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high blood pressure and water retention

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I am 38 weeks and my midwife expressed concern about my high blood pressure that I got this week. Didnt have it the whole pregnancy. Plus I also have lots of weight gain in the last few weeks but she thinks its mainly water retention.

She told me to eat salt, drink at least a litre of water a day, eat potatoes etc.

Anyone have tips.

She seemed really concerned.

thanks for your suggestions.

(I am battling a cold which seems a bit like mild bronchitis this week but she doesnt think that is related)
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Found this link on line about high blood pressure and pregnancy. I think the main thing my midwife is concerned is the Preclampsia as she wanted me to keep an eye out for the symptoms that were listed under Preclampsia section.

I do have diabetes but under good control. Dr was so impressed with my control and all.

So strange I didnt have any high blood pressure first pregnancy... this whole time its been good and I been seeing the Midwife and GYne alternatively and bp test always been good. Then this week boom its high.

I'd really appreciate tips from others. I know I shouldnt get nervous but I am.

If anyone has any suggestions what I should do. Thanks.

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Hi Marchmom I have also had hbp the last 2 visits to my midwife. She suggested eating lots of protein and cucumbers, staying away from spicy foods and taking passionflower or scullcap herbs-both safe for preg. I have been doing relaxation techniques out of Sheila Kitzinger's complete preg & childbirth book & that is helping alot. Also pre-natal yoga. I know for me it is not diet. I'm just kind of high strung anyways and I haven't felt well enough to walk or do anything else for that matter and it is getting me wound tight! I have also been practicing breathing techniques like the alternate nostril breathing-breath in the right nostril out the mouth then in the left then out the mouth. It is a very effective way to get into the moment. I have also have been going to the local drug store a couple times a week & checking my bp myself at their machine & each time it registers fine. I hope you are feeling better soon.
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Hi Marchmom - I hope you're feeling better. I second the recommendation for protein -- lots of it, but just try to make it non-fatty. Plus, salt and water as well. Lots of people tell you to avoid salt when you're pg with hbp, but it's not necessarily true. Your mw was right on!

Were you nervous for some reason at your appt? I typically have low blood pressure, but it can shoot up if I get nervous, stand up quickly, or if it's taken after lying down and getting up.

I'm sure your right that she's just making sure you're not in the early stages of toxemia/preclampsia, so definitley eat really, really well from now on and drink tons of water. Also, get some rest and try to relax! Your sweet babe will be here soon.

due 01/18/03 w/ #2
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I tested on dh's hbp machine (since dh has hbp that is controlled thru exercise). The nbrs were not reliable and were always in the high range but dh tested himself and he was normal.

So we called gyne and she told me to go to hospital.

At hospital they did all the usual check up, hbp (was high), urine (normal), EKG (normal) etc... Dr there was puzzled since all through pregnancy I was fine and all of a sudden have this water retention and hbp.

Baby head still too high for early birth (am 38 weeks). They sent us to go for lunch and to come back after Dr had conference with other DR. Said I might have to be induced today.

We went for a walk in the chilly winter air. I told DH I was ready to have this baby...been ready since Dec 26th (first sign of contractions). I was just dreading to have emergency c section if its Preclamsia. But looks like so far its not too serious yet and that I can be induced. Although being induced can lead to c section if baby or mother is in stress.

We went back and Dr told us to come back on Monday. They want me to rest (bed rest I assume) and take it easy. Drink lots of fluid and wait till its closer to baby due date before attempting to induce. They said baby is quite big and that my body is exhausted the reason for me to have hbp. They will monitor me closely every other day or so until baby comes.

So I am back at home. Thought we might even have the baby today.

Dh will make me his famous beet juice daily (Midwife recommends it) and I am trying to drink lots of water and to take some salt to help water retention reduce (since we dont eat salt in our diet, never add salt to our meals etc). Also we are vegetarian we eat lots of sub protein like nuts, beans etc. So will increase those in next few days.

Thanks everyone for your replies. If any of you been in this situation, looking forward to hearing your stories.

stephanie (wanting to have this baby any day now)
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thanks for checking in

I was wondering how you were doing, I'm really pulling for you not to have pre-eclampsia.

Do you know all the natural things you can do at home to stimulate labor? I'll bet there is a thread about them here. The obvious ones are sex (both orgasm and the hormones in semen are supposed to start contractions) nipple stimulation, eating spicy foods, and walking around. Some people also take laxatives like castor oil, but I think that would be gross and possibly bad for you if you do have pre-eclampsia.

There are also some herbs you can take internally or use in massage oils. I know less about the herbs--what I mean is, I have a lot of information about herbs but I don't know how to judge what is reliable, and herbs can be very strong. The ones I know are safe are red raspberry leaf and nettles, but I don't know if they actually stimulate contractions--they are mainly good nutritional supplements with lots of nice minerals that we need in pregnancy. (Kind of like the beet juice!)

I also have a friend who is a shiatsu practitioner who induces labor for people using accupressure.

But it seems easiest to have a spicy meal and then sit around stimulating your nipples while you read a book or watch TV. And then go for a walk around the block a few times! God willing you will have your baby soon without any more complications. That's what I am hoping and sending vibes for across the ocean!
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thanks for your suggestions on how to stimulate contractions. My husband said that when I asked the dr if I can still go for walks (since I dont want my legs to become jelly if I have to 'rest') and dr said I could go for walks if I want to start the labour and also said to have sex (I didnt hear that part). haha.

I am still nursing my toddler, and I find when I nurse her that I tend to feel contractions during those times. Although the head is still quite high as of this morning apt so I have to sit on the ball and try to get the baby to rotate down a bit more.

I have tea my midwife gave me good for last few weeks to help enlargen the cervix or something. Not sure if it helps to trigger contractions though.

I think the important thing is to try to rest and bring down my blood level so that I can have the energy for the endurance for giving birth. Will take it easy next few days and see how it goes and then go from there.

Thanks again for the tips and suggestions. (I did teasingly mention to my dh today while we walked around the hospital during the break that we could make love at the fozen duck pond, my dh didnt seem to keen on that idea. I told him its a natural induction method. Although we both agreed the baby would probably curl up further up into my belly than come out due to the cold)

thanks for rooting me on. I am trying not to get too stressed out about the whole thing.

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Thanks for the update, Stephanie. Sounds like you have a great attitude and know what you need to do. I'll be thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way.

due on the 18th!
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Stephanie - Hugs to you.

I was going through this last week. On new years eve (my birthday!) I had my 38 week appt and my blood pressure was up for the first time in my pregnancy. My midwives had me take 2grams of calcium, and drink lindin flower herbal tea (also red raspberry and chamomile). They had me come in on Friday for a non stress test. That test was fine but I had protein in my urine and my blood pressure was still up a bit. So we consulted with an ob who wanted me to do a 24hr urine test and basically said he would have to induce if things were not getting better (on monday). So my midwives and I decided to do all we could to get labour started naturally. She did a stretch and sweep (ouch) and told me to take evening primrose oil, homeopathic caullophylum, drink red raspberry tea, have sex and orgasm. I started doing all that friday and by that night I was in early labour. I wen to the hospital at 5 am Saturday and had my son at 2 pm!

Good luck! I hope things turn out fine for you!


ps my bp did not increase more during the labour and never really sky rocketed, it just increased past what was my norm and was headed towards not acceptable levels, the protein in my urine was my other problem. I had a bit of swelling but nothing too bad.
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