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Could it be twins?

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Hi all,

I am in my 6th week.

This is my 2nd pregnancy. The 1st was wonderful, no morning sickness, felt great.

This time around I have morning sickness and my tummy really puffs out at night (surely I can't be showing yet???).

Anyways, could this be a sign I'm having twins? I am a twin and my husband is a twin (my twin sis married his twin brother too).

Twins run on both sides of the family, are my chances pretty high?

Do women carrying twins get morning sickness more than single pregnancy's?

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In general, moms of twins definitely have more morning sickness than moms of singletons. I am 32 wks pg with twins, and I first felt nauseous literally 3 days after conception (everyone thought I was making it up). Many moms of twins lose weight in the first trimester due to being so sick. Of course, there have been plenty of moms of singletons with terrible m/s too! I do know that the degree of m/s can vary between pregnancies regardless of how many babies you are carrying.

As for the genetic factors, it depends on what type of twin you are (fraternal or identical). Fraternal twin women are 5 times more likely to have twins than non-twins. Identical twins are supposedly not genetic, it's just a fluke thing that happens, and thus your chances wouldn't be increased. The fact that your husband is a twin, while being very cool in my opinion, does not affect your chances of having twins. This is because fraternal twins happen when two eggs are released from your ovary (or one from each ovary), and the fact that your husband is a twin would not cause your body to ovulate two eggs. So, basically, as far as having twins in your family, if there are fraternal twins on your mother's side of the family, your chances are increased for having twins.

The only for sure way for you to find out if you are having twins is to have an ultrasound.



p.s. I also think it's extremely cool that your twin married your husband's twin! What fun family get-togethers you must have!
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Hi, thanks for posting.

Well my mom had 3 sets of twins in this order:

- boy and girl
- girl and girl (fraternal)
- girl and girl (identical)

(no fertility drugs involved!)

On my husbands mom's side she had one set of fraternal.

Lots of twins going on here!

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I'm in the same boat! I'm in week 13 or so, and am also kinda pouching out much more. (and went from not nauseous with dd1 to pretty sickly now) I'm one half of fraternal twins.

The genetic part is this: some women pop more than one egg at a time sometimes. These can results in fraternal twins. This is partially genetic. So what both our mothers had, we could have too

What your dh's mom does, has nothing to do with it. Only number of eggs popping per cyclus is genetic, and obviously through females only.

We'll both see
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I just wanted to say WOW!Your mom had 3 sets of twins!????I actually think she is very blessed!BUSY but blessed!
Simonne I didnt know you are a twin?Man the ?'s I could ask you!
It seems you too domestic goddess!
Yes mothers carrying twins do have an increase in morning sickness,as well usually are large for dates

Good luck to you all!
P.S I should note that frat twins only 'run in famalies'
Everyone has the same chances of concieving id twins.The numbers increase the older you are.

Mommy to id twin girls.
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Carrying a girl also causes you to have more morning sickness than carrying a boy. (Or so they say, and that seemed to be true for me.) I also felt "puffy" really fast with my girl. Is your first child a boy?
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I did not have morning sickness with my twins but I did start showing early. I "knew" right away too. My SIL has twins and she also did not have morning sickness. my cousin is pg with twins and she said she did have bad morning sickness her first trimester but that she feels good now (I think she's almost 20 weeks)
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My first child was a boy. I guess all I can do is wait to have an ultrasound.
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