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Originally Posted by Marlene
Quick question to ponder:
Would you blow smoke into your newborn's face?
No need to, they can puff on their own.

or try Photo
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Originally Posted by Talula Fairie
Props to you, Stormimay! I'm also bipolar and personally found that mj makes me *worse* not better. By changing my diet, going to therapy, and realizing what triggers my manic/depressive symptoms, I was able to be medicine free also.

Mj effects the brain's seretonin and dopamine levels. If you already have an imbalance, it's reasonable to assume it would do more harm than good. I know a lot of bipolar patients who became worse after smoking mj, especially if smoked during a manic phase.

Bottom line: Although it is a good drug to treat certain conditions, and I believe fairly safe in pregnancy, I do NOT think any bipolar patient should be smoking it.
I agree about the proper nutrition for bipolar disorder. I'm bipolar and I'm taking Seroquel for it (yes, I know about the side effects) because I seem to be getting progressively worse over the years. However, when I'm pregnant I'm able to control most of the symptoms without medication by eating a healthy diet and exercising. My symptoms started getting worse when my daughter was 6 months old, I'm guessing because she wasn't BF as much and I wasn't getting the prolactin, and by the time she was 8.5 mos I had to go back on my meds I'm hoping that with continued therapy and healthy eating I'll be able to back off the meds long enough to have another baby within the year. I do appreciate what the meds do for me, but they are not safe to get pregnant on. I'm hoping that some day I'll be completely med free, but I'm not ready yet. I don't want to end up hurting anyone.

I also agree about not smoking MJ if you're bipolar. It always made my symptoms worse.
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A big concern should be the pesticides that may have been applied to the plants, especially if they came from outside of the US, where countries continue to use dangerous chemicals that we have outlawed here. Chances are the buds were not rinsed off, and because the plant is now dried, these poisons could be very concentrated.
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I haven't been able to read all of the posts but wanted to say that I would definitely use it if I had bad morning sickness or lack of appetite, but I wouldn't want to smoke it, I'd probably make it in a tea. And I'd definitely buy organic .
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Originally Posted by greeniegreen
I haven't been able to read all of the posts but wanted to say that I would definitely use it if I had bad morning sickness or lack of appetite, but I wouldn't want to smoke it, I'd probably make it in a tea. And I'd definitely buy organic .
Um, a tea would be pretty much ineffective. It would taste horrible and THC is not water-soluble. For a non-inhaled solution to work it must involve oils of some kind. But see otehr threads for the theoretical advantages of inhaled esp. during pg.

If I knew of a way to obtain organic MJ I would've done a lot less throwing up this past fall! I stayed way though bc I don't trust the origins unknown stuff that one can usually obtain around here.
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That's not what I've heard from others who have used it. Would that mean then that tincturing it would be ineffective as well? I know that works and can get extremely strong.
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THC is released by heat. In order for it to not get released into the air you would need to ingest the tea very quickly, or have it bond to a fat of some sort. This is why using it as cannabutter in cooking is very popular. I suppose the tea would work, but again would need to be ingested quickly before the THC had a chance to completely evaporate.

As for organics...well I know several medical users who grow their own and they all use organic nutrients, as well as do what is called a "flush" before harvest to allow the plant to use up all the remaining nutrients.

As many other posters have mentioned it is all a matter of being intelligent about it, just like any other medication, herb, or food you would ingest.
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Originally Posted by art4heart
A big concern should be the pesticides that may have been applied to the plants, especially if they came from outside of the US, where countries continue to use dangerous chemicals that we have outlawed here. Chances are the buds were not rinsed off, and because the plant is now dried, these poisons could be very concentrated.
Healthy Cannabis is usually pest resistant and very hardy in general, requiring very little pesticides if any(especially certain strains with very good genetics). That said, they are not always grown organically, especially when selling commercially. It is true, some people grow some nasty stuff...which is why I not only go deeply organic (meaning no herbicides either), but I watch the plants grow and know what goes in them...including the soil.

