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We use a clear bin with a lid. We do not separate the sets as DS will mix them anyways. I have learned to let him do this ;-)
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Ok, I'm bumping this crazy old thread for more ideas. While I was out last night my 12 year old and 2.5 year old got the entire collection out. I'm thinking it'll be part of our daily routine now and think I need to find a way to organize. I was thinking tupperware. Thoughts, ideas??  

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It doesn' t matter what you choose to use as long as it's clear! If the sets can be mixed i would go for a big clear organizer that can fit all the pieces but if each set must be separated, them smaller tupperware seems the way to go. I do have a friend who gets her DD to store all her playmobil in a big drawer at their home office, wich is the room she is used to play in. It's pratical and the office always looks neat. Maybe you can do that if your kids play in the living room. I'm not a super organized person so i guess separating everything and having small containers for the little stuff wouldn't work. Most kids i have contact with mix the characters, change the hair and accessories, etc.

Just dont mix everythig in a small container if its too deep because that might make it hard for the kids to find the small pieces.
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I found a good solution that I thought I'd share.  My 2.5 year old plays mostly in the living room and I realized today that we have a side-board that is underutilized for storage. So, I moved out the stuff in there and are going to use that space for toys. 2/3's will be taken by Playmobil. I binned up the people, the plants (we have so many plants!), the furniture, and the small bits and have them stored in the side board. 


I am a little worried that the easy access for the 2.5 year old may be a bit much to keep up with.... I'll post back with our progress. ;-) 

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On thing I've learned if you're going to have big bins of anything (Lego, Playmobil) lay out a sheet for them to dump it on. That way when it's time to clean up you just gather the corners and dump it.  


We used to sort playmobil, but the reality is, they often needed cows and the jeep with the castle.  I stopped sorting the little pieces because sadly my kids are not as anal as I am :) 

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Other people have probably figured this out but pay attention to assembly. Get the crazy glue out when the set it is new and don't spend the next three years looking for rosettes and hat feathers!!!!

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