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I missed your post Femme! Congratulations!!!!!! Sending sticky vibes...
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Congratulations, femme!
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Congratulations Femme(& stickydust of course)! Here's to more BFP's.
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baby #2

my partner and I have been trying for baby #2 since March. . it's been frustrating but hopefully this month everything will come together and we will conceive soon.
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Hello! I am excited to have found this board. I am expecting my first baby in a little over 6 weeks! My partner of almost 5 years also has a 17 year old and a 20 year old so this will be a big change for us.
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Hi and welcome, oliversmoms and MommaSuzi!
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ttc again with other mom this time!!

I gave birth to our 16 month old, and now my partner is ttc, but we have not inseminated yet. Our son was conceived using her brother as my donor, and I have no family that would work to get her prenant, so we are trying to find a donor. We want to use a known donor, and there is a possiblity of using a gay friend of a friend who lives out of state. We already met with him, and really like him, but this time feels more complicated and we are having trouble making a decision.
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I'm happy to find this board. We've been planning for year and years, charting for one year and are starting to TTC#1 as of this coming weekend...ack! We'll be using a known donor. We're so excited and hope the TTC ride will be short as the ride to it has been long.
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Hi I just posted on your blog! I found this site a few days ago myself. Your blog was the first message board type posting I have ever done. I just wish this thread was a bit more active. Come on queer mamas!
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Anyone know if you can take Clomid while breastfeeding? We conceived #1 with Clomid. He's still nursing. IF we try for #2 (still an if, if my wife is reading ), can she take C and still nurse? If not, can other drugs take its place? She doesn't seem to ovulate without it.

megin, mommy to the amazing Quinn (2.75) and wife to Katie
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Hi finnsmom and welcome to the great world of internet ttcing...blogging, etc. Are you TTC or already a mama?
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Hey all,

We're still here doing the ttc thing, although we took this month and last month off, so we won't actually inseminate again until February. That will be try #3, and we are really hoping to get lucky. We only have two more tries of our donor in storage (4 vials), and though there may be a couple vials still in the sibling storage at the bank (there were 7 vials a few months ago), we're definitely facing the possibility that our next baby will have a different donor. I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me feels like whatever's meant to be, will be, and that maybe using a different donor would increase our chances of having a girl this time (of the half-siblings we know of, 4 of them are boys and two are girls, and both girls were conceived via IVF (a process which increases the chances of girl babies. . . so it seems like our current donor has some boy-heavy sperm). But then another part of me will feel really sad if our next baby has a different donor, mostly because our first two kids share a donor, and maybe the third kid would feel left out for having a different one? And we do like the way our boys have turned out , so it would be nice to be able to eliminate some of the unkown by using the same donor. Anyway, obviously this will be out of our hands.

Megin and Katie: How exciting that you *may* be ttc another baby! There are plenty of moms over in the ttc forums who have taken clomid while bf their toddlers. I think it is somewhat controversial because a small amount of clomid will get into the milk, and also because it is probably less likely to work when there are bfing hormones at play. But, personally, I wouldn't worry about it. I took clomid last time, and luckily don't have to this time (at least, I am ovulating on my own now, whereas I wasn't before). But we talked about that possibility of me taking it while nursing and that was not an issue for us really. There are plenty of other reasons why I didn't want to take it (namely my *TWO* beautiful sons, lol).

Welcome to the new mamas and mamas-to-be! How are the pregnant ones among us doing?

Hoping to join the ranks of pregnant lesbians SOON!

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hi lex
heard baby's heartbeat yesterday so all ok. am 13 weeks
good luck ttc to you
how is everyone else???
updates would be nice
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Just checking in and saying Hi to everyone. We're still TTC #2 and on hold yet, I've started a second part-time job (and dd comes with to play, how cool is that !) our hope is that we'll be back in the active TTC mode in the next few months. I'm going to sub as well so I can keep up with everyone.
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Originally Posted by megan sacha
Hi and welcome to the great world of internet ttcing...blogging, etc. Are you TTC or already a mama?
Hi Megan,
I am already a mama. I gave birth to our son Finn (he's 16 months old). Now it is my wife's turn to get pregnant. Her brother donated to me, which was perfect. Now we are in the process of deciding known vs. unknown donor. We checked our the sperm banks, and there are some possibilities, but we are leaning toward using a friend of a friend in Seattle. He is a charming, sweet, smart gay guy who wants to be a donor/uncle. We met with him over Christmas (we live in Santa Cruz California - and he has family here) and really like him (and Finn loved him - kids have good intuition). SO, we are in the talking and working out the details stage. We are not sure that he will work out, but we are hopeful and will talk to him this weekend. We are just so ready for #2.
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Finnsmom, hope your discussions with PKD go well this weekend. Sounds like he would be a nice distance away from you. I don't know how it is for you gals, but these donor discussions have been so very emotionally draining for us. We're so glad we get to start now that we've pretty much got all the other stuff behind us.
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Hi everyone Somehow I missed this thread - I haven't posted much because our forum has been pretty quiet. My wife Rose and I are planning to start TTC in late May/June. We're using a KD and just finishing ironing out the legal paperwork, etc. Everything is good so far - his counts are fantastic, I'm young and healthy, charts are very regular, I seem to be uber-fertile...so let's hope it only takes one try, right? I'm really hoping this won't be a 6 month affair, b/c he lives half-way across the country from us. Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hello. And yes I am one of those crazy women who already has bought baby stuff over the past year and I'm no longer ashamed, HA!
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I'm pregnant. Only 8 weeks. It looked like it was twins, but then my hCG slowed, and an u/s showed one little heart beat. This was a very long process of ttc, and we ended up with ivf. We are still being careful and are not fully convinced there will be another baby in August.

My 5 year old has been aware of our ttc for about 9 months, since he is old enough to ask questions and understand the answers. He is already rooting for a boy. My 2 year old wants a girl, but I don't really think she understands. An actual baby is a lifetime away for her. I'm not so secretly wishing for a boy too, just so our son is not the only male in the house. But my daughter has been soooo much easier than him, so I'll be easily consoled at the birth if it is a girl.

I'm pretty sure this will be our last, since it was so hard, I'm old (36) and our house is too small.

Good luck to every trying (or about to) and stickies to those already preg.
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good luck mumm
this will be our last too
lots of sticky vibes to you
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OK.....we are taking the plunge officially now!!!

We'll probably do our first insem with our known donor in July. Suddenly, though, it feels like we are way behind, compared to last time when we prepared and obsessed for more than a year. Our memories are a bit fuzzy with regards to all the things to remember: charting, exactly what to eat/what not to eat, vitamins, etc. Let alone all the less exciting but important legal details. So, now we have some exciting work ahead of us!

We're definitely taking any and all advice at this point.

Nice to have a little group here for the journey.

take care,
megin, mommy to the climbing Quinn, wife to the amazing, still-lactating Katie
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