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Start Brushing - And Make it Fun! - Page 3

Poll Results: Brush first or floss first?

  • 40% (28)
    brush then floss
  • 50% (35)
    floss then brush
  • 10% (7)
    depends on my mood (or what I ate, or whatever...)
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I really like your song

I haven't been pushing the brushing issue to much hoping that eventually he will be ready. I do model good habits and he likes to brush my teeth. He eats a very good balanced diet with minimal sugar (he did go through a eat ice cream everyday phase). His teeth look very healthy.

It is nice to know that others have experience the same thing.

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No problem...I just remember the horrified looks I would get when I said I couldn't brush his teeth, like I was a terrible mother and I should make him. No one understood how hyper-sensitive his mouth was.

No matter what the behavior, I remind myself that it will pass.

Take care!

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Thanks, Smilemomma! I'm sorry to bother you with what was probably a trivial question. It's just that I'm very concerned with keeping my daughter's teeth healthy and the yellow was throwing me for a loop. LOL!

Thanks for taking the time to help. I'm amazed at all you do as a mother and a dentist and still have time to help so many people here on this board.

We'll just keep brushing, brushing, brushing!

Thanks again!

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I had the same problem with my first ds about the same time too. We tried to make it fun. We would say vowel sounds to get him to do it. He loved pretending he was a monster and say roar, or he would grit his teeth and say eeeee.

My second ds is quite the opposite. I can't get him to stop brushing. He is 2 1/2. He got a new little people tooth brush, and dinosaur toothpaste.

I don't know if that will help you at all, but I know what you are going through.

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Thanks Smilemomma! That makes me feel a lot better. In just the time since I posted dd has become much better at letting me brush for a bit, between giving the toothbrush a good old chew!

Thanks for your reassurance.
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I'm also interested in seeing those tricks of yours revealed, SmileMomma. We can't even find a pediatric dentist to see in our town, and your contributions to this list have been very helpful and comforting. Thanks!
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Putting Floride in an Obstinate Toddler.

So, Unfortunatly my 2 1/2 yr. daughter has 7 caviteis, a few really bad.
We are lucky that we have a gret dentist who is filling them slowly- without mercury or putting her under.

My daughter brushes her teeth after a bit of pressure. But she wont let us brush her teeth. This is important since most of her cavities are up top, and she does a terrible job of the top ones.

We also are having terrible problems with the floride gel. I keep trying to put it on- asleep and awake with no succes. She fights me awake- even after we play a game of it. I will put some on, but she wont let me put any on her teeth. Asleep, shesleeps with clenched teeth, and always wakes up as I try to get into her mouth.

I am frustrated and desperate.
I feel like we have gone thru all creative ideas. We have made games, song songs, read books, spat out the germies, watched videos about brushing, read books, had friends come over to brush with us, forced her occasionally even.

How do you get the floride in (of the most concern?)
How do you brush your toddlers teeth?
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Oh if you have read our post under poor poor teeth you will know we are struggling with this too. I feel exhausted and bad. I can not get her to do it and I feel like her teeth are just going to get worse. I do the when asleep thing but she sometimes wakes up and then whats the point?
I feel for you and hope it gets easier!
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19 mo old refuses to have teeth cleaned

She used to let me clean with a cloth or brush but right now ( for past month at least) doesn't want to cooperate. Any advice, and also... how do you care for a toddlers teeth and what do I need to be aware of?

Thank you!!!
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p.s. has not seen a dentist yet.
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does she want to do it herself? At that age, I'd give my kids a toothbrush and they'd brush their own teeth--followed by me saying, "Now it's Mommy's turn" and I'd get where they missed. (I had one who only wanted to brush his two front teeth, another who only brushed the top teeth and the baby only brushed his bottom teeth.)

Another thing we tried was to let the baby brush Mommy's teeth, then mommy brushed the baby's teeth, making it into a game.

Putting them in front of a mirror helped as well--mine were so interested in watching themselves get their teeth brushed that they cooperated better in front of a mirror.

When my 2 yr old suddenly chose to "give up" brushing, we tried a battery powered brush. It's so much fun, now I can't get him to stop brushing.
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Caring for First Teeth

How to care for her first precious tooth, barely rearing its head now in dd'd 9th month? We haven't done a thing up til now...I have a finger tooth brush, but just water? Toothpaste? How often? She's still exclusively bf, but later do you brush after all meals? Help me honor this adorable living jewel! Thanks mamas!
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I use a face cloth with water or his finger toothbrush with toothpaste that has no flouride made by Orajel. There are toothbrushes out there made for babies under One.
Congradulations on the First tooth!!!
My Ds got #5 & 6 today!
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Thanks Joan, yep she used to like brushing herself and taking turns but now she just refuses. I'll try the mirror idea and I have been looking for an interesting "tool" to encourage her so I'll try your toothbrush idea.
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When my oldest was a toddler, we used to lay him on the hallway floor and sit over him. Then one of us would tickle him and he would giggle hysterically, and the other would stick the tooth brush in and sort of jab around trying to get each tooth saying "Gotcha -- gotcha -- gatcha" as he opened his mouth to laugh. Couldn't use much water though, or he'd choke! But he thought it was pretty funny.

Doesn't work with my 2nd little guy though. He is a pain in the butt about tooth brushing. Always turns into a traumatic affair for him, any way we approach it.
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I had another thought---since she used to LIKE brushing...is she teething now? Maybe she's refusing because her gums are sore? My youngest had a couple of "2-year molars" before he was two--
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My 19 mo old used to love to brush her teeth. She always had at least two different (fun) toothbrushes to choose from. Now, it is a bit more of a struggle.

One thing that does work is we sing Brush Your Teeth by Raffi and that gets her excited. Whenever my dh or I is ready to brush, we sing the song and she comes running. We figure after brushing her teeth four or so times a day with one of us, she is hitting most of her teeth.
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Can I Use Toothpaste on Baby?

The threads about tooth decay and night nursing have me worried! I feel so protective off dd's little half-up tooth...would it be okay/beneficial to wipe her gums with a cloth with a bit of non-floride toothpaste on it?
We have Herbal-Vedic Ayurvedic toothpaste with Neem (contains calcium carbonate, water, veg glycerin, and herbal extracts of licorice, cloves, myrh, neem) and we have Peelu vegtable fiber toothpaste (sorbitol, water, peelu fiber, veg glycerin, titanium dioxide, tea tree, spearmint).
I also learned on another thread about wiping or rinsing with a very weak tea tree oil and water solution...

What best to kill those bad bacteria?

Thanks so much mamas!
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18 month old HATES getting his teeth brushed...

Here's what we have tried:
Raffi's brush your teeth song, a dinosaur toothbrush, a penguin toothbrush, a vibrating toothbrush, having him brush our teeth, brushing his doll's teeth...we try to be upbeat, smiley and positive, but it has turned into a serios power struggle. One of us holds him down & the other one brushes. 2X a day. I can't just give it up as he already has plaque buildup and a fused tooth that catches food galore....

Any suggestions or stories???
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gretel - good for you for trying so many fun ways to get the job done!

my ds hated teeth brushing and I caved in under the pressure of nightly screaming

after he had seven fillings and one extraction under GA just after his 3rd birthday he learned to love having his teeth brushed

persist!! it is so worth it!!
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