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I'm so sorry about this ~ both your ds's tooth and the slow answering. I'm a faithful reader here and try to reply to threads because I've been there and know how it feels, but I'm in half-withdrawal from mdc at the moment so I haven't looked here in a long time.

It sounds like he has a big cavity alright, which will need to be fixed. I'd be terrified, too, to see something that looks like brain behind my dd's tooth, but I have the idea that the color is partially an optical trick, like the way the light reflects from the tooth's innards. Or maybe the pulp has that color? It seems though, that if the pulp were fully exposed, he'd be in a lot of pain. So that's probably not what's going on quite yet. I imagine he will have to see the dentist soon about this, and it also sounds like he'll need a pulpectomy/-otomy (pulp partially or fully removed, a 'baby root canal') on that molar. Since you've already called your dentist, you probably know that much better by now than I ever could

I think there's no immediate danger as long as it's not infected (and your ds would definitely be worse than 'ticklish' if it were), but it also sounds like a candidate for infection on the short term.

My dd had a front tooth capped at 33 months using an oral sedative (Versed), which mellowed her a bit but not as much as I'd hoped. She's not a happy go lucky girl though, she's the type that refused being weighed or measured from 8 months onward. When it's that far back, the procedure would probably feel pretty invasive, so it sounds likely that your dentist will propose filling that tooth plus all the front teeth and whatever else might be wrong under ga. Pretty terrifying, I bet, but it would also mean that from that day on you'd have a clean slate.

I hope this helps at all. Good luck, big and let us know what happened!
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LaLaLuna, Apricot, chill, darlin'!

Y'all must be used to the faster pace of TAO, :LOL. It's only been 3 days. I just answered a bunch of posts from September!

As usual, there is very little that I can add to simonee's post. I have been teasing her that she is my cyber-assistant. She is just remarkable with her knowledge and big, warm shoulders. Thanks, simonee, you being here is what enabled me to keep working!

Good luck to you and to your son during this very trying ordeal. I'm sorry that your hand is being forced toward resolution when you or he may not be ready for it, but on the other hand, I'm grateful that he will be cavity and infection free very soon. As simonee said, that clean slate is very close, and a very wonderful place to be.

Blessings to you both. Please don't be put off by the wait around here; I didn't answer immediately because you said you were seeing the dentist the next day. I promise to give you first dibs if you post back with anything about what he says!

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Ok- you thought I was gibbering before, here's what happened with your reply, SmileMomma; the day you replied I was methodically going down my list of links of replied-to threads. I opened the mail with the link to your reply, saw your name, thought "Oh neat! Here's one I really want to read", clicked the link...."We're sorry, the discussion boards are temporarily closed for routine repair/maintenance..." ARGH! So there we sat, for two days...

I'm sorry if I gave the impression I was nagging you to reply, Smilemomma- I truly did read the archives and had a lot of your (previously dispensed) good advice and soothingness to arm myself with. I guess I was just looking for sympathy for other mamas that have gone through the same thing... (you're right- some of the other threads you get a reply from folks almost before you're done posting!) and it does make me a little self-concious sometimes when I've posted something (esp. when there's a lot of emotion involved) and see that people are reading and then passing right on by. (I'm not a high-maintenance woman! Really I'm not!:LOL )

But as long as I've got your ear...

Orion went to his dentist today, did great. Let 4 xrays be taken with no problem. What the dentist then told me was that he'd need to get SIX pulpotomies and caps (where's the emoticon for fainting?) because the decay was severe enough in his four front uppers, and two of his upper molars. I agreed that ga anesthesia would be the path of least trauma at this point so that's what we're scheduled for. (oh cringe.) I do have a question, though (for some reason didn't think of it while Orion was running amok through the exam room!) and that is: the decay in all the teeth was through the enamel and into the dentin but as far as I heard, not into the pulp or nerve. I thought pulpotomies were for teeth that were definately infected? I will try to read the archives again tonight after the kids are in bed but am not banking on making it that far (up at 4 am to study for a microbiology test) and will also call the dentist back to ask this and a couple other minor questions but would like to have the benefit of your wisdom, if I may. Oh boy- it's so hard to make these choices sometimes, even when it's obvious what the logical choice is.

