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I really do need to visit MDC more, I miss some good stuff.

Re: ADD/ADHD: It is my opinion that the real danger in causing ADD/ADHD and similar disorders is, if not genetic, from sources such as vaccines, food dyes, high fructose corn syrup and all the wonders in formula, as well as plain old food allergies, which I believe to be link to vaccines as well, but it's all speculation as the goverment will never allow such studies.

Re: Natural vs Unnatural medications: Everything on this planet is made from something. Even synthetic material comes from things harvested from our earth. Right or wrong, good or bad, just because something is directly from the earth doesn't make it bad, nor does it make it good. Everything just is and everything has it's side effects. I take Imitrex while PG. Foolish? Possibly, but the risks of having a migraine for weeks on end with everything that goes with it (high blood pressure, etc) are harder to live with. I've been pg with one child while on Imitrex and BF 2 and they're fine, and this pg is going fine as well. But the way some doctors talk, and some normal everyday people, you'd think I was taking meth. It's all subjective and each individual has to do his or her own research and decide for themselves what will work.

I'd probably give my left arm to be able to find some weed and try it out on a migraine, but I just don't know anyone, let alone anyone who smokes.

It IS very scary to live in America these days. I want to leave. We should be able to decide for ourselves and our own families what is best. IMO, all drugs should be legalized with punishment going to those who harm others under the influence, just like alcohol.

(love how most of the posters have kept this thread so calm!)
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I personally would never do that. I feel guilty if I drink a coffee, lol... I do have a friend who swore up and down that weed is what enabled to her to be able to eat anything during pg. It was so bad she was hospitalized and put on some kind of meds for m/s. So she just decided to stick to the weed instead. She is a serious weed smoker though. She smokes on the d-a-i-l-y.

The child came out normal and weighed 8 pounds however, I have found her (and all of her children for that matter) to be rather slow. They have problems in school, learning to read and so on.

My advice would be not to. Say NO to drugs.
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I personally like the MJ, but I just could not do that while pregnant...not that there aren't times when I'm tempted...and I get all the arguments that you mamas have, but the postings on this discussion that resonate with me are the ones where you've seen babies that are slow or when mamas blame themselves for something that went wrong. My hubby watched a video of the fetus reacting to smoke in his stop smoking class and said it was heartwrenching.
I am neither the judge nor the jury, like I said I like the MJ myself, bu tnot while pregnant or BF'ing...those are crucial developemental times that you may never ever have back...why risk anything? You only get this one chance to give your babies the very best...
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Yes smoke is not good for you or the baby. That is why vaporizing marijuana (or any other herb for that matter) would be safest.

And I can say that I smoked all through pregnancy and mostly vaporized after ds was born...and he is definitely not "slow" in any means. All babies are different.
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My good friend (in her early 40s) smoked MJ all through her first pregnancy (read - every day, when she was 20) and her son is now in his early 20s. He was a straight A student. Never brought a book home.

My sister is pretty slow. She had speech problems till she was 7 or 8 and still takes a while to "get it" when it comes to learning. My mother never smoked anything in her life. My parents don't drink ever.

Sometimes children are just slow. Sometimes children are just really bright.

Most people I know who use MJ are anti-TV. In college I would read avidly while stoned and NEVER watched television. I would rather write, read, clean, or go for a walk out in nature while stoned. TV is pretty... um... brain-deadening. We don't even own a TV, but we do have a library of about 3,000 books We have a record collection (dh and I are both musicians) of about 1,000. Dd is growing up listening to jazz, classical, and folk music mostly. She attends piano lessons with me.

We do not partake anymore b/c of legal considerations. We both support the decriminalisation of MJ and hope that the US regains its senses one of these days (and not just about that)...

love and peace.
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Personally, I would rather watch tv than smoke weed. I recognize that there are people out there who smoke on a regular basis and carry on normal day-to-day lives; they go to work, they pay their bills etc. However, I know a hell of a lot more people who just live to smoke weed. My brother was one of them. Fortunately he's had a wake-up call, and realizes he's gotta do something with himself. I've seen the decline of people who smoke a lot. And I'm not talking about casual weed smokers. I'm talking those people who smoke for breakfast lunch and dinner with snacks in between :LOL. It kills brains cells and it shows. This has been *my* experience.

If my friend who I mentioned in a previous post was home all day and didn't work, she would just smoke. So, she smoke from the time she gets home until she goes to bed. She locks herself in her room, and her 5 children look after themselves while she gets high.

Also, we've all seen people who've had the worst prenatal care deliver healthy babies, and those who did everything "perfect" deliver a child with a disability. I think that that's a poor reason to say it's okay to smoke weed during pregnancy. Ultimatlely we have little control over how babies come out, but I would try to do my best to give my child the most optimal chance for healthy development.

This is my not so humble opinion: pothead = loser.
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Well, I can see that abstaining from marijuana has elevated the level of your discourse, Momof3girlz. Or, perhaps televison has reduced your capability for civilized repartee? Television is documented to affect neurological development, encourages sexism and racism, and fuels a consumerist, xenophobic culture.

Anecdotal evidence about your brother being a loser, or your friend being an addict, does not prove that marijuana harms every fetus, or even any adult. Marijuana prohibition- (which kept paper and liquor magnates in power, read about it sometime) in the western world prevents real studies here about neonatal effects of THC. Someone posted links earlier but here is one to a Jamaican ethnography of neonatal outcomes again: http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/...can-babies.htm It is difficult to remove prejudice, and difficult to comprehend how the dominant culture (capatilist MJ prohibition) has brainwashed us.

