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Hi there! We're only 32 hours away from ds scheduled surgery. He's got just a runny nose, but thankfully it hasn't gotten any worse and he still shows no other symptoms.

In the morning I will be bringing him in to see our regular pediatrician, just for a pre-op check up to make sure that he feels that my son is well enough to have the G/A. I'm so very nervous that I want as many professional opinions as possible. The anesthesiologist will also perform a check up just prior to administering the medication. But, as always, two opinions are better than one!

I called the pediodontists office the other day to ask their opinion and let them know how much pain my son is in. They said as long as he's able to breath well and not too stuffy it should be fine. Also, they said that it's likely that there's some type of infection in his broken tooth if he's in this much pain. They prescribed an antibiotic to start ASAP and that would help also to reduce the chance of any bacteria entering his bloodstream during/after the removal of the tooth. Does this sound right?

I'm really on edge and cannot think of anything else right now. My husband and I will be so relieved when this is over. I am just focusing on the image of the Dr. coming out of the surgery and telling us that everything went well and we can go see him now in recovery. Please, please God.

I'll keep you posted.
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PB's mom - How'd it go? Did you go? How's he doing? How do you feel?

Sandbox - If I were a believer, I'd pray for you. Keeping my fingers crossed and thinking about you two is the best I can do, so I will. Good luck, and let us know how it went. I figure he should finally be out of this terrible pain in about 30 hours!!
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We got the go ahead!

Our pediatrician saw ds this morning and said he was in perfect health (aside from his dental woes) and felt that he was in fact healthy enough for G/A.

It's amazing how calming and wonderful our Dr. is. Just seeing him makes me feel better. I wish he could be there tomorrow morning.

Okay, so we have 20 hours to go....... I can't help but watch the clock. I am a wreck. But ds doesn't know it. As far as he knows we're just having a normal day. I really don't want him to know how upset I am about this. When he's in there tomorrow I will likely bawl my eyes out. I've been holding it back for over two weeks and I cannot keep the waterworks back much longer. I just want to see his sweet eyes open and hug me, his teeth to be all fixed up and bring him home and spoil him rotten. We have a tentative trip planned to the zoo on Sun. if he's up to it. It's his favorite place in the whole world. I think it would cheer all of us up. Hope he's feeling well enough.

Thanks for the good wishes.
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Our HAPPY ending!!!!

I just wanted to follow up our story here.

My 23 mo old son had his surgery thismorning. It was really, really hard. Much harder than I had imagined, and I thought I had prepared myself well.

That said, my little angel is now sleeping peacefully about 5 feet from me, safe and sound and none the worse.

Unless you're counting his teeth.....

We went in expecting one extraction and seven fillings, and came out with two extractions and five fillings. After taking x-rays (which they did not do until he was out) they found that there was no way to save another tooth. Both teeth taken out were due to severe decay and they were both upper eye teeth. My poor toothless babe!!!
The pediodontist said she could put in two false teeth to hold the spaces and cosmetically brighten up his smile. We have to wait until his two year molars come in though, which could be another year. I sincerely hope that they don't have to put him to sleep to do that procedure though.

We arrived early, nervous, and anxious I guess. No problem, the team was there and ready to go, so we started early. After speaking to the pediatric anesthesiologist and being very impressed I'll add, he gave ds a shot through his clothes to put him to sleep. Ds never saw or reacted to the shot and fell asleep quickly in my arms. It was very hard to watch his eyes glass over and then close. It was emotional and then some. Then we went to the O/R and I laid him on the chair, this frightened me so much. He was pale and limp and I wanted to vomit. I excused myself quickly so that they could get to work and I could go out to the waiting room with my husband and have a good cry. Thank God for my husband, he was awesome and much more composed than I, though I could tell he was very sad too.
We waited and talked for about an hour and then I actually saw him being moved to the recovery room and jumped up.. They let us in right away, and boy was I shocked.

I thought I knew what to expect, but it was more intense than anything I could have conceived. He was laying there shaking violently and sobbing, though he clearly was still asleep. He was pale and his mouth was stuffed with gauze.
Here's the thing that made me freak, when we walked in the anesthesiologist was on the phone and was saying something to the effect of "he's having some problems" I don't know who he was talking to or what it was about but it made me panic. I didn't know what to expect and for all I knew my son was having a seizure or something. The ped. was quick to assure me that this was completely normal and that he was doing fine. About a minute later ds starts to dry heave and we sat him up. Then the ped. recommended that I should hold him. After that everything was absolutely fine.

We stayed in recovery for awhile, the anesthesiologist took the I/V out and we stayed awhile longer. Ds was really out of it and we decided to take him home. He slept the whole ride home.

