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wishing you both the best. And remember (and if you don't, read threads like myra's), these events are much harder on the mamas than on the babies.

My dd had a tooth capped with only a sedative in the office, and she did just fine! Yours will too

Take care of yourself and stay calm... Have you tried peace and calming, an essential oil blend? I think smilemomma recommends it in combination with Roman chamomile ~ for babies, but also (and maybe even more) for mamas... Just rubbing the oils in can be therapeutic and calming in itself, KWIM?

I'll think of you both Wednesday. Tell us how it goes!
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Pierce's surgery on friday

Pierce's surgery was at 12:45, we had to be at the hospital at 11:15a.m. I had received the letter from the pediatric dentist that said he couldn't nurse for 8 hours before surgery but could have clear fluids up to 4 hours before with nothing to eat or drink for four hours. There was no way Pierce could go 8 hours without nursing. I talked to the hospital on thursday and they said (receptionist) it should be fine, but then she called back later and said the anesthioligist department said no. So I called my LaLeche leader and talked with her. The breastfeeding answer book says up to three to four hours beforehand is fine with general anesthetic. So my choice was to either get ready for a confrontation at the hospital or just not tell them. I decided to just not tell them. Pierce didn't nurse or eat or drink anything for four hours. It was tough. He kept asking for "me-me" and I had to keep refusing (never refused him before this ) Thankfully my Mom came down with her new puppies about an hour before we had to go to the hospital. That was a nice distraction and the puppies are sooooo cute. Then we went to the hospital; I filled out paper work and my Mom played with Pierce. When we went back to get him ready (put him in a gown, have him take his sedative cocktail) he was so quiet. The sedative was amazing--he went right to the nurse and she took him back to the or. They gave him versed. After about an hour and a half the dentist came to talk with me--that was a "fun" conversation. She set me off first by telling me I wouldn't be allowed back in the recovery room until after Pierce was awake (she'd said otherwise in her office), then said I wouldn't be allowed to nurse him when I did get back there until after he'd taken other fluids and didn't vomit (she said "you don't want him throwing up in your car on the way home do you?"), and the final straw was when she said "You have your work cut out for you now." Yeah I know--more brushing etc... "No, I mean night weaning." I told her in no uncertain terms that that was not an option and that she should talk or get other resources on breastfeeding and cavities besides the American Pediatric Dental Association. She left fairly quickly after that. Then I had to fight to get back to the recovery room. Took me over an hour, by the time I was half way down the hall to him I could hear him crying for me. It took me over a half hour (with nursing immediately) to calm him down. The good thing is the last nurse we worked with was great. When we were in the discharge room (waiting for them to bring my Mom back so we could get him dressed) nursing she said that's the best stuff for them. She was great--got us some water (me) and was very supportive. Anyway, we got home sometime around 4:45 with a very hungry boy. He took another nap after my Mom left around 6 and was basically back to normal last night with a new smile. The homeopathic remedies we used were great. He loved the puppies and kept saying it was a "good day". All in all it really was. Pierce's teeth are fixed without any horrible side effects (he had a silver crown on his molar and his four front teeth capped). Now we're dealing with some sleeping nightmares--he goes to sleep fine but has been waking up startled and scared a few times during his nap and at night. I really wish I could've gotten back there sooner. Also, he doesn't want his teeth brushed at all and is really leary about opening his mouth to anyone. If you have any suggestions on the teethbrushing I'd be very appreciative. If you've read all this "thanks".
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thank you

thank you simonee for the response of support I feel very grateful for it. Peace and Calming... do you remember the brand? If you do, I'll track some down asap. Funny but I've been very attracted to using chamomile lately - no surprise. Thanks again - I'm breathing deeply.
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I am just back from our first dental visit (dd is 17 months) where caps were recommended for her also. I can't offer any words of wisdom as I have not been through it yet, but I understand your fear! I, too am overwhelmed with concern. Please let us know how it goes.
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Oh I am SOOOOOOO ANGRY for you! All you wanted was to care for your child! How can they suggest nightweaning so lightly? With healthy teeth now, that's not even a factor!)

We are probably going in for surgery next month for root canal/caps using same anesthesia as you. My first argument was
"we cannot go 24 hours w/o nursing!" I am glad that you were able to nurse very soon after, we will do the same. I am also very worried about how to go 4 hours the night before w/o bf?! I am a LLL Leader and also consulted the BF Answer Book-same answer you got, no need to go 12 LONG HOURS without nursing the night before!

