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Warning: Go in the back at the dentists

I don't know if this has been dealt with, but what I heard this week appalled me, so I wanted to share it. I am a child therapist. I was doing an intake with a mom and little girl. The mom told me a story about taking the little girl to the dentist for the first time when she was 4. The people working in the office discouraged her from accompanying the child back to the chair, and mom reluctantly stayed in the waiting room. After a few minutes, she decided that she felt too uncomfortable turning her little one over to strangers, so she just marched in the back. She found her four year old restrained in a chair in a staight-jacket-like device. The little girl was terrified, but too afraid to scream for her mom. The mom passed another exam room with a little boy restrained in a chair crying. I think this is nuts! No wonder they did not want her back there. I can't imagine how hard it is to work on a little one's teeth, but this is uncalled for. Don't ever let any medical professional tell you that you "can't" be with your child, unless he is unconscious and in surgery, then wait by the operating room door. People think it is ok to do things to kids that they would never dream of doing to adults.
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I have a friend who, as a kid, once started when the dentist's tool slid off her tooth into her gum--you know, jumped a little from the pain. And he slapped her for it. This was in the 70s.
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I think that any reputable dentist will allow or even encourage parents to stay with their child at all times. We have an excellent pediatric dentist that all of my kids love. He and his staff are friendly and kind. There is a small table w/chairs set up next to each examining chair for the parents. They treat the kids with respect at all times. The rooms are large with two examining areas in each and each has a TV suspended from the ceiling so the kids can watch a show or a tape to give them something else to think about.

I am appalled to think that there are such horrible things going on. How sad. I hope the mom reported the abuse to the ADA and even the police. No one should be restraining children like that!
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I couldn't imagine leaving my dd alone with a dentist, doctor, teacher, or any adult I don't already know, for that matter!
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That's incredible! My family dentist (who recently retired) gave my brother and I our check-ups and treatments while we sat in our mother's lap! He wouldn't have had it any other way. However, it was tricky for them to explain to me why, at the age of 5, I couldn't sit in my mom's lap while she was getting HER teeth cleaned.
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Oh, this brings back such horrible memories. When I was four years old (1982,) I was sent to a pediatric dentist to have a cavity filled. They took me in the back without my mom, strapped me down hand and foot, and all I remember after that is someone leaning over me saying, "Do you like Straw-berrr-eee?" and me saying, "N-n-n-no." Mom heard me screaming. I came out with marks on my wrists and ankles. I now have recurring nightmares about that trip to the dentist.

It gets better. Our regular dentist was a real quack. Ended up in a mental hospital after his wife AND his receptionist left him. But before that, he decided to pull my four front teeth on the top before they were even loose. Without anesthetic. He told me to pull on his right arm if it hurt. He was pulling my teeth out with his right hand. The logical consequences of pulling on his arm did not escape me. He was also pulling off insurance fraud by pretending to give fillings. He said my sister needed a filling, booked an appointment, took her in the back, gassed her, and she came out with no filling. Apparently, there was no cavity in the first place, but our insurance sure got the bill.

I still have problems going to the dentist. I haven't been in two years. When I was a teenager, there was an episode where I had some sort of flashback and wouldn't open my mouth at the dentist's office. It was really bad. But there are some good dentists out there. My brother-in-law is one, and his dad is another, but they live in another state, so I'm still half-heartedly looking for a gentle dentist.

Do go in the back with your child. If the dentist doesn't want you to, run like mad and don't look back. Haven't you all seen "Little Shop of Horrors?"
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When to go to the dentist

My son is almost six years old and has never been to the dentist. His teeth have been looked at by dental assistants that came to visit his school. They say his teeth look good. I'm in the school of thought that if there is not a problem don't fix it. But I am starting to feel a sense of guilt by not having him see the dentist. Should I go ahead and do it? What is the recommended age a child should see the dentist? When do you recommend the first x-ray? How long can I postpone X-rays? Thanks...
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I think I'd go just to make sure there is no problem that needs to be fixed. Aside from the security, I think it'd be nice if his first impression of dentistry were a positive one

And I figure you can get away with no x-rays if his mouth looks healthy overall, but smilemomma will probably disagree
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Great I'll invite you to my next party, smilemomma. Halloween party, that is
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Thanks to everyone who replied to my thread. I am going to make an appointment with the dentist first thing on Monday morning.
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First visit...

Hey, All! Ok, so if someone could direct me to (what I'm sure has already been addressed) a thread that entailed "what to expect on baby's first visit". Actually, my Lily is just turned two and it's time to go. I have had better results with getting her to brush since I read some of the posts here. THANK YOU!

I have given her LOTS of juice, but diluted down to about 1/3 j. to 2/3 water. I have also been having better luck with straight water again. (thank Gods!) I am leaning toward cutting out milk (even though I've had her on goat's milk for almost a year) because of probs with phlegm and drainage (she's in dayscare). As well as just wanting to eventually eliminate dairy. (the girl thinks that cottage cheese is cheese-doesn't eat regular cheese!)

I know that I don't want to her to have fluoride. Don't see the point in applying toxic waste to my child! But what about sealants? I am leaning toward NOT, because I am just pretty much inclined toward "less is more" in regard to interventions. But, being that I am very ignorant of what to expect or educate myself about BEFOREHAND, I am a bit anxious.

Lily's teeth are grey at the tops (by the gumline) and I have no idea what that might be an indication of. But, that's why I say it's time to go. I would greatly appreciate any input!


Be Well~
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Here's the thread: first dental visit

Try to find a dentist who you feel comfortable with, and whose office seems to take time for you before you're their actual client. That way, you can be pretty sure that they'll do the same thing once you're in the office.

Sealants are typically applied to the grooves of molars only; they're a lot like varnish or "nail polish"as I understand (but made of plastic).

Good luck, keep us all posted on how it goes!
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Thanks, Simonee!! I'll let you know!

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When is the 1st visit?

I'm sure this has been asked a million times....I guess I'm being lazy and not reading through all of the other posts

Ds is 12 mos and has 4 teeth, just wondering when to take him to his 1st visit?
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My ds1s dentist says the first visit shoud be at 2 yrs old.
But my friends ped told her 3 yrs. Shes not a dentist though. I have never asked ds2's doctor this.
My 2 cents
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I took my ds at 18 months, but I have heard around 2 is good. Im just a little obsessive about healthy teeth! Plus it gets them used to going and comfortable with their dentist
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