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Anyone not finding out the gender?

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I wont be doing a sonogram this time due to it not being covered by medical card at the birth center. I found out with my 2 boys and it was obvious they were boys on the sono!
So who else was or will be suprised?
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No peeking here either baby will be a :
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I'm not planning on it-- although I told DH that if he goes with me to the one u/s I'm planning on having Monday he can find out if he really wants to, but I don't really want to. If he doesn't go I won't find out.
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I don't want to find out, but dh refuses not to look. I am trying to get an earlier appt. so that he can't come to the US . I am hoping that the tech just won't look in that area if I say not to. That way Dh won't have a chance to see anything. We found out with ds and that was okay, but will probably be our last and I would like to do it my way this time.
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We don't peek...

My husband and I never peek either! We believe it is one of the last few surprises on the face of this earth and so we want to enjoy it.

We didn't peek with our two dd and enjoyed the surprise element the day they were born.

Totally off topic, but I responded to the bead swap on Wednesday the deadline I thought, but I haven't heard if I was able to be included. Can smeone check for me. Thank you!
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No - we won't find out either - it drives the "peekers" crazy!

I think people either can't wait to find out or thrive on the not-knowing.

I LOVED the surprise with DS although I had told everyone from the get go that if he wasn't a boy I'd be a monkey's uncle.

This time I'm getting strong girl vibes - but could be a boy with a lot of feminine energy - no problem there, my DS is an obsessed musician - so two artistic types will do fine by me. We'll just have to be careful about our retirement funds LOL.

Boys names are really hard for us - girls much easier.
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We're not finding out either. I'm very excited for this surprise!
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I really really don't want to know and dh really really does....however, since I'm not planning any u/s unless medically indicated I think I will win this one It will be interesting trying to figure out *two* sets of names since we have different ideas in that dept but I just love the idea of that *extra* surprise at the end!!
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We aren't finding out simply b/c we are wary of u/s--I DESPARATELY want to know, though!
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No plans for an ultrasound here, so we'll be pleasantly surprised! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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not us!

We are definately not finding out and seem to be in the minority no matter what group of pregnant women I'm talking to Nice to hear there are others like us.

We just feel like we're not supposed to know until nature tells us. And have you noticed that if you DO find out, people have to already start gender typing your child before birth?

I don't want excessively pink/girly stuff, or excessively blue/boy stuff no matter what.
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We aren't! No u/s...so no peeking.
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We didn't find out with ds, and we're not going to find out with this one either.
It's fun driving people nuts. Our family and friends are more concerned whether it's a boy or girl than we are, and I'm the one growing the baby!
Our midwife's kind of excited though, the last couple she delivered that didn't find out the sex was at least a year or two ago, so we're a fun change for her.
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I havent decided yet. I have an u/s scheduled to check out the bleeding I have been having on and off the whole pregnancy. We go back and forth over whether we want to know. I would love the surprise, but the suspense is killing me too. I know some people dont like the pink or blue, I just find it very hard to find gn stuff. It will be hard to resist the temptation of the u/s, so I am half hoping they cant tell and we are forced to wait
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We aren't finding out either! We didn't with our DD and we aren't going to this time around - much to the annoyance of my mother! LOL She SOOOO wanted to know with DD and she SO wants to know this time! LOL

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We're not having u/s unless it's medically necessary, so nope! And, I wouldnt want to anyway. Feels like cheating.
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Surprise, hopefully!

We didn't find out with DS, and don't plan to find out with #2. I am a bit tempted this time around, however. My husband is set on NOT finding out, even though we will have a level 2 US at the end of this month.

I was very committed to not knowing with Babe #1, but not feeling as committed to #2 as far as keeping it a surprise or not. BUT, then I think to myself "there are very few surprises left in life these days" so I am not debating the issue too much.

We'll love whatever we have!

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We aren't finding out. I most likely will not even have another ultrasound anyway.

I do want to know though, but the curiousity is not getting to me as badly as it was last time. I guess I just figure I will know eventually.
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Well I had the u/s today to check that everything looks good (and it apparently does) and they respected my wishes not to tell me (nor do they put it on their reports), so we are keeping it a surprise. DH decided not to go with me, too early in the morning, tee hee.
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not finding out here either. we like surprises!

though, when we went for the u/s, dh stepped out for a few minutes with ds and the tech. asked if we wanted to know, and for a half-second, I thought, hmmm.... he'll never know... but can I really not tell him for the next 20 weeks or so...?
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