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Eye Spy Bags?

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Does anyone have instructions for these, or know where to look for them online? I have all the materials (there was a crafting class at church that I was signed up for, and had to miss but I got the supplies) My mom was going to make our bags for us, but she can't tell where the final seam is supposed to go. TIA mamas!
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Did your mom figure it out? I would love to see a picture of the finished bags. I'd like to make one for my nephew for Christmas. I've seen finished bags online, but I can't find instructions. I will probably make a pillow with a window, possibly a handle, but some details would be nice.
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I did mine like Kari_mom suggested. I think I cut mine 8.5x8.5 with the inside window 4 inches. I zig-zagged the plastic on.

I filled mine with rice but it was sooo heavy. I have bought the large bean bag filler from Joanns for the ones I am doing for Christmas. The bean bag filler was $20 at Joanns and I used my 40% off coupon.

Hope this helps!

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My sister and I are making a ton of these. Just made a patern ourselves like suggested above. Just a hint though, don't use the mini beanbag type filler. It is sooooo staticy you can't get it to move off the objects to view them in the window. I haven't tried the larger stuff yet, Is it as staticy? Also pvc filler as yucky as it is does it work better? We have 40 bags sewn and the trinkets to put in just looking for the right filler
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The little pvc pellets are awesome. The aren't super heavy and the trinkets slide around really well
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I got the larger bean bag filler. They are staticy but nothing like the mini bean bag filler.

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What about these pellets? http://www.dollstuffing.com/services.html

Of course they only ship UPS so getting them to Canada would be way too pricey for me <sigh>

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hi everyone...where do you get pvc pellets?

Also, can anyone tell me what little trinkets they are using?

Has anyone tried gluing the window in?

ad what are you using for hte window? Clear shower curtain?

thanks so much. I have the fleece and about 5 toys, not sure thought about the rest of it.
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Could you use lentils ?
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To answer a couple of questions, I bought clear plastic at the fabric store, but you could use a shower curtain. I have been collecting trinkets for a while. The craft store is a good source, especially the scrapbooking section. I also raided the jar by the washer where I keep pocket 'stuff' I find. The bottom of the toy bin is another good source. Things like paperclips, birthday candles, beads, coins, buttons...all good trinkets. Look around your home, you'll find stuff.

For the pellets, I've used rice for 'I Spy in the Snow' bottles, it would work for a bag. Also birdseed mix is popular. Since I want my bags to last, I'm going for the pellets this year.
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Any pics so I can see what they are? :
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I use poly pellets. I got them from Michaels, they're expensive to buy here though. $8 for a bag and it did 1 8X8 bag. I overfilled a couple with the pellets though, I need to take some out.

Pony Bead, Small Silver Ball, Tassel, Feather, Eraser, Coloured Bead, Medium Bead, Toothpick,Clay Pot, Sequin, Coin, Glue Stick, Hand Button, Small Bead, Clasp, Ribbon, Coloured Pompom, Green Bingo Chip, Large Bead, Elastic, Charm, Soybean, Balloon, Bell, Felt Letter/Number, Plastic Car, Plastic Straw, Letter Tile/Bead, Plastic White X, Q-Tip, Popcorn Kernel, Playing Card,
Paper Tag, Peppercorn, Star Button, Googly Eye, Coloured String, Cotton Ball, Paperclip, Mirror

I would not glue the vinyl to the bag, it would be too easy to come undone and you'd have a huge mess.

You can buy a variety of thicknesses of vinyl at a fabric store or walmart. I bought the thickest I could, it is used to cover lawn furniture. I figure it's less likely to split or be poked open.
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ty ty for all the responses

i am looking forward to making a couple of these for Christams
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YEA I finally found the thread on how to make the Spy Bags !!!

Which fabric is best to use ?

Is there any website, or does someone have specific instructions (for beginning crafters HA HA) !!
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I Spy bags what a great idea! I want to make some for my 5 yr old nephew. Are these good for a 5 yr old? Where can you buy the PVC pellets? How many bags should I make?
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Those look really neat. I had never heard of them before. I will have to try to find more info too. I think my DD would love those.
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Oh great, an 'I spy bags' thread! *yay* I was thinking of getting some for my 2 kids but the online prices are a bit too steep for our budget so I thought I could make them myself..
Thanks for starting this thread!
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I made one for a friend's DD's birthday. I used fleece and bought the vinyl at Jo-Anns. My Joanns didn't have the Poly pellets, but I found them at Michaels. I did double-stitching on all the seams. Sewed it inside out, turned it right side, stuffed it, and then top stitched around the outside (two rows of top stitching). I think I posted my pics on the other thread.

I used this tutorial, modified slightly since I used fleece which doesn't fray so you don't need to turn down the seam around the vinyl window.


I found small wood letters at Jo-Anns also, and I bought these to spell out the girl's name. I thought that would be fun! And then there was a mix of scrapbooking trinkets, buttons, small toys, household objects, etc. Also check out the wood craft aisle at Michaels. I found these cute colored mini clothespins that are adorable.
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Thanks for your info and the link, Tina!!!
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I found this thread really helpful - http://www.mothering.com/discussions...highlight=bags

I couldn't find polly pelets and ended up buying fake snow to use, lol. I think it will work well, I hope it's not too staticy. I bought a bunch of stuff at the craft store and also found stuff around the house. Some things I'm using - colorful foam letter beads, foam animal shapes, a silver bell (the jingle bells type), fun buttons, big googly eyes, a barbie shoe, colored pasta, sea shells, beads, magnetic letters, army guys, coins, pom-poms, a plastic spider, tiny ornaments, little tiny rubber ducks from the penny toy section at Joanns, etc. HTH.
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