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My husband was in a car accident: update on post 11!

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First of all, he is fine. He left this morning while I slept in. I heard him leave, and then come back, saying "I totalled the car." I was surprised awake, and asked if he was okay.
He had pulled out of the driveway, and was trying to clear the windshield with the defroster, and veered into a parked 2 ton truck. The truck doesn't even have a scratch on it (besides what was there-- its like 20 years old).

Our poor Prius is most likely totalled. He hit the truck with the passenger side (thank God I wasn't in the car!) going max 15 mph. The hood of the car is so smashed that you can't even unlatch the hood. The right light cover slid over the hood. The hood itself is folded in on itself, and the radiator is smashed.

We called the insurance company and AAA to get the car totalled.

I am so upset, because we just downgraded from the Premium membership (which includes car rental) to the plus membership. grandma was paying for it, so we should have just kept the higher one, but we had a 2001 Prius that never caused us any problems, so we didn't think we would need it. I just called Enterprise, and it will be $200 for a week of rental. The deductible on our car is $500, so that's $700 right now, and our baby is due next month!

This is so frustrating to me, and I really needed to get it off my chest. I am actually surprised at the speed with which I can type while crying.

I just thank God so much that I wasn't there, and that the baby wasn't outside my belly in the car seat. That would have scared me so much!

It frustrates me that DH tries to do so many things at once. He isn't a spectacular driver in the first place, but he has veered off the road more than once. On Saturday, on the way to my Mother Blessing, he tried to move into the next lane on my right, into a big white truck. I was saying "whoa, whoa," and tensing the whole time, but he just didn't see the truck until it was almost too late.

I don't know what we are going to do about a new car. We have nowhere near paid this one off, and I don't know how much the insurance will pay us for it. We have been taking care of it, although it has over 100,000 miles on it.

And, what kind of car can we afford? This Prius was a blessing-- we bought it for $13,000 a year ago. We drive over 150 miles a week; we really need a gas efficient vehicle. How are we going to get one that doesn't cost $30,000??? I mean, right now we spend just over $20 a week on gas ($25), and we can barely afford that.

Why did this have to happen right now???? I feel so shaken up and I am so mad at DH, although it could have happened to anyone. I haven't felt any contractions since just after I saw the car this morning, so I am not worried about preterm labor, but I am afraid of the stress I am putting on this baby by being upset. And, when DH was here, I was all about comforting him, and making sure he wasn't in shock, and able to go into work this morning. i actually didn't want him to go, but he is a teacher, and hadn't prepared his lesson plan for this week.

That in itself makes me angry. He is NEVER prepared for ANYTHING-- he always procrastinates, and I am constantly reminding him to do things.

We've both been cranky lately: he is upset that the house is a mess. i just don't feel motivated to do ANYTHING right now but be on the computer. i will start working on a room or laundry, and just get so tired that I will just go back to the bedroom and be on the internet.

Oh, you guys, thanks for letting me vent! I can't talk to him until he gets home; there's nothing he can do at school to comfort me anyway. And it isn't anything he can fix. i am just frustrated and upset, and can't talk without crying. It's easier to type than talk when I am upset!
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"This too shall pass" is what my Nana always said. Most importantly, everyone is safe. The rest will sort itself out. Take care of you and baby now and hang tight!
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Sorry to hear that! Don't worry about the baby being affected by your stress level - the baby will be ok! Hang in there!

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{{{hugs}}} I'm sorry this is all happening like that!!! You can always do the car thing of my dreams; Go buy yourself a $300-500 car. They last about a year or so and you c ould put more than that into fixing a new car inthat time When that car runs no more, you go get anew one. No montly car payments and there's rarely a shortage of people seeling their old cars Just a thought.

GOod luck mama!! ~~~~~peace and relax vibs~~~~~

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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Wishing you some peace.
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Sorry Emily. That sounds just awful. I bet DH feels terrible, too.

I think I'd be feeling just like you are in your situation, stressed. But, I bet today will be the worst day for you. After you and DH get over the shock of what has happened, you'll be able to move forward looking for a new vehicle and sometime in the future, this will be something you both can laugh at.

Just today I sold a GREAT, really reliable Toyota with only 33,000 miles on it for less than half of what you bought your Prius for. It wasn't a hybrid, but it got great gas mileage and will run forever. All this to say that there are options out there for you that might be less expensive than replacing your Prius, but still ok for gas cost.

Hugs to you! And, I understand your not feeling that you have the energy to get anything done. My DH has been away for two days and I've had to really struggle to just do the basics, cook for the kids, etc. I'd rather just curl up under my comforter and read for hours.

Glad everyone in your family is ok. I was worried when I saw your title.