to the OP:
THC is non toxic. Go with how you feel. Other posters who have or have had bipolar disorder said it made their symptoms worse. You will have to be the judge for yourself on that one. Personally, if it helped, I would continue to medicate. And since you already vaporize, I do not believe there is any harm to you or your baby. That is my opinion.

congrats on your pg!
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I've already mentioned on this thread that I heard it is better not to ingest cannibis while pregnant, either in a tea, tincture, or food, because it crosses the placenta more so than if you smoked it. Your food goes right into the placenta. While the THC in your bloodstream from smoking also goes into the placenta, it has been filtered somewhat by your body first. The risk of smoking is the lack of oxygen going to the baby during the inhalation but if used in moderation, this is not too much of a concern.
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Organic & Safety....

i am glad this thread came around to educating on the "Safe During Pregnancy" issue.

Bipolar is a big issue and much research says it's most likely to be negativly effeted by THC Consumption.

Vaporization of Organic Herbs is effective, low prep & with accurate extraction, dosage levels are deminished.

Organic Farmacy

This Farmacy, open to Medicinal Cannabis Patients, carries many Medicinal Grade Herbs & is completely Organic. It's located near Santa Monica, CA.
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DO you think the ADD and ADHD correlations might be spurious? A pot smoking mother would be more prone to stick their child in front of a television for long periods of time, which is also a factor leading to ADD and ADHD.
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DO you think the ADD and ADHD correlations might be spurious? A pot smoking mother would be more prone to stick their child in front of a television for long periods of time, which is also a factor leading to ADD and ADHD.
I don't think that moms that use cannabis stick their kids in front of the TV more often than other moms. What would make you think that? Stereotypes of a lazy drug user? Many lazy moms are mainstream non-cannabis users! I have heard from many parents that cannibis makes parenting more fun, makes a parent more engaged and able to relate on a child's level, and enables a parent to have more patience. And many parents only partake after bedtime. I don't remember seeing studies of correlations on ADD and ADHD mentioned before, or if I did, I must have dismissed them as biased in some way.
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Dispelling the Myths

Good Evening,

i am so happy to see that we're addressing all sides of this issue. To Dispell Myths and Obtain Truth we must Experience, Learn & Communicate Honestly.

Parenting is a transforming life long journey, a vocation. i know i'm here on this "Natural Family Living" discussion board to share exprience and gain insight on so many diverse topics. Knowing that the majority of this population is seeking gentler ways of Living.

Pregnant Mothers should attempt to effectively Nourish, Heal and Balance themselves as often as possible, allowing for a flow of love in every situation. Nurturing a peaceful atmosphere for her growing child/ren. We'll all fall and faulter. Those who seek to Learn, Educate & LOVE more fully, will persue as many intimate moments as possible with the ones they care for. Weighing obligations responsibly and Making Right Decisions is my objective and the goal of many here.

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i personally cant believe anyone would smoke anything during pregnancy but then i would never do it when i wasnt pregnant either.......

i think the most important thing would be to stop in early pregnancy, thats when the baby is least capable of dealing with harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. but we never know how our babies at any stage of developement will deal with drugs and that is why i personally wouldnt risk it.
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Could the statistics that find ADHD and ADD prevalent in moms who smoke marijuana be a spurious relationship?

Mothers that partake in the studies are likely to allow their children to watch television.

If a mother smokes marijuana after birth she might allow her children to watch television more than mothers who do not get “high.” Therefore, allowing children to watch television causes ADHD and ADD, not the fact that she smokes marijuana.

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I apologize for my re-post. I am still getting used to this program.

I did not mean to stereotype in anyway. However, I do feel that “scientists” formulate a hypothesis and stick with it. The mothers in the studies most likely have alternative parenting beliefs than those of us on this forum. If you smoke a joint everyday while you are pregnant, it is obvious that your child will be impaired. However, if you are feeling sick and you need a single “hit” to help you eat, then go for it. A mother that smokes a joint everyday will most likely damage her child. However, if you take a “hit” every once-in-a-while I do not believe that this will negatively affect your child.
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"Bipolar is a big issue and much research says it's most likely to be negativly effeted by THC Consumption."

