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Older toddler mama burnout

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I'm new to this forum but wanted to commiserate and see if anyone else, or everyone else feels the same.

MY dd is almost 3, and is a really sweet girl. As far as toddlers go, she seems very easy to deal with compared to other kids I see. However even the mellowest toddler can just drive me LOONEY some days!!! The way they make a huge deal out of everything you say no to (we are guaranteed hiding and sobbing underneatht the dining room table at least twice a day), the moodiness, and most of all the constant chatter. I swore I would be so excited the day dd finally spoke well enough to carry on a conversation, and really I am, but so many times each day I fnd myself just wishing to be left silent for even a few minutes! ? I guess it doesn't help that my toddler hasn't napped since she was 22mths old, so we get to enjoy her uninterupted company from 8am until 8:30pm and we don't get an oppurtunity for baby sitting hardly ever so we rarely get a break.

I feel so mean sometimes that she bugs me, but most of the time I just adore her you know? Like a few hours after she goes to bed I already miss her! LOL They are just so overwhelming though, when does it get easier? I have a 9mth old as well, and body does she seem like a piece of cake!!!

OK so am I mean mama or is this pretty much par for the course?
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My dd is only 23 months, but I burned out at about 18 months. I'm amazed you made it this long, LOL! DD started occasional tantrums at 11 months and I also thought, hey when she can speak some this will all be better b/c she can tell me what she needs then. Ha! What an idiot I was, little did I know that her needs would include cookies morning noon and night, doing everything herself ("I DO IT!") and I'd have to learn to deal with bigger and bigger meltdowns because I had to say no to something.

I have so many "Why me?" moments every day that it isn't funny. My child is strong-willed and spirited and all that and it IS hard dealing with her, but I feel so guilty b/c the "why me?" stuff should really be reserved for moms whose kids are sick or hurt. It's just hard to remember that sometimes!

Not to mention that I have a temper like a toddler myself at times so I don't really set a wonderful example 100% of the time!

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Boy do I know what you both are going through! Hmm I don't even know what to say... Just that I find myself being mean too...then miss her terribly when she's asleep. Bailee is 27 months.
I try to tell myself that I will miss these days when they are gone and enjoy the good and the bad....
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Carrie, my dd just turned 3 and sounds exactly like your dd. You are not a mean mama in the slightest bit. I think we all get these feelings and they're normal. Thats one reason why I love coming here...I get to vent and get things off my chest I would never say to dd. There are lots of mamas out there who spank and yell at there kids for the things that bug us all. The fact that we are just bugged by them is good...some parents hate there kids at this stage. I think it gets easier as they get older...I hope.
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Not to mention that I have a temper like a toddler myself at times so I don't really set a wonderful example 100% of the time
Carol - OMG I could have TOTALLY wrote this myself!!! I too have a fun, energic and sometimes ANNOYING toddler of 31 months (along with an 8 month old dd) and the days can be trying to say the least!

BUT - He is TOTALLY amazing and does something new everyday that just blows me away, so I try to keep that in mind when we are having our daily 'battles'

Ethan 5.21.00 Ainsley 4.28.02
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Grace, glad I'm not alone in the grownup tantrum department. Also wanted to tell you I LOVE the name Ainsley!! That is beautiful. I heard it on occasion when I lived in the UK, but haven't heard it since.

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Thanks for the responses It wears out all of us. It's so hard not to have a temper sometimes, it's impossible never to snap at them I think. I swear we must have asked dd to be quiet nicely 10 times while we were trying to hear something important on the news and she just kept yelling about yogurt. Dh and I both finally snapped at her at the same time LOL then she looked all sad of course, was quiet for about 10 seconds and startined to sing about Yogurt!!! Though we went out and had a lovely evening of her being sweet and cute!

I need to call my aunt who offered to babysit though, I definitely could use a break.
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