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My ribs hurt!

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This baby has been moving into a different position the past two days, and it hurts so much! She's pushing up into my ribs on the right side, and already that whole side is bruised. I know I know.. it was bound to happen and I should be used to it because my other two did this MUCH earlier...but i forgot how painful it is! I can't even consontrate on anything because its just so aggravating.
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I'm sorry mama 's. I certainly know a lot about pain during pregnancy. It sucks. Not only do you have the normal discomforts, but adding pain on top of that just isn't fair!

I hope she moves down a little for you soon!
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When she drops, your ribs will feel better...but your bladder won't! :nana:

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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I went to a chiropractor last week in horrible pain - I have been seeing him on and off since I got pregnant. He asked me if I had fallen or anything and he said that two of my ribs had moved and all the tissue around was inflamed. Said was from the baby moving. Also I have popping noises in my pelvis and midwife and chiro say it is baby kicking ligaments...

So much fun!!!

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I can relate to the right sided rib pain. My little one's been doing that to me for the last couple of weeks. There are times when I can either be lying down or standing up but sitting is not an option or my ribs take a beating.

Hang in there, mama!
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I think my baby bruised me from the inside on our way back from my shower. He stuck his foot out right under my ribs, and held it there. For a very long time.

But it's not usually the top of my belly that hurts, but my pelvis. Walking, rolling over in bed (that's the worst!), moving in general. I think there might be a touch of sciatica in there now too. Is all this pain normal? The ribs, and the pelvic, and such? Is pregnancy supposed to hurt this much?? Now I understand why mamas are so eager to have their babes by the end!
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Seph-- My Dr. and chiro both agree that this pain is normal . I don't have pubic symphisis pain-- I guess the pain I am feeling is just the weight of the baby on either side of my crotch, where my hips join together. Ick!!!

I am thankful my baby isn't AS abusive to my body as some of yours!!! He is very squirmy and kicks alot, though. Yesterday at dinner I was leaning forward to talk to hubby, and my ribs felt really weird, like I had rested them against something and tweaked them. They didn't hurt, they just felt "full". I very easily palpated the baby's back just below my ribs! That would be why my heartburn is getting worse, though I haven't experienced any shortness of breath yet (although DH says I am VERY short of breath lately: Igues I don't notice it).
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