Congratulations for sticking up for your baby and your beliefs. I am sure you are glad it is over!
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mindi, sounds like you indeed have your work cut out for you. As in, find another dentist!

This woman sounds like a real jerk. It sounds like you did a great job making the best of the situation, even though they didn't help you at all. And it's great that you chose for "not telling" them ~ that's just what they get when they play authority (gentle discipline confirmation here ).

At least he's all "clean" now. Maybe you can read the "brushing a toddler's teeth" thread to find some ideas about how to brush. And you can maybe try to get him to open his mouth again by playing games with food?

Can Pierce talk yet? Even if he says it was a good day, the waking up is proof that it wasn't. Is there a way you can find out what parts are bothering him, and then talk to him about how you'll do your very very best to make sure that never happens again? Like, if he's upset because he had to cry for you, you can maybe tell him that you wanted to go to him so badly, but the people in the hospital didn't understand how important that was, so now you'll always make sure his teeth stay nice and clean so that won't happen again.

I'm very happy for both of you that the ordeal is past, though. You have that famous (well, here in Dental anyway LOL) clean slate now, so it's like starting all over with that first tooth eruption again but without the teething pain.
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pioneermama, I hope the appt is over when you read this. YAAAYYYY!!!

How did it go?

And if you're sneaking a peek before going there, GOOD LUCK!!! I'll be thinking about you both
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Myra, thanks for sharing that. It sounds like they made the experience as positive as they could. Maybe you can post this office's name and number here, so other mamas in your area can use the recommendation?

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Simonee - thank so much for the support - it was great to see your e-mail tonight. You know, it went much better than I had imagined. My daughter is sore and has been upset on and off but all in all, things seem okay. I used some homeopathy and some rescue remedy and I believe that it helped. Frankly, I seem more stressed than my daughter. Thanks again for the support.

Wooby, if you'd like to chat about your daughter's situation or about sedation options (I researched like all get out) I'd be happy to chat with you. I know it can feel very scary and overwhelming. We can private message back and forth if you'd like.
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The Rest of the Story....

So Orion had his dental work done. It was pretty much as wretched as I feared it would be. I carried him into the surgery room- he freaked as soon as we walked in the door (hm- 10 degrees colder, everyone in masks, can't imagine why!) was sobbing hysterically by the time we got the table, sobbing hysterically as they put the mask on and sobbing hysterically after he passed out. The dentist did the six pulpotomies- there was never any doubt in his mind that was what he was going to do and I couldn't find another local dentist who was willing to at least explore the possibility of doing anything else, even though the decay wasn't to the nerve. Smilemomma- is this the trend? I heard more than once "that's the way we do it now; better safe than sorry".

He also got one other tooth filled.

He was awake and hysterical by the time I got back into the recovery area. The first words out of his mouth, "Mama they HURT me!" I wont' go into great detail about that whole experience other than to say I know a few RN's who could benefit from sensitivity training.

Since then, he's been in pain (ibuprofin helps for a few hours) and has spent at least two hours a night, in the middle of the night, screaming hysterically, inconsolable, unable to accept comfort (not even boobie juice!).

I'm deeply sad about the whole scene and almost wish I'd never done it at this point. Given how much pain he's in now, it would have perhaps been worthwhile to wait a little longer to see if he'd tolerate non-GA treatment.

Anyway. That's how it went. Lory

edited for coherence:
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Oh lory I don't know what to say, I'm just sitting here crying for you and your sweet Orion. I'm soooooooooo sorry that happened. Really really sorry.

It wasn't your fault. You did the best you could, and what you thought was best. But I'm so terribly sorry for you both. I hope that Orion will ever be able to believe you when you say that dentists are not supposed to be like that. I hope he'll outgrow this trauma.

