting around in our mouths ain't no good for those who work with it either.

At least this is one time where those denying the harm of a particular substance or practice are harming their own selves as well.
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I had an old filling crack and then partially fall out (amalgam). It had to be replaced right away. The vit.C (and I am no expert, but this is how I understand it) would not raise the amount of mercury in your bloodstream. It is to strengthen your immune system so that it can better deal with getting any mercury out if you have some of the fillings removed. Not sure how the homeopathics work - you'd need to consult a homeopathic practitioner about that one.

It is probably better to do the removal when you are not nursing at all, but it sound like that could be a good long time for you. I nurse dd less and less now, but I doubt she'll be weaning anytime soon. I just thought that if you are very worried about the effects of having the amalgams in, it might be better to get them out before you are pregnant again. I just re-read your post though and realized you are already nursing two. Maybe you should just wait till you are not nursing or pregnant.

I am more concerned about the effects that vaccines I had as a child may have affected me, than what is in my teeth now. And, it comforts me to know that my dd will not be getting it via vaccines (not yet, at any rate - I'm hoping that they stop using it by the time she might need a polio shot - we may travel and that is one I'll probably allow).
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Not only that, but I have no choice but to work with it!

I haven't used it myself for years, but nearly every tooth I work on, I'm doing something with it because of a corroding amalgam. So I'm breathing that crap every day, and it's not going to get any better within the next 40 years or so. I take precautions, but it's still out there.

Ugh. No wonder I suffer from CRS ... or maybe it's 18 month old twins?!
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Just what I needed to read ...

There is something in the news on this website now about how 60,000 kids a year have neuro development problems as a result of prenatal mercury exposure------- amalgam fillings being one of the causes!!!! GREAT!! another thing for me to worry about!!

how the heck am i supposed to be able to tell if my 3 month old was affected??
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Dentists and mercury pollution


Exposé on mercury use shows dentists among largest sources of mercury pollution; American Dental Association obstructs protection efforts

Washington, DC – A first-of-its-kind comprehensive report that looks at the environmental impacts of the dental industry's use of mercury is being released June 5 by the Mercury Policy Project and Health Care Without Harm. Among other significant findings, the report reveals that dentists are now the third largest users of mercury in the U.S. and are the single largest polluter of mercury to the nation’s wastewater treatment plants.

For remainder:
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Mercury fillings

I feel there is danger in mercury fillings and I refuse them for my children at the dentist. We have a new dentist and he talked me into them for myself, but I wouldn't budge when he was trying to talk me into them for my daughter. My mouth is already full of the stuff, but she hasn't had one yet. All of her fillings (she's had a lot) were filled with the white stuff. My insurance doesn't cover it, but it's worth the extra money to me.

What do you all do? How do you deal with a dentist that won't leave you alone about not using what they want you to use?
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I haven't had to deal with that yet. I just went to the dentist today for the first time in years and I had a root canal. Well, the first part of one. I noticed there was a sign advertising that he could remove the mercury amalgam or whatever those fillings are called, and replace them with the teeth colored kind/composites, or whatever they are called. But then he gave me a filling and it is the silvery kind.
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? for smilemomma about fillings

This question is for Smilemomma, or anyone who might know something about this.
I had an eating disorder and it really ruined my teeth, so I went to Tufts Dental school in Boston and the students talked me into putting mercury amalgam fillings. I have 8 or nine of them. What was I thinking?! I did question them about the dangers but they brought all kinds of info and had their professors talk to me and they finally talked me into it (mainly because I had no money and also because they said mercury fillings are longer lasting)
Anyway, do you think the fillings could have caused/be causing damage to me and my baby daughter (I had the fillings done a bit before she was conceived), since she has been breastfed for 15 mo? And do you think I should try and get rid of the fillings as soon as I can possibly afford it? I am really worried about this whole thing with mercury, since I heard that in some countries in Europe amalgams are even illegal!
Thanks in advance for your time. From reading your replies I can tell you are a wonderful dentist and mom!
Zivile (age 28), mom of Emily (7/7/01)
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"Silver metal" taste coming from a filling

I have a mouthful of fillings thanks to my "mother" not caring if I ever brushed my teeth or not. I'm 35 and the fillings that I have were put in when I was 12, back in 1980. They are all silver colored. Anyway, my very back tooth, I can taste this "silver metal" coming from this filling. Am I tasting something that is poisioning my system? The tooth is fine that I can see?

Thank you!
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I may be way off but Iget that taste from infections, but SmileMama will let you know if that's the deal.

BTW, I used to "fake" brushing as a child. Never had a cavity. Once I started brushing daily at around 11 or 12 I guess my teeth went into shcok and I started getting cavities, etc. So you never know!!!!!!!!!!
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