Thanks for replying to my previous post, everyone. I really appreciate the support and handholding! Lory
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WEll I happened to see this one, and I'm pretty sure I more or less know the answer: No, if it's in the dentin only, strictly spoken you wouldn't need a pulpotomy. But while the dentist is drilling the decay away, he may get so close to the pulp that there's not enough dentin left, or even into the pulp. In those cases a pulpotomy would be necessary.

But if the pulp isn't affected yet, I don't see why he'd already know your ds would need all the pulpotomies. Planning for 6 pulpotomies with most decay limited to the dentin only (I bet the "crater" one is further, though), sounds like ...uhm... what's the opposite of conservative treatment?... progressive treatment ?... to me. I'd definitely ask into that.

and more hugs ~ and good luck on the test
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Thanks for your sweet, sweet reply, Lory!

Oh, honey, my arms just went out when I got to the !!! 6 !!! pulpotomies part. Poor boy. Poor mama!

All that said, big hugs to you and Orion, and good luck on your dental cleanup visit. There's tons in the archives to help with the GA issues, and more about maintaining that wonderful clean slate you've worked so hard for.

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autumn had her dental surgery!

well, the night before the surgery we stayed at a hotel to be near the surgery facility. autumn was cutting her eye teeth and was in so much pain that she wouldn't even nurse! i stayed up all night standing up rocking her. needless to say, it was not a fun night! but, it did give me the chance to pray all night

she couldn't nurse past 6am, but she was really fine with that. she only asked twice, and was easily pacified b/c she knew she couldn't. on the way to the dentist, she kept saying, "autumn get teef fixed." we kept telling her that we were getting her teeth fixed so that they wouldn't hurt her anymore. it was really like she knew what was going on.

when we got to the facility, she didn't even cry. she usually cries when we are in a situation like that...doctors, dentists. anyway, everyone at the facility was so nice. they were very "parent friendly". it was hard to hold it together, but we kept telling autumn that we were strong for her, so she didn't have to worry. she kept saying, "mamma strong for me." it was really cute.

anyway, they prepped her (gown, temp, pulse-ox...) we spoke to the dentist, anesthesiologist, and nurse. then they took us back to the surgery room. it was really nice b/c both my dh and i were allowed to go back. i layed her down on the table while the anesthesiologist put the mask on her face. it was like when they get their shots. this was really hard and so sad, especially for her daddy. it only lasted about 30 seconds though. after i just broke down and cried.

2 hours later the dentist came and told us that it was over and we could come back to the recovery room. we had made strict demands that we wanted to be there as soon as the surgery was over. the dentist was really good about meeting our desires.

when we got back, autumn had just started to wake up. this was pretty difficult. she was definitely disoriented and drugged up. she also had blood in her nostrils and her whole face was swollen from the intubation tube they had to put down her nose. it was hard to see her like that. she was also trying to pull out her iv. after about 10 minutes, she nursed. i was so glad to still be nursing her!!!! it definitely calmed her down. it took about 45 minutes to get her to really calm down though. we were released after that.

she was really tired and slept most of the day. she couldn't walk straight until today. the swelling has gone down a little, but she's still a little puffy.

she ended up having to have 3 caps and 2 fillings. thankfully, she didn't have to have any route canals or extractions. i was expecting her to have a couple of teeth missing at least. it's funny, but i was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful her teeth were. she now has teeth that don't hurt, which was our only goal, and teeth that look like every other kid's, which was a bonus.

overall, considering our choices, i feel like we made the best decision. and i thank God that we had such a GREAT outcome.

i think autumn says it best! today i was giving her a massage and she was smiling this HUGE smile and said, "autumn so happy!"

thanks again! and if anyone has any questions, please let me know!
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YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY for you and Autumn and dh!!!! I never read the first part of your story, but I can tell that it must have been pretty gruelling and nerve-wrecking.


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(simonee, Christy's original post has made it to the archives under "hospitalization and general anesthesia")

Oh, my gosh, Christy, that is so awesome! What an inspiring story.

