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Storing Playmobil toys

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My son is going to be recieving some Playmobil sets for Christmas this year. These sets come with lots of little pieces. Any good ideas for storing this stuff, so he doesn't lose all the pieces? I know someone who has bought her kid probably thousands of dollars worth of this stuff. But it is all in a jumbled heap on the floor and the kid can't find the gazillion pieces that go with
each set. My DS will only be getting a couple sets, and I don't want them to turn into a big mixed up mess.
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My kids have lots of Playmobil castle stuff. We have two bins, one deep and one shallow. The castle-construction stuff goes in the deep bin (big pieces) and the characters and all their props go in the shallow one (the tiny pieces). The shallow bin allows everything to be spread about on the bottom so that the kids can see what they're looking for.

Great toy! My kids are almost-12, 9, 7 and almost-3, and they all use Playmobil a lot.

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Thanks! I also heard that it is a good idea to super glue the hair/hats to the head of the little people so that they can't be lost.
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I use a screw sorter (covered little plastic box with lots of little sections) for the really little stuff (like all the gold coins that come with the pirates).
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Originally Posted by 2GR8KIDS
I use a screw sorter (covered little plastic box with lots of little sections) for the really little stuff (like all the gold coins that come with the pirates).

That's what I was thinking, too. Also, a suggestion that my mom had was to cut out the picture from the back of the box - the one that shows all the pieces that are contained in that set, and save it with the pieces.

Another possibility would be to store the sets in ziplock bags, with the box picture.

I playmobil!
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I don't really like keeping all the sets together, because the pirates might have uses for covered wagons if they moor their ship and need to move inland to meet the spaceships. We have a big bin for pretty much everything (except some stuff, like the pirate ship, which is way too big and sits on a shelf) and a few smaller boxes go inside the bin to hold little stuff (people and accessories).
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Originally Posted by Zach'smom
Thanks! I also heard that it is a good idea to super glue the hair/hats to the head of the little people so that they can't be lost.
My kids would argue that trading the hair and hats and noses and beards around is at least half the fun of Playmobil. They would be incensed by the superglue suggestion

They also believe that farmers should be entitled to use catapults, and that the queen should be allowed to quaff ale, and that pirates should be able to use wagons.

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Gotta love it! Maybe I will skip gluing on hats and hair!
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another playmobil fan here! we are not organized enough to keep things together in bags or lil' boxes, they are all mixed up in a plastic bin... but we mostly only have little stuff, not big sets. i would probably do what moominmamma does and have one bin just for the big stuff.

fun fun fun. both my ds will be getting playmobil for their upcoming bdays and we just bought the Advent Calendar for december.

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I agree with the suggestions not to keep the different sets separate. Ds mixes his pirates, knights, soldiers, vikings, etc. together- sometimes they are all pirates, or it can be pirates vs. knights, or whatever. I think one of the great things about Playmobil is how open-ended it is!
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Originally Posted by brookely ash
... we just bought the Advent Calendar for december.

Oooh, we bought the Advent Calendar last year. We packed it away and intend to use it year after year. It's the main reason the kids are looking forward to December 1st. Sure beats those revolting chocolate calendars.

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We had the advent calender last year also--it's so much fun!!! We used the pieces throughout the year--so now they are scattered about.

We try to keep all playmobile in one bin--for the most part it works--as well as any other toy organizing attempt here!!
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We have a large under the bed bin. It makes for a thin layer of all the peices (contained but visible) and the ship can fit in there. e don't cover. having this set up allows us to put it away when friends come over. Some 4 years old just don't feel the love and respect for the pirates that lily feels they deserve. One kid lost all the coins and cannon balls (they still turn up everyhere) and the hair to black beard (the coolest pirate). She is very serious about her pirates and that is a topy that is shown great respect. That said, if pigs and cows and cowboys (you know, for th cows) and santa clause want to be on the pirate ship then so be it. I would never consider keeping it all seperate.

I too want the advent calender. Is it different every year?
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Thank you for this thread! My oldest son is really into Playmobile stuff and we're really bad at storing it all properly. For instance, just about a month ago he got a little set and now I'm not sure where all the pieces are! Argghhh!
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We have lots of Playmobil too. I like letting them mix the sets rather than trying to keep them separate. They aren't good about keeping them separate anyway, and it's probably good for their imaginations to use them all together. I bought a set of plastic drawers to store the stuff. The bottom drawer is deep for larger pieces, the middle drawer is not as deep - good for smaller pieces. The top drawer is shallow - perfect for people, accessories, and other small pieces.

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Thanks for all the great ideas. DS actually got the Tresure chest for his birthday. That one is really nice. I put all the little pieces in a baggie and then everything stores inside the chest. I know that he wil be getting the pirate ship from my mom for his birthday and some other pieces and I don't want to lose all the tiny pieces.

When you store them all together the kids don't have a hard time finding the pieces that they need? I was thinking it would be best to store each set together and then he can take what he wants out of the other sets if the farm animals want to ride on the pirate ship. I am just worried about losing all the tiny pieces.
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We love Playmobil! My 13 yr. old ds STILL plays with it.
Anyway-we just use big plastic tubs with lids.
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You all have inspired me to get down the Playmobil!

After a week of finding little bits and pieces all around the house. Dh tossing little peices in a big toy box never to be found again because he "didn't know it was playmobil" and hearing bits get sucked up in the vacume. I get way too stressed out about losing the peices. I gather up what I can find and put it in the closet.

There it has been for months. My mind tells me its better to play with what you got and not "cry over spilt milk" or lost/broken playmobil in this case. But my heart is screaming No!...Must be organised!...Must be responsible!...Must NOT lose pieces!!!

I don't want to be a controll freak like my mom!
Let them play!

O.k....here I go...deep breaths...

It's done. There playing. I did it.

I will repeat to myself "Let them play". I will expect to lose half of all playmobil (always expect the worst), and if I find a piece I will consider it bonus and return it to the proper storage box.

Thanks again and now I will return you to your original topic.
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I also suggest, if you are anal like me, putting extra pieces into baggies and taping or stapling them to the instruction booklets they belong with. I keep these cuz sometimes I forget how to put the bigger things back together. I'm ashamed to admit how many Playmobil sets my daughter has

I second the two-bin solution. Big stuff in one, little stuff in smaller more shallow bin.

Now, if I could just sort the REST of her toys so easily! LOL
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Oh my goodness. We have so many Playmobile toys it is out of control. My son must have hundreds and hundreds of dollars of Playmobile stuff - he got it all for birthdays, Christmas, etc over the last few years. It is wonderful, but I get anxious about all the little pieces (and the sheer cost of all these toys - it really seems ridiculous, but I guess it is better than total crap he could be getting from grandparents and other relatives).

We have a three drawer chest (primary colors, plastic drawers from Target) and the Viking/Pirate stuff is in the bottom, the Police/Firefighter/Rescue in the middle; farm/outdoor/horses in the top. Big items - helicopter, plane, fire rescue boat, truck, Viking ship are stored on top of the chest or nearby on the floor. Play sets - like the horse stable or the police station (I told you it was out of control) are stored in Ikea stacking bins.

I tried to keep them separate, in boxes or ziploc bags and with the pictures, but it became too much work for me. Now stuff gets mixed, but with our loose system. Surprisingly, when my son asks me to help him find something we usually can manage to find it.

We just took out the Christmas stuff and out came the Playmobile Nativity and Advent calendar. Grrrr. More little pieces to keep track of. The kids LOVE it and they are wonderful toys - even my two year old LOVES them. I just have to let go of keeping them from getting lost. So be it!

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