I'm just really crying for you. I can't imagine how you feel. Please hug him for me, and hug yourself too. Maybe smilemomma knows if there's a way to file a complaint against insensitivity( or, more accurately, child abuse, just so that it doesn't happen to another baby.

smilemomma, i may need to stay away from this forum for a while. This terrible story will give me nightmares.
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Oh {{{{{{Simonee}}}}}}- thank you so much for your comfort and solace. I truly didn't want to put anyone off with my story; I just needed to share it and get some of it off my chest. I am sure that the vast majority of dental experiences are just fine; my older son has certainly never had any problems or fear around dentists. At least part of the problem with Orion is his immediate and deep terror of anything that looks like dental parephenalia. It's the sort of reaction that makes me wonder seriously about past-life regression. His initial couple exams were in a plain consult room with no equipment and he was just fine. he liked the dentist, was totally cooperative about having his teeth looked at, no problem. When we moved up to the room with The Chair, he flipped. I have no idea why; I have no fear of dentists, no one else in the family does either. Orion's is profound, even with no prior experience. So I think that colored the whole thing from the get go. I kinda feel like this is one of those situations where there just were no ideal resolutions. If he ever (god forbid!) ever has to undergo general anesthesia again I will share this story with the dr. and make sure that everythign possible is done to ensure that Orion doesn't have this level of trauma again.

(Miles really wants to add some smilies::: )
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Lory, I'm fully unable to get you guys out of my mind... but at least your last post adds an element of intrigue next to all the pain. How verbal is Orion? Can you talk to him about hte experience, or what scares him so much? The regression story is interesting, or maybe there is something like prescience? Like he's afraid because he knows he'll get a reason to be? I sometimes ask my dd things like if she remembers being in my belly or being born, but she says she doesn't. But I've heard that some children really do, and it wouldn't surprise me that those are the children with strong phobias that seem to be inborn.

I wonder if he didn't receive enough ga. That's just awful. I don't even want to think about it. Again, I know nothing else to say than how very sorry I am. Sweetness peace and calmness to all of you...

And Miles sure has a way with smilies
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Thank you, Christy. When I get tired and the board is one more obligation, I will think of "autumn so happy now".

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Oh, namama, I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner! I hope you found what you needed in the archives ...

How did everything go?
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Lots has happened since that post.

We ended up at the hospital (after the visteral/chloral hydrate combo didn't work at all --she woke up as soon as we put her in the chair) and thankfully avoided the pulpotomys. She just had about a dozen fillings.

We have since found a DDS who lets us hold her for procedures. She already lost part of a filling and amazingly sat happily in my lap while he drilled and filled...

What I learned:

there is a dentist out there for everyone. and if the one you're with doesn't suit...keep looking.

the dentist we found was less expensive, more compassionate and an all around better person... well worth the 2+hour drive!!

Happy new year to all!

And thanks for ALL of the support SMILEMOMMA you do us all a great service!

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Hurray! I'm so glad all went well!

Honestly, I'm always flattered when people post about how I've helped them in some way, but the best part of this board is being with other moms who are going through the same thing, who've experienced the other side, so to speak.

Blessings to you all!

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How is Orion doing now, Lory? Has he been able to process the whole experience?

{{{{{{{{{ Orion and Lory }}}}}}}}}


Hopefully he'll never have to do this again. Staff makes such a difference, I hate crappy nurses.

to you both
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oh, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your poor Orion I didn't see your post until now. How traumatic (for you as well). I hope he is healing well, emotionally as well as physically.
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Smilemomma and SDMummy- I can't believe you guys were perusing the dental boards on new years eve! tsk tsk!

(ok- in all reality I was playing a cuttthroat game of Sorry that Miles got for xmas with my dh and best friend so I can't say I was out really celebrating either)

I think Orion is ok with things now- sometimes he plays around with the concept of teeth needing some attention and says "let's go to the dentist now!" but we haven't been back yet for the followup exam so the acid test is still waiting. He's now going through a period of night terrors but I honestly couldn't say that the two things are related; I think he may have been edging into that phase when we had that whole thing done and maybe it just jumpstarted it a little faster? I only just realized that the nightwaking and flipping out thing has been intensifying over the past month (I'm kinda stupid that way) so I haven't looked into the whole night terrors qhestion yet. Otherwise, he's bright and shiny and uttterly cheerful and happy during the day. Terrifies me on a regular basis by maltreating those very expensive and breakable caps.

Am making an appt for Miles tomorrow as he seems to be developing a cavity in a molar but don't anticipate near the soap opera. (crossing fingers)

Thanks for checking back, Smilemomma. Sorry you lost your title so quick!
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