When we got home and laid him in bed he woke up and seemed really out of it. He started talking right away and hugging us! Let me tell you, this was all I needed!!!! My baby was back and I couldn't stop smiling.

He's had a bit to eat, and now he's sleeping nicely. Which incidentally is where I should be, but I have this need to get this off my chest. Sorry for the long story.

The only thing I'm worried about now, is that we aren't supposed to nurse for 24 hours. He hasn't nursed since 8:30 last night, and 24 hours after the surgery will be tomorrow, 36 hours since he last nursed. That's a long time for both of us. He has asked for it, but I have been able to distract him. At bedtime tonight it may be another story.
The reason for this is because the extractions need to clot securely. If he does any sucking of any kind the clots may come out and apparently we don't want that to happen.

To make matters worse, I can't find my pump!!! I haven't used it in awhile and God only knows where it is!

This too shall pass.....but I've never been more relieved. I finally feel closure on this whole, awful mess. He gets a clean slate, and we have learned a whole lot about taking care of the teeth he has left.

He's okay and that's all I ever wanted.

I couldn't have done it without all of the support and invaluable information I've found here. This is truly a wonderful board and I appreciate it so much, I won't be leaving anytime soon, that's for sure! Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

I need to get some sleep.......
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Mechelle, I'm so happy it's all behind you now! He sounds like he did just great.
HURRAY for Jacob! And Hurray for you, too, dear. Big hugs to you! Congratulations!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Mechelle and Jacob }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Oh My Goodness!!!! Music to my ears!!!

First of all, I cannot believe how quickly you replied!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! You are truly a Godsend and I cannot express my gratitude enough!

Okay, now, I get to nurse him when he wakes up!!!!!! That will complete the cycle for me, and really make my son ONE HAPPY LITTLE BOY!

You totally made sense about the suction thing. I think that this pediodontist doesn't know much about bf because although she definately wasn't judgemental she just assumed that it was like bottle feeding. She was really wonderful though, and her staff was incredible and supportive and talked me through the whole morning.

The only thing better would have been to come to your office!!!

Your thoughts and wonderful advice has given me such strength.

So, we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, You can come too, too, too!!!

I really laughed at that on the other post!!! I love Raffi and thought it was hysterical that you thought of that! Jacob will be sooooooo excited in the morning when we tell him he finally gets to see the elephants!!! He's been begging me all week, and I cannot be more pleased at how well he's recovering.

And, tonight we can nurse!!!!!!! That means we'll all get some much needed sleep too!!!!!

A very, VERY happy ending!!!
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Well, we've rescheduled for the 19th. the flu turned into a bad cold, and now we all have it. I've been pretty miserable. Peter is feeling much better, although he has been sleeping a lot, which is good for him.

I'm sure I'll be a basket case on the 19th. When my husband went in to have his wisdom teeth out, I almost passed out when I saw him after it was done. He was really drowsy because they put him out. I just couldn't stand to see him like that. And then another time when he was in the hospital for a bleeding ulcer, I felt the same way. The doctor was trying to explain to me what he was going to do, and I just needed to get out of there and go lay down. I thought they were going to have to admit me too!!

Now I'm wondering about this bacteria getting into the blood stream. Peter does seem to be in a little pain. The other day he pointed to his tooth and said "hurt". He did that a couple of times. Usually he doesn't say anything, but he does avoid biting with that tooth. Should I be concerned? Shoule he be on antibiotics?

Sandbox, how did it go???????? Please let us know.
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I'm so glad that everything turned out so well. I had you in my thoughts too. Cuddle up and have a really good nurse.
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I'm so happy for you, too.

Enjoy the zoo, and hug your brave little boy for me.
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Hi PB's mom, sorry to hear you are all sick now! Don't they always get sick at the worst times. You should all be better by the 19th though.

If he's saying it hurts, it probably does. I'd call the dentist back and see what they say. Mine decided that there was enough chance of infection that he ought to be on antibiotics, so we are.

You can check out our story under the heading "Our HAPPY ending", everything's fine now!

Keep us posted on your little guys surgery, we care and will say a little prayer for you! Before you know it, it will be over!
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No nursing for 6 hours prior to GA? We to in tomorrow

They say no nursing for 6 hours. This means nothing after 1:30 am. I am thinking that none of us will get much sleep tonight. Is this really necessary? The anesthesiologist called last night, and I told him breastmilk is more like water/juice that he is allowed to have up to 3 hrs before, but he said that it is still milk and they have had children come in and vomit curdled breastmilk.

Any suggestions for how to get through the night?

