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I got into babywearing by accident, LOL. I was given a Snuggli as a baby shower gift and I thought it was cool. Little did I know that dd would live in it for 3 months! She had reflux and needed to be upright after feedings and she was in pain and wanted to be held all the time. So I got to researching and discovered babywearing. I think more people dont do it for 2 reasons:
1. they dont know about it
2. they are scared of "spoiling" their baby

Where I live it is common to see kids being hauled around in car seats and strollers and I get weird looks from people when dd is in the mei tai or pouch. The only time I didn't get weird looks was when we in Mexico, lots of moms wear their babies beucase it's how they get things done. Lots of people from churhc were always telling me I was spoiling my daughter and that she needs to learn now to be held all the time but you know what, sh is 19 months and wants to be independant all the time, I love hte moments when she is tired and I get to put her in the mei tai or pouch for naptime. And the kids that were hauled around in car seats all the time seem really clingy and more dependant!
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I SO love wearing my kids - and I'm still wearing them both, ages 3 yrs.(ds) and 14 months (dd). They both love the Maya Wrap. I use my solarveil in the shower for dd. My Mei Tai has gotten a lot of use with ds while dd is in the Maya. And now I have an ERGO so that ds can get up and down more easily when he decides to look at stuff and then get back on. We want to conceive #3 as soon as dd cuts back the night nursing a little and I am fertile again....my concern is how will I wear three????
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I love babywearing. Too much sometimes (according to DH) because I have a lot of carriers (wrap, ergo, mei-teis, pouches, etc.) and DH I wore my son for an entire year every where without ever using the stroller. But now he weighs over 20 pounds, only likes the front carry in the Ergo, and whips his head around to see everything so much in the Ergo that it's hard to keep my balance and after a long day my hips start aching. He can't fall asleep like he used to when he was smaller, and if he wants out and I need to do something (like pick up packages, shopping, pay for the bus, put my coat on etc.) he could toddle off and it's dangerous and scary. (We live in London.

Enter our umbrella stroller, a simple but fully reclinable MacClaren. Dusted it off and it's great. We stuff the Ergo in the basket underneath just in case. It's not huge or heavy. I carry it myself up and down train platforms in London, and people help me every time. It fits in tiny shops and I can buy stuff without having to have both hands full teetering around worried that I'll trip wearing the baby cause I can't see my feet. Best of all, my son loves it! Maybe it's all new and a novelty right now, but he kicks his feet and smiles at everyone and can fall asleep in it great.

DH and I still wear DS every single day, in the house, short trips around the neighborhood, local playgroups but for all-day outings across town, the stroller wins every time, even when faced with the challenges of public transportation.

I never thought I'd even consider the stroller an option, I thought I had wasted my money! But I can see now that it's very useful. Maybe I need some lessons on how to do it all? I'm sure it would be different if DS liked the Ergo back carry.

I cannot imagine wearing my son and a new baby. You moms who can are amazing!!! My plan is to wear #2 (TTC now) for a year+ and DS gets the stroller/walks if safe. If someone else lives in a big city with 2 kids and doesn't drive and has any tips on how to get around without a stroller let me know!!

As far as the rest of mainstream society goes, in my non-AP mom's group of 10 babies, 8 were worn in Bjorns/Snuggly-type carriers until about 3 months. 2 moms couldn't because of hip/back disorders. So I do think it is catching on.
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I think that many people will see the small selection from Babies R Us or Target and think that they're ugly, too expensive, and bulky. My bil and his wife had twins and borrowed some slings. They never used them though and when I looked at the slings, they had buckles inside of them to keep baby from somehow falling out, a thin strap that dug into the shoulder, padded, and they were pastel colored. Who wants to wear that? I think the Baby Bjorn is the nicest looking that's available at the store but it's sooo expensive at $80. Can you imagine if BRU or Target started selling Hotslings, Zolowear, or something similar? They wouldn't be able to keep them in stock!

You should see the stares and hear the compliments when I used to wear my Hotslings sling everywhere. Everyone loved it. When new babe is born in a few months, I'm going to make some very similar slings in trendy fabrics to match different outfits. Wish I would've known about nice slings five years ago.
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I use my slings for short trips but dd doesn't like being so restricted and I don't like lugging her around. (she was a heavy baby). She is much more comfortable in her stroller and it is handy for throwing shping bags, snacks and what not. I have never really figured out how to comfortably carry my child, diaper bag, purchases and a nice cup of coffee (a must for truely leisurely shopping). Often I would leave my stroller outside and pop her in the sling or let her walk in the store. but Especially at the mall once they hit about 6 month we were both digin the stroller. Slings are handy for me fo short trips but anything more than 10-20 minutes really begins to wear on us both.
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I found my stroller came in really handy for all the shopping bags! [grin]

There is too much baby stuff out there; it's a huge market and people with new babies just gobble it up (I know, cause I did). You don't need most of that stuff, and that includes those Lincoln Towncars that haul too many babys around.
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I wore my DS almost exclusiely for about 18 months - now very litte as he's 30 pounds, I'm pregnant and if I wear him nowadays I can't do anything when I get home - too exhausted.