I agree, Peace...as I posted earlier. In my opinion, if you're bipolar you should be very careful with marijuana. I'd be more worried about a bipolar mama ingesting THC and becoming unstable mentally than I would for the risks to her unborn child (which studies have proven are quite minimal).
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For what it's worth, the people I know who are regular pot smokers rarely watch TV. (And when they do, it's typically PBS.) None of the ones I know who have kids have allowed their children to watch TV (nor DVDs) until after age two (which we think is great and are adopting that practice for our own child once she's born).

Honestly, when I think about it, the folks I know are the LAST people who would think of using the TV as baby sitter. Two of them don't even own a TV if I recall. They're more NPR people. (One has a "Kill Your TV" sticker on his car even.)

As for me, I'm not a regular pot smoker but I rarely watch TV, and I too suffer from BPD. But I tell you straight up, if it helped me, then I'd consider using cannabis sporadically during pregnancy, as it's a medicinal HERB and as such, can have both positive and negative attributes during pregnancy.

I agree that moderation is the key, and you jsut have to weigh the pros and cons. Thing is, although it doesn't help me, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be a good fit for someone else. Just isn't for me. Neither is alcohol, btw. So I avoid them both. I've had just enough succes with homeopathics and nutritional supplements during this pg to make things bearable for the most part, but there are some days when nothing helps.

And so I've had to choose whether to take certain prescription drugs on occasion, while pregnant, which is very discomforting. But those are times when the need outweighs the risk -- and it's different in every individual case and as such should be considered carefully on a case by case basis, and not made into some generalized judgment, whether you're talking OTC drugs, prescriptions, or cannabis.

There's a difference between choosing to use a medication (whether it be a prescription or an herb) to treat something that is potentially harmful to the mother or the child, and using a medication for recreational purposes.

And when someone suggests pot smokers are lazy parents, they're making a huge assumption that anyone who uses cannabis does so for purely recreational purposes.

That's pretty naive.

And honestly, I know plenty of radically anti-cannabis people who praise heaven daily for DVDs full of mindless crap and a TV chock full of reality shows and screaming media -- both of which are the perfect drool-inducing baby sitters for their offspring.

And that's a lot more scary to me than the thought of someone using an herb for medicinal purposes.
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for all who are commenting on "smoking during pregnancy", the OP already stated that she is using a vaporizor because she hates the smoke. I think that needs to be cleared up, as many replies are just opinions about smoking. The topic is about whether or not actual cannabis (not smoke from it) is safe during pregnancy, with regards to her having bipolar disorder.
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So much about this thread has made me want to laugh, cry, and pull my hair out.

For the questions about using pot with bipolar disorder at all; didn't the OP already say that it helped her? So why be concerned about it making things worse? It's true that some people with bipolar disorder suffer seriously adverse effects from using pot, but it's just as true that others derive great benefits from marijuana. The same can be said of every single medication used to treat bipolar disorder today.

The "I would never do it" crowd, or the "I'd rather suffer than ingest anything like that during pregnancy;" I'm glad that you haven't had to endure any serious pain or a debilitating condition during any of your pregnancies. I think that you should count your blessings and move on. A splitting headache doesn't compare to the havoc that something like bipolar disorder can cause in your life. I speak here as someone who not only suffers from bipolar disorder but from some unbelievably painful headaches (I count myself lucky that I have only had a few migraines in this pregnancy, for example, and that I haven't had any cluster headaches in more than 10 years). Given the choice between, say, daily migraines and a manic episode during pregnancy, I'd take the migraines every single time, in a heartbeat. I'm glad that you've never even felt the need to take a tylenol during your pregnancies, but not all of us are that lucky. There are levels of pain which are literally debilitating, which make some of us unable to function and we don't all have the luxury of just going to bed to deal with them. We have to do what we have to do to get through the day. Sometimes it's not pretty.

