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Our appointment was great! I'd never been to this practice, but it was highly recommended by a friend. The hygienist and dentist were wonderful - showed Julian (almost 3 yo) everything, explained what everything did and let him hold things (ie, the water squirter) and try them out, even gave him sunglasses to wear so the light wasn't too bright for his eyes. He was a total model patient; it was a riot! Initially they said they'd only do as much as he was comfortable with, but since he was doing so well all of his teeth got cleaned and checked. They are in great shape. He got an Arthur toothbrush, some toothpaste, and got to pick a prize from the prize box, all of which he proudly carried around for several hours afterwards.

Thanks again for the tips! I think talking about our visit beforehand helped make it a fun experience.
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Glori Hallelujah!

Thanks to Smilemomma and all her advice!

My co-sleeping still-nursing 3 year-old had her first dental visit today, and she has NO CAVITIES! I can't stop telling her how proud of her I am.

I mention this hear, because Smilemomma's advice over the last few years has played a role in my decisions--

Thank you.
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Rosebud, thank you so much for posting this! Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed with the need here on the board, as well as my patients, family, etc, and a post like yours makes me glad I can offer some support.

Thanks for making my whole week!

And tell her that *I* am so proud of her, too, a cyber-dentist-momma with two little girls (and a boy) of my own. Big, big hugs to her, and to you, too! Keep up the good work!

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That is so fantastic! What a great report! Give Julian a big hug from the cyber dentist!!

What a wonderful gift he has now, comfort at the dentist. Awesome. Sounds like you've found a wonderful dentist, too. Hurray! Thank you for coming back to tell us how it went!

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My 6 year old just had his 1st filling and as long as you have a nice patient dentist everything should go o.k., he didn't even have to use novaciane or gas while doing his fillings, such a brave little boy.
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What does very early decay look like??


I have a 2 1/2 year old (who is still night nursing.) His teeth look great but I've noticed the teensy-ist hint of yellowing to two of his front teeth, the one's next to the incisors, not the two "rabbit teeth" as I call them.

Anyway, we are just now going to switch to Tom's flouride toothpaste but i am still in a state of "panic" about whether or not he may be having some decay and just not realize it.

We eat whole foods, he has no sugar except for the occasional three raisins at breakfast which we then brush after.

On a side note: isn't it true that as soon as we get past one issue of worry we leap into the next. Just a string of worries, worries worries.

Thanks for listening......
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And yes, I laughed out loud when my sil said she couldn't wait for her baby to be born so she could stop worrying! I told her, first it's the conception, then the birth, then are they eating enough/too much, pooping enough/too much, walking on "schedule", eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, playing with nice children, having good teachers, a safe route to school, the stranger down the street, the maniacs on the road, the .... LOL!

Who was it that said, "having a child is momentous; it is the decision to allow your heart to walk around outside your body".
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Thanks Smilemomma.

I'll go ahead and make an appt for DS. The ordeal du jour is that DS cannot stand the tast of Tom's strawberry. OMG, he made such a scene out of his distaste in what we put on his toothbrush!!! You'd thought we'd given him poop! Anyway, are there any other fluoridated non-saccharined toothpastes out there which aren't mint???

Yes, famous words of the pregnant mother....I said the same thing. Boy, can't wait: to get to the "maniacs on the road" stage of worry.

peace and happy brushing,
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nervous about dentistry

i've searched this board to get up the courage for our first DDS appointment.

i'm feeling a bit better but the truth is: i simply do not trust dentists. (i worked for a dentist for a long time and found out the hard way that she was very dishonest and took advantage of people's trust for their money...)

so now i must take dd in with me. i found a well respected DDS who hasn't used mercury for 20 years, i hear he is as close to holistic as they come.

we are very serious about x-rays, only if extremely necessary. What is the best way to present this to a new DDS? Some say x-rays or the highway.

dd is 22 months and has a little crater in one tooth that gets filled with stuff and her front teeth are tricky to brush she has a tight frenulum we do manage to brush twice daily. she has never had refined sugar and she rarely has any sweets or juice (watered down). i was living in lala land and didn't brush her teeth at all until she started eating solids around 10 months, i'd let her chew on a tooth brush once in a while but didn't really brush.

she does night nurse and i think i'll casually leave that out. especially since dh has perfect teeth (no decay at 34) and my teeth are not that bad.

thanks for reading... i feel better just writing this down!
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How old to start at dentist?

