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lesbian mums ttc or pregnant roll call  

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just wondered who is ttc or pregnant in lesbian mum world!

We are just (only just) pregnant with no 3, but I have m/c 'ed before so really downplaying it at the moment.

Would love to hear who else is either ttc or pregnant
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We're ttc #2, but taking a brief break to recover from some minor surgery, and save up the $$ for round #4 of insems, which g-d willing will be in late dec/early jan and will be one clinic IUI, one at-home IUI.
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Checking in!

We are working on number 3, and it has been exactly 15 months since we did all the preliminary medical work and ordered our drugs to start trying. Still no luck. My son took several years but then his sister came along very easily. I think that is what we were expecting again. I am on my first IVF cycle, and should have retreival/transfer some time in mid-dec.

We had always said we would never go to IVF, but would adopt instead. But when it came down to deciding we did not go ahead with adoption. We felt like our kids already have a double whammy against them. (First they have two moms, and secondly we are only moderate income in an extremely affluent town.) We thought that the adopted kid might have both a third whammy (adoption, possibly international) and even be different within our family. We figured that is too much to ask of a kid.

I'm suprised their aren't more folks checking in. Congratulations and good luck witt.
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hi there
nice to hear from you
good luck with all the fertility woes.............. sounds hard, I have been lucky I guess - we used fresh known donor sperm, have tried 6 cycles and had 4 (counting this one) pregnancies.

Good luck , can't imagine how stressful it must be when it takes a lot of time and money
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I'm new around here. My sweet wife is 8 months pregnant with our first baby-a little girl due January 3rd. We can't wait to meet her!

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Congrats pdxmomazon and Witt! I hope some of your luck rubs off!

This cycle will be our third attempt in 6 months. We had to skip a couple since I failed to ovulate Last month was our first try with clomid and we got a nice looking follicle but no pregnancy. We think we may have been a little early on the first insem, but the second one should have been about perfect. Oh well. More clomid this month and hopefully a little bit better timing could give us a little thanksgiving miracle
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Julieanne updated you all on our situation, so I'll just say hi!
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Congrats to all the pregnant Mommies and baby dust to all the ttc-ers!

My partner and I are on cycle#1, ttc#4. We are currently remaining excited and hopeful in the seemingly endless tww!
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hello everyone!

My partner and I are ttc #2 . I can test tomorrow if AF doesn't show.
I hate the two week wait. This is just cycle number 2.

My toddler is asking to nurse gotta go! He no longer fits on the computer chair with me typing

best of luck to all

love femme

mommy to MJC 2 years , Partner to KLC
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how exciting, all these babies either being made or attempting to be made
lots of luck to everyone...................
I'm still hanging in there, feeling really sick which is a good sign
for those in the tww I have always tested early about three days, and always got a faint but definate positive. Could never bear to wait...........
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Not TTC, just single, lesbian, and charting, for now, but thought I'd say hi, at PixelDust's suggestion.
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: :

Just wanted to pop in and give a great big Faygelah Welcome
Great to see new faces around here Hoping to comiserate with some crunchy queer mama's & wanna be mama's. here's to big fat ++ for those trying!
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We're ttc too! This is our second cycle trying for #3. I'm in the "possibly pregnant" window, will probably test TOMORROW. . . am feeling pretty hopeful and excited. My twins were born in February, so I'd love to have an August baby. We did two IUIs, and 3 seesions of acupuncture this cycle. We are using the same donor we used last time, an annonymous sperm bank guy. It's interesting to be trying "with him" again, I have all these new feelings about who he is now that I've got my boys already. I mean, last time when we were ttc, I didn't really think about who the donor was much at all once we were actually inseminating. There were just too many unknowns. But now I have a better idea of at least what the donor looks like, and what genes he may be contributing to our next baby. When the Ob held up the little vial for me to confirm it was the right donor #, I felt this rush of feelings for the guy. I'm so glad I get to make my babies with his sperm .

If I'm not pg this cycle, we may take a break from ttc for a couple of months because dw will be starting grad school next september so to give birth then would not be ideal. But I may not be able to stop, so we'll see. . .

to those still trying, and Congrats! to those who are already pg!

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

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your boys are beautiful!

good luck to everyone trying!

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Thank you
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I'm a partnered lesbian, pregnant with our first and due in early February.
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We're trying for another baby doing at home IUI with the same anonymous frozen donor as we used for our daughter. This month will be our second insem...so early days but we're hoping that's all it will take (I like the sound of a Thanksgiving miracle too, julieanne)
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I am TTC #2. I have a gay male friend who I co-parent my 2 yr old daughter with. I am using him for #2 as well. We just started this month... I will be able to test near the end of the month.
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Exciting News!

We'll I got a BFP!! I waited to test 3 days past missed AF. My wife wanted to wait I can't believe I did I am not that patient.
We have not told anyone IRL we are trying even. It's so hard to keep my mouth closed but it's better to make sure everything is okay before we tell. So I 'll wait for a while though if I have morning sickness/ all day like last time it will be hard for people not to miss.
This try was cycle number 2. We AI three times this cycle with our friends' (and DS dad ) fresh donation.
We tried at home cycle day 13, 15, and 17.

I wasn't sure how the nursing would effect everything my baby's grandma who is a CNM (midwife) said I should wean before ttc but I thought I would go for it anyway. My midwives had said that many of their clients did it tandum. So I am going to go for it and nurse as long as it feels right.

I got AF back 4 months pp even though I exclusively breastfed my son for 7 1/2 months.

I was totally in the dark on whether I had o'd because I am not taking my temperature since I usually nurse early morning before I am totally awake so the temps would be all crazy so I stopped charting them but I just went on the cm and OPK test.

So this is my update. I know it usually takes a lot longer with AI. I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity to be a mom again. I feel so blessed I want to cry.

sticky vibes and baby dust to everyone ttc
love femme
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congrats femme
yes and sticky baby vibes to everyone
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