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I don't know, but I just wanted to tell you that Amanda is such a cutie!!!!

I could only find one pic of you, though... and you're wearing the funny graduation hat I think it's a common "problem" with us moms: we post pics of our little ones, but as viewers we're also really interested in what the mamas look like! (hint.. hint...)

If i had that taste, I'd probably assume the filling was deteriorating, and I'd try to get to a dentist. But first, I'd wait to see what smilemomma had to say about it

So, tell us what happens, so your question can be archived and then we all know in the future!
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simonee thank you! There are actually no pictures of me with Amanda posted online. I'm having big time self image issues right now, I gained 85lbs during pregnancy, and only lost 20lbs or so in 2years, I have almost 100lbs to loose. I'm fat, I hate looking at myself. I sometimes think that if I died tomorrow, there would be no pictures of me and amanda! How would she feel if she grew up with no pictures of me?

The picture at graduation is my sister in law.

I do have a small picture of me back in my previous life, it was taken 4 years ago. It's at http://kim.mimicvii.com . It's like how I like to remember myself
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She looks like you, it seems. How can you look back if such a cutie looks like you?
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Hi Amanda'sMom! Does she still have her gorgeous smile?!! I sympathize with the weight issue, I've got like 50 pounds, which seems hopeless, so I guess I'll have another chocolate Santa ... . My friend and I were talking, though, and we decided that if it was our *priority* to be slim, we would be. Honestly, if that was my priority in life, as it once was, I'd be at the gym all the time. However, at this point in my life, my priority is my children, and that's okay. It's a very, very small point in my life. I see pictures of me and have to think, "hey, that fat chick has the same dress as me!" Then . But you know, I believe there will be a day when my children won't even notice if I'm gone for an hour or two, and I will see those pictures and think, "oh, yeah, that was when I was mothering small children" and it will be just another thing, like my Farrah bangs were. Just don't say "what are Farrah bangs?" 'cause that will be a whole 'nother issue!

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No more silver fillings!

I just got the last of the silver (mercury) fillings out of my teeth today!!

I am so happy it is done and behind me!!

If anyone else is considering it, it was not nearly as bad as I expected~ and I had a lot!
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Please enlighten an unenlightened person about the silver fillings. sigh... i have 1 in my mouth now. :
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Only one! I think I had eleven!! (I am a fanatic my about tooth care, I can only blame genetics and not being breastfed!)

I actually am not a huge expert on all the details, but from I do know~ the "silver" fillings are usually about 50% mecury that is released into your system when you eat. It accumulates in your body and has been linked to a host of health problems, like multiple scerosis, depression, etc.

The reason they started using silver filings is because they were (guess what!) cheaper than gold, so it was about the bottom line and not our health and safety.

Someone else said here once~ Mercury is a toxic posion before they put it in, and when they take it out, but when it's in your body it's "perfectly safe!" Uh-huh.

I have heard that members of the ADA are officially not allowed to discuss the dangers associated with mercury. But my dentist (who did the replacements) said he would not put them in his children's mouths, so he would not put them in anyone else'e either.

If anyone has more or better information on this, please feel free to chime in!
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Does insurance cover removal or did you have to pay out of pocket? What is involved in removal? I have 9 that I'd like to have removed and I'd like to know all I can about your experience....
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Unfortunately, I do not have any dental insurance right now. But I have heard that ins. will pay for it, but only up to what the silver fillings would have cost, and you have to pay the extra for the white. Without ins, it cost us about $1200. It was a whole lot of money for us, but it was also very important.

It is really very similar to getting a cavity filled. Go in, get shot, drill, fill, done. It was not really painful at all! The differences are~ since it is a poison, they put a dental dam in my mouth to make sure they got it all out and I didn't swallow any. And I am on a dental cleanse that I got at an herb store, to remove the mercury from my body. No big deal~ just a few pills twice a day.

I would just recommend finding a good dentist who understands what he is doing and why. Hope this helps!
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I just finished getting my silver fillings removed last week, too! I only had seven, so it wasn't bad.

Insurance will cover the procedure as though you are having a cavity filled. They will not know that you are really having a filling replaced. I thought they might get suspicious since I had five done at appointments exactly three weeks apart, but I guess they just think I had five cavities.
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Perfectlove....i am just checking in. thanks for answering!!

i do only have one filling. and my mom did not breastfeed me. i just think i have good teeth??

i will look into having the one removed. Thanks!
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metalic taste

I had the same thing happen to me, a very old filling stated *tasting* like that soon after I had a new filling done. The dentist re-did the old filling, telling me that there was a valent reaction between the old and the new causing the metal taste. Hope this helps.
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composite/white fillings

hello there! i am going to school to become a dental assistant so i know a thing or two about this. my understanding is that they do not like to do a composite/white filling if the cavity is rather large because it can cause major sensitivity ... the material does not expand lke a normal tooth does to changes in temp. the amalgam filling has such a low amount of mercury in it that it will not hurt you. thats an old wives tale. if you haev any more Q's send em my way! hope this helps!
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