It is so hard to see our children drugged like that, but even worse to see them hurting, physically or even esthetically, our beautiful, perfect babes. And I so agree; what do moms do who don't nurse, in such situations? When my dd had some minor surgery, I was as eager to reconnect as she was to gain comfort, grounding us both again. So wonderful to hear how well you all came through it!

Autumn nearly made me cry, her courage and understanding, even maturity, at facing something so new. Not even two years old! You did an awesome job of preparing her, involving her in her own treatment, and she responded to that. How much better than if you had just brought her in unawares! And I believe it helped her recovery as well.

Btw, Arnica is absolutely fantastic for that post-op puffiness and tenderness.

As simonee said, you all have that healthy clean slate now! (check the archives under "causes of decay and prevention" for special tips on getting her through this next more cavity prone time to the other side of "maintenance only"! )

And she did make me cry at the end; "Autumn so happy". God bless her sweet little brave proud heart, and yours for doing so well with her.

She should be so proud of herself! And you, too, of course. Tell her how happy the computer dentist is for her and her strong, beautiful new smile.

P. S. Thank you so much for coming back to tell us all how it went. Your story will be an inspiration and a goal for other moms (simonee went through a similar situation and still is here today, helping and guiding moms through it all) and also for me. I do think of how things turn out, and just personally was so glad to hear your story. I will tell it at the office tomorrow, for sure! )
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Yes, thank you so much for sharing your story. It makes me cry to read how far dentistry has come. I was once a small child that was strapped down for root canals as a child. This has had lasting effects on me. I am so happy to read that your dd was lucky enough to get the care she needed in a loving and compassionate way.

((HUGS)) to all of you but especially your sweet dd.
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Getting Nervous

I've looked through the archives and have so much information it's sometimes hard to process it all. Okay, some background. My ds is 26 months old. This all started in June when I noticed black spots on his right molar and right front tooth. I spent months going to different dentists (the first said it was cause of night nursing--he only drinks water and breastmilk--but at least he doesn't hold children down (but we didn't hit it off), tried a second dentist who said I couldn't come back, the third dentist was awesome. She is a family dentist, was able to clean his teeth and for the next appointment we tried nitrous oxide, when that didn't work she was able to give him a shot of novocaine. He didn't like that one bit, so she didn't do the work cause she didn't want to traumatize him and said I needed to find a pedi dentist and have his work done in a hospital under GA. Okay, had the appointment with the pedi dentist--her two options were to strap him down or hospital with GA. We opted for the hospital. She said his enamel is defective and he needs a crown on his molar. Anyway, our appointment is Friday afternoon. I got a letter yesterday that said "Your child should not have any milk, breast milk or solid foods 8 hours before surgery. He may have unlimited clear fluids without pulp between 4 and 8 hours before surgery. He should not have anything to eat or drink 4 hours before surgery." Uuugggh, there's no way my son can go 8 hours without nursing. He still nurses every couple of hours, the longest ever being 4 1/2 at a party one time. How do I approach this, do I just go ahead and nurse him anyway, but will that cause problems? This is giving me nightmares. I'm so nervous about putting my son under. Also I know this hospital won't let me go back with him and they will only come to get me when he wakes up. My son has never woken up with out either me or my husband. Won't this traumatize him?
On top of all this, when I had called my insurance company they said my copay was $50, the letter I received said it is $403.40. We're sooo broke right now, I'm gonna have to borrow from my Mom.
Pierce, my ds, has his pediatric appointment tomorrow to make sure he's healthy for this. Is there anything my pedi homeopathic doc can do about the non-nursing thing? Any remedies I should specifically ask him about?
I'm sorry if some of this repeats in the archives, I'm just feeling a bit of a mess right now.
Mindi C.C.E.
sahm/wahm to Pierce 9/00
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thank you all for your responses and encouragement. this board has been a great help for me and i just wanted to give one more story that could make a parent feel better.

autumn is doing great now. she is completely back to her normal self! i'll post some pictures of her new smile here pretty soon and make sure to give you all the link.

smilemomma, Happy Birthday! i'm glad our story gave you some happiness! and also, thank you so much for the service you provide here. it means so much more that you know!