Bipolar disorder is a real disease, and it's a scary one. Some women are lucky; their symptoms go into remission during pregnancy. Most are not so lucky, the hormones throw everything farther out of balance than it was before. Untreated active bipolar disorder is very, very dangerous, and in my (very informed) mind, it presents a great risk to any children, in utero or out. Studies have shown, for example, that extreme stress during pregnancy is definately dangerous and a risk factor for all kinds of problems in newborns/infants/toddlers/children (including things you'd think to be totally unrelated, like juvenile diabetes). Bipolar disorder brings new meaning to the words "extreme stress."

How stoners treat their kids-- there are many, many different kinds of people who use marijuana out there. Anyone who's seen Half Baked could tell you that. Seriously, though. Some stoners are the "stuck in the 60's/70's, free love hippy" type. Some are the "30 years old and sleeping in mom's basement type." There are people who use pot to get high every day, every weekend, once a month or less often. There are people who use pot every now and then for specific reasons (i.e. to deal with pain or nausea) and people who use it regularly for medically indicated reasons (cancer, AIDS). My guess is that the overwhelming majority of people who use marijuana do so ocasionally (no more often than twice a month) for social reasons. As a friend of mine once said, "I've got this social problem that pot fixes." I think that a lot of people feel that way. Perhaps people who smoke more frequently are doing it to escape some stress in their lives, but I think that adults who watch a lot of television are doing the same thing and, quite frankly, I think that the pot is probably healthier.

And this quote:
To the OP, I would simply ask- what did people do before bi-polar was considered a disease? Before there were drugs available?
Before bipolar disorder was considered a disease, and before there were drugs available, people sufferring from severe manic or depressive episodes had different options available to them. If they were wealthy, they were put into expensive sanitaria where people spent a lot of time and energy trying to keep them from hurting themselves or anyone else. If they were not wealthy, they were put into crappy, warehouse-style hospitals until they could be experimented on, treated with shock therapy, or lobotomized (sometimes all three). Do you think that shock therapy would be a safer thing for a pregnant woman to consent to than a little bit of pot? Really? Or should she be looking for someone to perform a lobotomy? I know, a lot of people think that this was only done to schizophrenics, but the fact is that it was often done to people with bipolar disorder (and not just those with psychotic features). In fact, because bipolar disorder is more common than schizophrenia, I'd be willing to bet money that most lobectomies were performed on bipolar patients.

All that said: I haven't smoked pot since I found out that I was pregnant with my son. Before that, I smoked occasionally/rarely (I probably averaged 5 times a year). I am bipolar, and recently I have been experiencing symptoms of mania (hello, it's nearly 2 am and I'm wide awake and posting here). I've also suffered from hyperemesis (in my first pregnancy) and severe, debilitating pain (in this pregnancy). If I had access to organically grown marijuana, I'd feel very comfortable taking a few hits right now. Because I don't, I'm trying to control my pain and my mania with other chemicals that are (for me) either a) much scarier or b) less effective. What choices do I have? Well, I could suffer with the agonizing pain of sciatica (no, it's not something else, it's actual sciatica and it sucks royally), and spend all of my time in bed, unable to roll over or get up to use the bathroom without help and more agony, and yelling at my kids instead of, say, feeding them and playing with them and doing other normal, necessary parental things. Or, I could take a vicodin and, once it kicks in, accomplish the things that I need to accomplish to take care of my children and maybe get a few things done around the house, while I'm at it. I suppose that most of you see this as a choice, and some of you as a choice that you would never make, but for me there's no question: I will do what I have to do to take care of my children. I think that the dangers of not taking the pill are greater for all three of my children than they are to one of my children (the BellyBean) if I *do* take it.

I'm not going to tell anyone that they shouldn't smoke pot during their pregnancy, nor that they should be taking any of the many, many other drugs which are currently used to treat bipolar disorder. I know all too well how scary it can be, and I think it's probably safer to continue to use a little bit of pot that you already know works and that is still working than it would be to attempt to start a whole new drug regimen with drugs of unknown (or known) efficacy and saftey in any particular individual.
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