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Getting frustrated

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My partner and I have been trying to conceive now for six months. No problems showed up at my last female exam, and my husband already has a daughter from a previous marriage, so his fertility's been proven.

Everyone around me has been having babies it seems, especially in my religious community. There, I'm one of three that's been trying without success--or I was before one of them went for IVF and conceived triplets! There's a Heathen baby boom in Texas, but I'm being left out!

Just thought I'd share my little rant. I know six months isn't a long time, but I waited two years after I was married while still in the Navy, and feel like maybe I'm too late, which is stupid because I'm only 25.
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How frustrating! I guess you're just such a terrific mama-to-be that you have to wait a while for a baby who deserves you. Hang in there! Getting stressed-out won't help your chances of conceiving, so try to stay calm--it's hard, I know.
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Ravin, I feel your pain. I'm also 25 (almost 26 actually) and ttc (for 17 months). It's annoying when everyone else is getting pg except you!! For myself I don't feel like it's too late...quite yet, but any longer and I'm going to! I want to be a fairly young parent, when my kids are 20 I want to be in my forties, not my fifties!

Envirobecca's right, stressing out about it isn't going to help, but sometimes how can you not??

Good luck!
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{{{ HUGS }}}
How disappointing.
It is so hard to get your hopes up every month, only to have them dashed again and again and again. I hope it will be your turn soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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End of frustration

It finally happened! I've conceived! Yay! To all those out there still trying: don't give up.
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Congratulations!!! Good luck in the coming months.
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