What is the recommended age to start taking a baby to the dentist? Ds is 14 mo.s old and has 4 teeth and is popping through his first molar this week I believe. We're trying to make decisions as to if he should be included on our dental plan for this next year. It sounds like he should looking at the other posts. Any ideas?
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My dentist ( a pediatric specialist) recommends first check up at age three unless you have obvious problems. You should brush teeth daily from the time they appear - no need to use toothpaste on little ones, just a good brushing with water is fine.
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Our dentist recommends the first visit when they have ten teeth on bottom and ten teeth on top. I think it will be earlier than 3 for us because at 9 months (today!) she has 4 on top and 4 on bottom.
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Oh, yes, Tom's has a bunch of different flavors. Orange, anise, fennel ...

Good luck!
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There's a thread in the Archives titled "first dental visit" that has a lot of info, like the AAP recommendations (and my own, hee hee!).

It's very individual. My own dd had not a single tooth at one year, and I've had patients in the OR with major dental work at 18 months, so 3 is often too late.

Hope it helps!
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When should children see a dentist?

I feel that I have been negligent by not taking my boys for a dental exam...they are 7.5 and 5.5 and have never been seen by a dentist!

We watch their brushing habits and all seems to be well so far, they have beautiful teeth, no problems. My 7.5 yo now has several permanent teeth and I plan to take him in soon for a check up. I don't plan to have floride treatments, just x-rays and a basic check up.

Anyway, what is the typical or suggested age to take a child for their first dental visit? Have I done them a disservice by waiting so long? I have a severe dislike of dentists (no offense smilemama...bad experiences when I was younger) and I don't want to pass that on to my children.


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I think the academy of pediatric says age 3? but the dentist's association say age 1 I think...maybe 2...but younger then the AAP. Smilemomma will know...she's said in the past how awful it is that peds say to wait too long! I think some of them think of baby teeth as disposable. Of course if there's no problem then you're fine...but if there had been a probelm it's always easier to fix sooner rather than later. (I know two people at 18 yr old and 21 yr old who each needed between 25-35 fillings each when they went for their first visits at those ages...). I have awful teeth so I will try to find a dentist I like and take DD early...she just got her first two teeth.
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My PED suggested no earlier than age three. By 3 you can explain to them what is going on and they squirm less. So this is when we wil ltake Kailey. Right now we brush morning and night.

I guess mym only concern(if I waited until 7) is how would I know if my child DID have a cavity? Sometimes cavities don't hurt antil they are really bad.

But, you know your children

PS~ I completely understand your fear of dentists!
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Do you go with your dc at the dentist?

Yesterday my dd, 5, had a checkup at our NEW dentist, emphasize new bc I think it makes a difference. When she was called back by the hygeinist, I got up too. The woman started right in abt how I was not invited back, kids do so much better w/o parents, its distracting, it makes them think st bad is going to happen, blah blah blah. I mean she went on and on abt it. I told her sorry, I was coming, if you dont want me, that raises my radar, so to speak. She let me come, but I could tell she was pissed. Of course, then dd starts to fuss and whine, of course, bc she was nervous, and the hygenist is like, rolling her eyes a little, and doing the I told you so thing.

dd is scared of the dentist thanks to one bad exp we had last year, at a different place. She was really nervous, and if I had not gone with her, I think she would have gone if forced, but been really scared, so I didnt even think twice abt wether or not I would go back. Also bc this was our first time, I mean I dont know these people, why would I let her go back w/o me?

Then the hygenist keeps asking abt school forms, which I tell her we dont have any, ect, well she keeps pushing it, so I had to admit we homeschool. I did NOT want this woman to know this, bc I feel like we just fit her profile for overprotective mother thing.

Anyway, am I too paranoid? Do you all go back with your dc?
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Yes, I do go back with my 6 and 3 year olds. My son has special needs, so I use this as an excuse (and I schedule their apt at the same time so we just all go back together) but the office does not mind at all. We have a terrific dentist and the staff is also very nice and accomodating. Maybe there is another ped dentist in your area?
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I always go back if possible (I can only think of one time it wasn't and that was when I had my other three kids with me). Her not wanting you there would raise a huge red flag for me. I'm glad you went!
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