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I recently made one for my daughter and wanted to post some helpful links (for buying one and making your own):

-Target.com was selling a wooden stove/sink combo for $40. Not sure if it's still available
-Instructions on Lowes.com for making your own: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?actio...htNavHomeDecor
-Pictures and instructions from a very creative mama who used cabinets from ikea and converted them into a very neat kitchen for her kids http://www.windsorpeak.com/dc/dcboar...ode=full&page=
-Kitchen made from a box. I made one of these with my toddler and she LOVED it to pieces, literally. It was a great project to do together and when it finally fell apart, we decide it was time for the real deal. This is an inexpensive way to find out if your child will be into a kitchen or not. http://jas.familyfun.go.com/arts-and...&craftid=11093
-A play kitchen easily assembled from stacking shelves http://familyfun.go.com/decorating-i...02_proj_kitch/

Hope these links inspire some of you to give it a shot yourselves. My daughter (2.5) and I had great fun designing and putting together her kitchen.
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This one at Target has free shipping:


I really like this one too:


It's a total knock-off of this one from pottery barn, which I absolutely love (along with the pink one someone posted above!!)


My DH made one for our ds for his birthday this year. We just looked at the dimensions of the ones we like online (and actually we made it a little deeper so we'd have more storage). It took him like four hours and he has NO "woodworking" experience! I painted it (and it's still actually a work in progress , I keep thinking of cute things to add!.
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I also got the Willow toys kitchen for my DS, and it is beautiful. He likes to pretend to cook majiang tiles in it much more than he likes cooking his pretend food. He also likes to take the sink out and pull a play silk in and out of the big hole where the sink goes.

It's really cute, and looks great in the play room.
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I loved your links............wish I had seen them before I bought one, but oh well. Thanks for sharing
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I did a search and found this old thread helpful, so I thought I'd bump it for any other moms who might be looking for tips this holiday season!
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I'm oogling this one from Guidecraft (and thinking about getting it from a coop, which makes it more affordable): kitchenette

I love the links for the DIY! We're trying to decide whether to buy or make one. Knowing us, it will be cheaper to buy one by the time we add all the do-dads and custom paint job!
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We have this one:


Actually, ours is slightly different, the target Play Wonder one, but I don't see it on their website right now.

The magic cabin one is really cute.

If I was on a smaller budget, I'd do the table top ones. We got one for a friend and it's cute.


There are two table tops there, they make a sink too.
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Thank you SO much for posting this thread. I had been planning on getting my DS a wooden kitchen for Christmas, since he takes my pots and pans, fills them with his plastic animals and "bakes" them beneath his table for me. I had my eye on the one from target, since my budget is under $100, but I just fell in love with and ordered the one from Magic Cabin. Thanks for posting the link. I just love that little kitchen and I know my boy will too!

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we have this one from "small world" (the oven and sink one) it's ALL wood as are the fridge and other items. you can probably get it cheaper if you go to ebay or something.

here's the link:
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We love our Angels & Elves kitchen, It is perfect for small spaces, all wood, and very simple. Got it for $50 at a flea market, but found it ahead of time via craigslist. it didn't come up on a wood search though, because the seller used the word pine instead of wood - so keep that in mind when searching places like CL or ebay.
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I got my kids the Kidcraft one. It got really great reviews on Amazon I think, so that helped me decide - plus, for a wooden kitchen, the price was right. I can't tell you first hand how it functions yet, it's still in the box until Christmas.
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we love our elvesand angels one.they are expensive but sturdy and cute
we got ours at playcottage . com with fee shipping,but that was two years ago so i don't know if they still do it
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We got this one for our three year old at Target for $80.00. It's VERY popular with her and all of the kiddos that come to visit. They also sell super cute wooden food and condiments at Target.
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We just got a small play kitchen, made by guidecraft. I like it because its really sturdy and has all the kitchen neccesities (sp?). We got ours at a local toy shop for $160.
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Originally Posted by Flor View Post

If I was on a smaller budget, I'd do the table top ones. We got one for a friend and it's cute.


There are two table tops there, they make a sink too.

There are several tabletop models I've seen. I think Haba makes one (available at Oompa and elsewhere online), and there's one (I think) in the Back to Basics Toys catalog. Or maybe Land of Nod. And if you like the Alex ones in the Target.com link posted above, check them out at kidsurplus for a little cheaper. The Alex "My First" has a tabletop sink and a tabletop stove in the $17 range each. Then there's the Alex Cook Top, which is slightly larger, with hooks to hang things from. They should be the first three in this link:

The "My First" ones both fit perfectly on a milk crate, while the cooktop is slightly deeper than a milk crate.

The tabletop ones are definitely an option. We've kept the kitchen part simple, and we've splurged with the wooden food, dishes, and cooking gear.

That other tabletop was Land of Nod. It comes with a few items (including a wooden pan), and looks pretty handsome. http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx...1&SearchPage=1

Melissa & Doug make a nice, slim tabletop model that is more flat than the others I posted. It has two depressed burners (instead of raised discs, like the others) and comes with a pot & lid and a frying pan, a steak, some broccoli and corn, a spatula and wooden spoon, and a hot mit. The pans & foods are all wooden. It's a nice set, really flat and lightweight, and the pot and pan are handsome! Here it is for $19 http://www.kidsurplus.com/lig2601.html
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