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Just a quick reply: Do a search in the archives on top of hte dental topics page for "breastfeeding" and you'll find a lot.

Bottom line: feel free to bf up to 2 hours before the appt, just don't tell anyone

maybe I'll post you some links later, if I have time
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not allowed in the room...freaked

After months of agonizing over treatment for our 2 and 1/2 year old. We found a dentist who is willing to work on her teeth, without doing GA at the hospital. She needs two pulpotomies and several other smallish fillings.

I am scared for a few reasons:

***just found my answers to the sedative in the archives --visteral was just spelled differently....

***The dentist-- I feel I can trust her but she won't allow us in the room once Nadia is comfortable in the chair. How do I deal with THIS?

***wondering about pulpectomy v pulpotomy --how should Iask the DDS about this --is there a cost difference.

My husband and I just need to TRUST SOMEONE! Because her little teeth are quickly reaching the point of no return.

And she may not even be able to DO it if the sedatives don't work, then we have to go to the hospital.

I've been lurking on the dental boards --reading EVERYTHING. I am just so scared because the appointment is on November 19th...
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I am really sorry for your family and the surgery dd is facing sounds grim, I have no advice but will bump up your thread in hopes it gets seen in the am by someone that does know about these things. I will pray for you tonight-
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thanks for the prayers Vanna's mom -that is what we really need. That and for my trust issues to disappear!

i am feeling better today --read alot on the boards last night and feel more steady.

I just HAVE to be in the room, me or my dh... I wrote her a letter and asked to meet us half way --dh to sit in the room out of the way...

is this unreasonable to ask --I beliee its our right, but really want the DDS to do the work... don't want to offend.

thanks for the prayers.
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Rebekah had her dental surgery today

She did great and came though the surgery with no problems and is resting comfortable now.

We had to get up at 4am this morning to leave the house by 5am and be at the hospital by 6am. Rebekah was suposed to have nothing to eat or drink after midnight. I know those guildlines don't really apply to breastmilk but I didn't bother challenging them on it as she would normally not need to nurse between midnight and 6am anyway.

Once she got to the hopsital she wanted to nurse though and was quite fussy and pulling at my clothes a lot. She was really too young to understand what was going on. They checked us in asked a few questions and then had us put her in a gown and little slippers. We waited in a pediatric waiting room watching disney tv for what seemed like forever. We talked to a nurse from anethesia and another nurse the the dentist.

They gave her some medicine that made her loopey. They didn't allow us back to the room to watch her go under. They took her off with her Barney in a little tykes wagon and she was having way to much fun to even look back at us or cry. Mommy on the other hand cried when she left and when the two other patient before her left.
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I guess I was too long winded above cause I ran out of space.

Well she was in surgery for about an hour. A nurse called us after fiifteen mins to tell us that she was under and that there were no problems. Then the dentist came out and told us that everything was fine.
We went back to recovery as soon as she woke up. She was trying to climb out of the bed. She was still attached to an iv and pulse ox machine. She nursed immediately and did fine. The let us leave after 45 mins in recovery. There was no swelling or blood in her nose as I was expecting.

She slept all the way home from the hospital and she is resting comfortably now.
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Hi Myra, big hugs to you...

My dd is almost exactly the same age as yours, and went through a similar experience a few months ago (in the dentist's office, though, and with conscious sedation) and she really did get over it very quickly. I know how incredibly hard it is on the mama, though.

The worst is over! Best of luck for the future.
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thanks for sharing the good news...

it reassures us all!
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feeling scared...

Hi all,

My dd is having her teeth capped on Weds and I'm feeling scared. I've done all my homework, researched etc. etc. etc. and we've opted to have then anesthes. give her an injection of Ketamine/Malodol (sp?) at the dentist's office instead of using chlorohydrate which was the original plan. The chlorolhydrate felt wrong to me. Anyway, it's coming up and I've got this pit in my stomach and need some support - would appreciate any.


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