When I was a babyweareer (and it's what I'm most looking forward to about having another baby) a lot of people would stop me etc - but many voiced concerns that it was making my DS clingy and wanting to be held too much. Lots of people said things about how I could do it with a firt child, but I'd "eed" a swin for #2 becasue you just can't let a baby get that attached when you have a toddler.

Since I've been behind a stroller (and it's a very lil one) I have to say I've gotten better at getting through doors - but I can't wait 'til Ds can hold my hand and I can sling the baby and we can be free again!
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I bought a sling before my first child was born -- it was like having diapers or blankets on my list of "baby things." I was going to sling my babes until they were as tall as I am! But ...
I found that I physically could not wear my babies around - not 12 and 11 years ago with my first two nor now with my 8 month old. I've had chronic back issues since adolescence and no sling in any position works for me without me being in extreme pain after about 10 minutes of wearing baby. So, instead of beating myself up, I just sat/sit down a lot more with my baby in my arms!
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i was planning on babywearing from the get-go, but ended up just carrying her in arms for the first 12 weeks. we got the new native and she hated it. we got the nojo and she hated it. i'm not one to give up, so the mamababy sling arrived today. well, 2 of them. and she loves it! i am soo stoked that i'll have 2 hands around the house now! she likes to face forward and the mamababy works great. the others were too constricting for her, i think. who knows? anyway, i'm just so happy i can finally wear her in and out and about . it is a shame there isn't some store or something where you can go try out different shapes and sizes to see what the baby likes best. i've found shopping online for things like wraps and cloth diapers to be difficult. still on the perfect cd hunt...
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New to this babywearing thing. I bought a used rebozo, and I hope to use it on baby #4. I remember using the denim snuggli *years* ago, and now I'm a SAHM, so hopefully this will work out. I found a web site that told about how to use this rebozo. Anyone use this type of wrap before?


Thanks! Lynn (South Texas)
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Why I don't babywear alot

Hi there,

I know for myself, I would like to wear my baby more often than I do. My son is now 8 weeks old and I've only worn him out on a few occassions, however, those few times have been wonderful.

Why haven't I babyworn more often? When I travel by car and am going to just "pick something up" at the store (i.e. I will be there less than 10 minutes) its easier just to haul him around in the car seat (or baby bucket as someone here called it). If I feel its too icey out and safety is an issue I take the stroller (unless the snow gets in the way). Also, with the dropping temperatures I really have to bundle the little guy up (even for car rides) and am left with bundles of little clothes to haul around with me once inside the mall.

If I'm going to be out for a long time and am taking the bus, I'll take the stroller. However I hate the fact that I displace 3 people on the bus with the monster. Once winter is over and he is not as floppy, I'll look into getting a smaller, umbrella-style stroller.

On the plus side...I'll never enter a fabric store without my sling in hand. I get tonnes of smiles and compliments when I wear my little guy in a sling or ABC out in public. A sling is a MUST in any environment where there are lots of people and few chairs (i.e. holiday parties)

Any suggestions as to how to sucessfuly wear baby during a Canadian winter??

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I didn't babywear for long when my dd was a baby. After 7 months I threw my back out because of it and couldn't walk for 3 weeks. I couldn't stand up straight and had to live with my parents. I had a disc problem and I realize that I shouldn't have tried to use it.
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I think most people just dont know about it. And when they do, they may think all babywearing is Bjorns, Snuglis and "those hippies wearing slings" (to quote a family member!). I think more people would buy if they could see them and be taught how to correctly use the carriers, its hard to plunk down such a big chunk of change on something online, especially if you are not sure about how to use it or things like that. We need like tupperware parties or something equivillant!
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I get alot of positive comments when I am out and about using my sling. I can't go anywhere without it. I hear alot of comments "oh I wish they had those when my kids were babies.." I always want to say they did!!! But I just smile. One time I was at Busch Gardens and a teenage boy (working there) came over to me and told me how much he admired me for using my sling, turns out he just came back from a trip from Africa where slinging babies is a way of life and said he wished more parents used them here (meaning in the US). I was so happy to hear such great comments from a teenager.