But back to your 2 examples, and prejudice. I might say that 2 black men live across the street from me. One wakes me up every other day at 7 am (today, perhaps?) talking loudly on his cell phone and starting his mufflerless car. The other lets his pit bull run loose in the lot across the street. Am I to state then that black men=inconsiderate of their neighbors? I would never stoop to such ignorant extrapolation myself. But perhaps others believe such to be justified.
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[QUOTE= But back to your 2 examples, and prejudice. I might say that 2 black men live across the street from me. One wakes me up every other day at 7 am (today, perhaps?) talking loudly on his cell phone and starting his mufflerless car. The other lets his pit bull run loose in the lot across the street. Am I to state then that black men=inconsiderate of their neighbors? I would never stoop to such ignorant extrapolation myself. But perhaps others believe such to be justified.[/QUOTE]

Actually, I don't watch very much television Provocativa. I simply stated that I would rather watch t.v. than do drugs. I believe that too much tv can be detrimental as well. Television consumption really wasn't the point. The point is that In MY Opinion smoking illicit drugs would be inadvisable -- especially during pregnancy. If you want to justify drug use, of course you are going to point out everything that you believe supports its so called benefits. People use all sorts of studies to support their cause as well. As a Jamaican Canadian I don't support the drug business. Not all of us do despite what you may be thinking according to your study. Do you know anything about what is going on in Jamaica right now? You should study up on that.

As to my brother being a loser I didn't say "my brother is a loser" I said pothead = loser, and if he had remained a pothead I wouldn't mince words to call him a loser. I also don't recall saying my friend was an addict (please don't put words in my mouth). However, she was admittedly a crack addict some years ago, but has since stopped. I also mentioned that her baby came out healthy, just a little slower developmentally. I realize that not every child is going to suffer ill effects from drug use during pregnancy, however, I do believe that even one child is too many. Wouldn't you?

Edited to add: 1 Cor 6:12 "All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any."
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Thread Title or Bipolar Pregnancy Issues????

Hi All,

Are we commenting on the original Post anymore...?
Maybe This could be a New Thread or join with the disscussions on the MJ Thread

Be Well, Peace~*
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I am not advocating drug use. I am advocating freedom of choice. Marijuana is not a drug, it is a plant. It is a plant which grows naturally on this earth. It has medicinal therapeutic properties, and non-life threatening side effects. It can also get people high. It has been used for thousands of years. Pharmaceuticals are drugs, which are artificially synthesized in labs. They have only been around for a short time. They have medicinal therapeutic properties, and serious, life threatening side effects. Many also get people high. Documented among these side effects for the baby from antidepressant use are pulmonary hypertension, heart defects, and withdrawal syndrome at birth (see antidepressantfacts.com). This was in the news this morning. Bipolar disease is often treated with other drugs than just antidepressants (usually a mood stabilizer), and those drugs also have serious side effects. Even the pro big pharma folks admit to the manifold risks:
Shouldn't the OP have the right to choose? Minor, not clearly documented risks vs. major risks? Wake up and smell the Prozac! Pharmaceutical companies and allopathic doctors are the drug business.
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well said! Though... I do personally consider MJ to be a drug, but it's certainly not dangerous in the way that any of the legal drugs (including caffeine which many people on this board use during pregnancy because it's not considered a drug though it's quite dangerous when taken in excess) are. Nobody has ever died from its usage except through violence or circumstances (such as the fellow who swallowed a bag of MJ when stopped by the police - he died from the bag) which were perpetrated by the war on drugs.

Don't any of you think that if there were serious effects of MJ that it would be carefully documented? If it was really as harmful as they say it is then there would be mountains of evidence instead of twisted 'scientific" reports.


There is a summary of just a few so called "scientific" studies and how they were changed to depict something that wasn't true. These studies have been used for decades now to keep the war on drugs going strong against MJ. Many of you have heard the "results" of these studies, but the results that were published (to most people) are far different than the results that were actually found.

Who profits from this? Police depts who get to keep the proceeds from drug seizes. Drug testing companies whose products can only really confirm that someone has used MJ because the other illegal substances are out of people's systems too quickly for drug testing to really be of any use. Drug detox companies who make money off MJ users who have to be drug tested to find a job because in the "land of the free" we're judged based on what we do on weekends rather than on our abilities and work ethics. The prison industry that has more than doubled in the last couple decades because of the war on drugs and mandatory minimum sentencing for people caught possessing MJ. Not selling. Just having and using for personal reasons.

It's a freaking PLANT. God (I'm Christian) or Nature (if you prefer ) made cannabis. Man made pharmaceuticals.

Anything can be abused and cause danger to the abuser. Everything from TV to Aspirin to Opium (in the form of Morphine and Heroin generally). Caffeine causes severe addiction and sometimes death if abused, and it's marketed to preschoolers!

Since everything can be abused then either everything is dangerous to use or everything should be used wisely and in moderation. If we tell people that anything is dangerous then the appeal of the forbidden will ensure that many people who never would have thought of trying something will try it. The rates of drug abuse have gone UP since drugs were made illegal.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

Okay... I'll stop now.

I haven't been online much lately... so thank you those of you who have kept up with this thread

love and peace.
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Couldn't have said it better myself!
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Thank you for getting back to the point! (sort of )

So...where is the op? I wonder what she's made of all this.
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