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pb's mom, i bumped an old thread for you that you might've already read before, but smilemomma has some info on there about nursing and GA. i have a friend not on these boards who recently had to go through this with her son and she said they had to spend much of the night before driving around in circles so he could sleep in the car and not have to nurse. the procedure went great, though, and he's doing well. i don't have any personal experience, but wish you all the luck in the world.

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My thoughts are with you, I know you are embarking on a difficult journey. You will get through it, with strength you didn't know you had. But somehow, when your little boy needs you, you muster up courage to be strong, and everything will be okay.

As far as not nursing, I don't have any hard facts for you. We were given the same advice, only an eight hour window. It was really, really hard, as ds usually nurses all night long. Not being able to offer water really messed us up, because he would usually be able to go back to sleep w/ a sip of water.

Not that night though. We ended up getting up for the morning at 3:00am. We were so exhausted but really running on fumes. It didn't matter that we were zombies, we were so nervous. So we watched a lot of TV and the morning came. We actually went to the dr.s early, just to get ds in his carseat, hoping he'd sleep.

I hope your night is peaceful, and snuggle that little guy close. I can completely understand where you are, I was there only 10 short days ago.

My prayers are with you and your son. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning, and wishing you a safe, quick, and easy recovery.
Give him a big hug from me, and my little guy.

edited to add: you CAN nurse right afterwards though!!! Don't let them tell you otherwise, it really is soothing for the little ones, and makes you feel like you're doing something good for him. Being that close made me feel so much better.
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Mary, I'm so sorry not to have seen your post last night, I hope all went well today. Please post again and let us know how y'all did, I know how long you all have been contemplating all this! I'll be thinking of you and Peter as well.

Mechelle, I just wanted to add that I got tears in my eyes reading your post. Bless you! You have even more to contribute to the moms who come here in a panic than I do; you've been there. Your kind, supportive words will mean more than anything. Thank you so much for coming back here, even though you've already completed your journey, to help others along the way. There is a special place in heaven for you, I know.

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Everything went very well!!! After reading the old thread, I decided to play it by ear and nurse DS if needed. He had taken a late nap, so he didn't go to bed until 11pm. He nursed at 1:30am, which was to be his last, but when he woke again at 3:15 I tried to get him back to sleep, but it wasn't working. He of course didn't want water or juice, and walking him around didn't work, so I nursed him and he went back to sleep. He woke again at 5:15, and I picked him up right away and walked him around. He fell asleep, and I was able to get him back into bed without him waking up (a miracle in itself). I got to take my shower, and he woke again shortly before we were to leave at about 6:15. They had moved the procedure up to 7:30, so that worked out well also.

They gave him a shot in the arm, since he couldn't see any "good" veins, and didn't want to have to poke around on him while awake. I got to hold him while he fell asleep. He cried a little because he was scared of what he was feeling. (I cried a little too). It only took a couple of minutes. They carried him away with his eyes still open, but he was "out of it". It took 2 hours and 15 minutes. The dentist told us he had 3 "root canals" and 4 crowns (or are they called caps?). He also had 2-3 other cavities in his molars, I think. The dentist kept referring to it as "defective enamel" He didn't say it was from the nursing. He said he saw pits in the teeth, and that was not usually caused from decay, but rather from defects when the teeth come in. I'm sure the nursing played a roll in the top front teeth being so bad, but I feel better knowing that there were other factors playing a part in all of this.

We went in while he was waking up. He was cuddled up on the nurses lap, but as soon as I got him, he was very squirmy and wanted to leave. He kept saying "Go out there" and pointed to the hallway. He wasn't crying. He just wanted to go home. He didn't shake or anything. I asked him if he wanted to nurse, but he didn't want to right then. I did nurse him in the car before we headed home. He was very off balance for several hours, and fell down a lot. I had to stay right next to him for awhile, but he didn't want to sit on my lap and watch TV or read like they said he would. Peter has never been one to sit still for more than about 10 seconds.

Tonight he is doing fine. Seems to be his old self, and very hungry. I prayed last night for a miracle, and I think I got it. It couldn't have gone much better. Thank you everyone for your support and for all of the good adivce!!

Smilemomma, I'm thinking about night weaning. I just feel that he'll have more problems if I don't. What do you think? Grandma and Dad still want to give him sugary foods and juice. He's already had all that bad stuff today since he's been home. We have been brushing twice a day and that is going pretty good. The dentist doesn't want to give us a topical flouride. I just think we have too many things going against us, and I don't want to go through this again. Still trying to decide what is best.

Thanks again everyone!!!!!
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Yeah!!!!!!! I was so glad to read that everything went well for your little guy!!!! I thought of you two all morning and knew that he would be okay, and you too!