As for why others don't use them, I agree with the other pps, I just don't think they know about them. Thank goodness for LLL!!!!
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Any suggestions as to how to sucessfuly wear baby during a Canadian winter??
Get a big coat and sling baby under it. That's what I do. We don't have a car, so walk or bus everywhere. The only time I take the stroller is if we're going to WEM or have a bunch of stuff that would otherwise need to be carried. Ds2 likes kangaroo carry in a maya type sling, but that doesn't really work under a coat, so I use a wrap and tummy to tummy position when out. He loves it. Wore him for nearly 12 hours (minus nursing, eating and changing) one day last week.
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I know I don't wear my baby more because my first try was a Maya Wrap and after one month I still can't figure it out - DS doesn't like it. I then bought a Nojo since I am a Dr Sears fan and DS doesn't like that one, either, though I like it more than the Maya. I think I would benefit from some hands-on instruction.

I really wish I had the money to keep looking for something that works because I think it would make life easier!
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The more you wear, the more people who will wear. I learned about slings in '93 because I saw a guy at the grocery store with his baby and he very kindly answered my questions.

I walked around the grocery store pretending that my hood was a sling and seeing if I could "wear" the cans I was buying. (At age 13! )
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The only time i use a stroller is if im goimg on a power walk we have a double jogging stroller and 6 and 3 yr old ride in that while baby gets to ride in the baby wrap any other time the stroller gathers dust in the closet.
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I LOVE my sling (ok- slingS! Can you really have just one?!?!) but here are a few reasons people don't use them or people use strollers occasionally:

Disclaimer: I am SURE that there are people on this board who sling despite all these things, I'm just saying that for SOME people, these might be issues :

1. Baby weight and sling type. A really big baby or a toddler can get very heavy and put strain on shoulders and back. This can usually be fixed by sling adjustment or a different kind, but as others have said, there's not a lot of info in the mainstream about varieties of slings, and many of the more popular slings (like bjorn) are not super versatile.

2. Shopping ease. I admit, I stroller in the mall because of the basket under the stroller. I can toss coats, diaperbags, and purchases under there. If I wore a sling, I'd have to carry it all in addition to the baby. Too much!

3. Baby starts walking. Then they want in-out-in-out, up-down-up-down. The stroller is easier for frequent baby releases.

4. Weather. Somedays, slinging in the south in summer is just too dang hot .

Personally, I used my sling all the time when ds was an infant- I had him in a sling anywhere from strolling down the block to holidays in the synagogue to parties! If you don't have to worry about carrying baby paraphenalia, nothing beats the sling for babies- anytime, anywhere. But occasionally, we have found the stroller to be very helpful when babies/toddlers are no longer quite so easily portable or there is lots of junk to carry.
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I saw a woman at Target today who had a newborn in her arms, what looked like a 3 year old and what looked like an 18 month old. I wanted to run to my car, get my sling and give it to her!!!! She didn't seem to be having too much trouble but she was carrying the baby around the store in arms. I spent the rest of the time there wondering if there was a tactful way to approach her. Had her 3 year old not been giving her problems about what toy he wanted to buy, I might have struck up a conversation.
I love wearing my sling at quick places, like going into the bank, etc. I used to hate carrying the bucket, but now I *H*A*T*E* carrying the bucket. KWIM?? I don't even carry it inside anymore; since my daughter was brand new I was taking her out of it to bring her inside the house.
I also have a travel system and have used it exactly twice with the new baby. Once at the mall and once when I went to make copies at Staples. Both were mistakes and I learned quickly that a sling is easier. The only thing I miss is being able to put my cup in the stroller and also being able to shove bags into the bottom of it. Maybe we can invent a sling with a cup holder?? lol!!!
So I usually have a sling inside the car, and one in the house that I use when I take ds to the bus stop. I have a Maya that I keep in the car, then the other is an ultimate baby wrap. I'm about to either purchase or attempt to make a pouch so I can use it in the house. The UBW is nice but after not too long it loosens and sags (with me anyway). Plus I'd like something I don't have to adjust at all; something I can just throw on.
I just wish more people were doing it! I agree, the more we wear them, the more people will wear them. People ask me all the time about my sling.
My sister has a baby 10 days younger than mine; I want to get her a sling so bad! I don't know if she really wants one though. When we were at the mall not too long ago I put her son into mine to see how he'd like it and he did fine. Not sure if she's ready to convert yet though I have to admit as wonderful as it would be to walk beside my sister, both of us wearing slinged babies; I'd feel kinda dorky heheh!!!
Take care,
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