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: I am soooooooo glad I found this thread!!! I have been trying to figure out how to make these. It doesn't seem that difficult, but I am a novice. I would love to see more finished products!!! I can't wait to do this!
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It looks like I never posted my pics of my project. Here is the bag, as well as what I placed into it. I'm going to print out the photo of what's in there and attach it to the little ribbon so she knows what to find (she's a non-reader). I can't remember how big I made the bag - maybe something like 8x8. Hopefully I have time to make some for my boys for Christmas. I think they would be fun activities in the car.



Here's my list of what's in there:

* wooden letters that I just colored with markers
* big buttons
* colored wooden beads
* mini rolling pin (found in the wood crafts aisle at Michaels)
* mini wooden colored clothespin (Michaels wood craft aisle again)
* little christmas present (supposed to be used to decorate mini christmas trees)
* little candy cane (ditto)
* birthday pieces - found in the bead aisle at Michaels, I think or was it scrapbooking/card making?
* the little dog and bone are scrapbooking/card embellishments, I think
* jingle ball
* little cotton pom poms
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I had to bump this thrend. I am making some eye spy bags for Christmas presents. Here is some photos of what I am putting in them. I am pretty excited about them. I hope the kids I am making them for are as excited as I am
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Hello every body
I have instructions for the eye spy bags.[/FONT]I have created a pattern for them, and just recently put one up for auction on ebay I sell them for $2.50 a pattern but I started the bid on ebay for .99 cents each. My plan is to just send them buy email so I hope it works. I just started this business and I hope it will be successful I am a single mom and I need a stay at home job. I would sure love to do business with all of you.
Thankyou I look forword to hearing from you my email is:inspirationcreations@gmail.com
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