Seems like everything went along just as planned, and that is good! It's so sad to be so young and have already had so much dental work!!! I keep thinking of my little guy as such a trooper!! He's so brave, well, they really don't know what's going on, but I still think he's awesome!

Night weaning is what we're facing now too. I just feel like I want to give ds as much of a chance as possible to not experience this again. Besides, my son is nearly 2 and I think we deserve a medal for going this long on demand! I will still nurse him a few times during the day, but nighttime is really for sleeeping! LOL, he doesn't think so!
Sounds like you have a similar parenting style to me, and that's why I want to offer this website:
He's a pro-bf, pro-co sleeping, very kid friendly pediatrician with some great ideas on night weaning. We are beginning the process, with some success. I really like his approach, and he really seems to GET IT as far as how attached bf babies and mom's are!

Just want to say CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done, I'm so happy to hear that he's all better now! You definately got your miracle!

Smilemomma- That was very sweet of you! I could never repay all of the positive influence I received during my time of crisis. I only want to try to help other Mom's find some solace during what is an incredibly stressful and emotional hurdle. Once over the hurdle everything seems easy to understand.
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Glad everything went to well for you and your little guy, Mary. I didn't see the thread till just now, but how's he doing now? I'm so happy the ordeal is over ~ I know it took a long time, but it must be nice that the pain is gone now.

We're going to face the same thing, more or less, in a few weeks. Did Dr Poiret do the "operation"? We'll see him in three weeks.

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4 year olds dental work tomorrow

My daughter is going under general ansthea (sorry...I can't spell) tomorrow for dental work. She had an abcessed tooth and seems to have 2 other cavities but won't even open her mouth to let the dentists look. I'm reasonably happy with our dentist...he will use composit fillings(although he charges $50 extra per tooth) and will let me into the recovery area (as long as there are no emergancies going on), and he tried several times to look at her teeth before suggesting general anisthea but he totally does not get why I'm still nursing her. So my question is....will I be able to nurse her after she gets done getting the dental work? I know they plan on removing the tooth that was abcessed and I just wonder about weather nursing would cause her to develop a dry socket?

I realize that you may not have time to get to my answer as the work is tomorrow but I figured it was worth trying....I feel like I'd get a more unbised answer here from you than from my dentist who doesn't understand nursing a four year old in the first place!
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thank-you! I am really reassured by your answer and appriciate the quick reply...we're off to the sergical center now
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Amnesia drugs for dental work

My 4 year old son had two molars extracted last week. I am very deeply distressed at the way the procedure was performed. I was misled about what would happen. I apologize in advance if my post seems a bit choppy, I am still very upset about this and thinking or talking about it makes my hands shake.

I was told he would be given a "light general anesthesia", the "light" part being an explanation as to why they could do it in their office, rather than in the hospital. I was told he would have an IV put in and would "go to sleep" and the anesthesia would wear off very quickly after the IV was removed. I was told I could stay with my son until he fell asleep and then he would be brought to me as soon as the IV was out.

It became clear while they were doing the procedure that there was a major communication problem: their definition of "sleep" is quite different than mine. I was told to leave the room while my son was still awake, aware, looking around, and talking. When I protested, I was told that the drugs were fast-acting and that he was "almost there." I insisted on waiting in the hall, rather than the waiting room, and therefore heard my son screaming as his teeth were removed. When I asked why he was not asleep, the assistant told me "He is asleep, he just doesn't realize yet." She assured me that he'd been given an amnesiac drug and would not remember anything.

I wrote a letter to the dentists when I got home that day, explaining how angry and upset I was. The dentist called the day he got the letter but I am not satisfied with our talk. I want to know exactly what drugs were in my son's IV, so that I can avoid a future "misunderstanding" with the next dentist we use. I asked him to send me copies of my son's records and we got them today, but they do not contain any information AT ALL about the actual procedure. There is only the information about our consultation and then about the phone call after the procedure.

My son does not seem to remember the procedure. When I ask him about his teeth or about what happened that day, he remembers only watching TV and seems to think the teeth just fell out. He is feeling much better with the teeth out and is healing fine.

I am still angry because this was NOT the procedure we chose for our son. I am not sure what other drugs he was given in his IVand I fear that he received no pain relief, only the amnesiac drugs. He was only in the room for five minutes. (It seemed like forever!) He was given nitros oxide. Does nitros offer pain relief sufficient for extractions?

Can someone please offer some insight into what may have happened? The dentist was not forthcoming, he continued to insist that my son was "asleep," and to defend the procedure. I really didn't care much about how valid he believes the procedure to be, I am more upset about being misled and lied to.

I wish I found this board before! Thanks in advance.
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