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I know where you are, we are there too. We have a 1993 Mazda that just had a transmission go out in it. It's our 'nice' 'new' car even though it's a previously salvaged vehicle...Blue Book for a clean title fair condition car of same year is $1400...New transmission costs $1800 so it's obviously not getting done...We put 100 miles a day on it. We were going to trade it in for a bigger car anyway so now we are stuck with a bum car of no trade-in value...

Our other vehicle is a 92 Chevy pickup with no radio or windshield wipers. Horrible gas mileage (DH was happy to get 15 mpg this weekend on a trip)...

DH was laid off last month and I was working about 60 hrs/week to try to make up the difference, but we just couldn't do it...With the car going out, it was really a burden.

I called my church and asked if they could send out an email asking if any of the church members had a car we could use for a month until DH got a couple paychecks to catch us up...I was in tears when I called because I felt so bad asking for something (they had just given us a gift certificate for $250 worth of food last month) but they were awesome...Yesterday a sweet lady called and said we could use their 89 Maxima for as long as we needed to get on our feet again. Ya wanna hear about a pregnant lady crying?

Hang in there. If you don't mind me suggesting it, I recommend looking at a cheaper car that will get you through the next few months until you can save up for a better one. DH and I are looking at something in the $5000-8000 range w/ a $1500 down payment (Christmas money and whatever we can save)...That will still be the most expensive car we'll have bought...The mazda was only $3200 with 35,000 miles on it and we've had it 3 years. The pickup was $2000 cash and had 150,000 miles on it, we've had it two years and no real problems. We are both very frugal and it's hard to imagine putting a car on credit so we are struggling with that idea right now...
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Thank you guys for letting me rant and get all this off my chest. You guys are just so supportive, and I don't really have that alot IRL. I haven't even told my mom yet, because I feel I have to be strong for her. She will totally freak out (she is very melodramatic) and ask frantically if everyone is okay, etc. I am not ready for that right now. I did manage to get alot of stuff concerning the car done yesterday. We rented a car, and we even got to see a sneak preview of Harry Potter for free! That REALLY cheered us up!

Tara-- DH totally wants to do that, but only because he doesn't trust himself with a nice car. We rented a Chevy Aveo, and I think he changed his mind . Really, though, that would be a very good idea if we could get a car that runs and has AC (a must here with 100+ summers). I did see a couple of geos going for that price!

Jen-- Thanks for those words.

"I was in tears when I called because I felt so bad asking for something"

That is what churches are for, after all! They help us when we are in need (prayer, food, money, etc.) and we supply our talents when we are able (ie: not pregnant!) to help others in need.
DH's grandma is housing a homeless pregnant couple right now, through our church. They have had struggles way worse than mine (lost one of their twins- in utero), and Grandma is doing what she can for them. They help out at the church, got baptised earlier this year, became members, and are already active members in the church. The body of Christ (assuming here-- sorry) takes care of itself: if one part is sick, the entire body will have trouble functioning.
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I'm so sorry! That sucks. Everything will work itself out.

We are driving a $500 Buick Cutlass Calais. Very classy. It runs, we spend about $35 a week in gas, no big problems (right now *crossing fingers*) and we've had it for about a year and a half. It doesn't have A/C right now, but it's cooled off a lot (South TX) so it's not so bad.

You can probalby get something decent for very little. Just try to get it paid off as soon as you can. Not haivng a car payment sure helps.

Good luck, and I'm sure everything will be alright!
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Carrie-- I had a Calais!! Well, my mom did. She went through this phase where she bought a car every year or so, cuz she would buy cheap, unreliable cars, and then not take care of them (NO maintenance), so they would die very quickly. The calais lasted longer than most, I am sure it was a mix of my mom's driving, a disreputable car dealer and the age of the car that finally did it in!

I did check the blue book value of the car. I know we have over 100,000 mi on it, but I don't think we have 200,000, so the value is between $13,000 and 14,000. hopefully the car isn't that damaged. i think we owe $11,000 on it still, so if they give us $13,000 for it, we can pay it off and buy a cheaper car. Maybe we would get a cheaper Toyota that we could pay off quicker.
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Yeah, the Calais is the 'Sports Model' of the Cutlass. That's what a dealer told Carlo.

It's so smooth and cool, I don't know if we'll ever stop driving it!

But, A Toyota sounds good! We were trying for a Toyota. They're really good cars. We're going to try to get a new car around the time the baby comes. Maybe a few weeks after, or something. That car is so old, and smells like an ashtray.. I'd rather not have my baby riding around in it. There's cigarette burns all over the driver's side. The guy who owned it before us smoked packs a day. :Puke Don't want the baby in it!

Good luck. Maybe you can be so lucky as to have a Calais!
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Update: I just checked on the car today and I have good news!!! They priced our vehicle at $13,000 for a low estimate, and so far they have $3,000 worth of repairs. If there isn't any structural damage, we still have 9-10,000 of "credit" until the total the car. The even better news is that we only have $11,000 left to pay on the car, so if they do total it, we will have $2,000 left over for a down payment on another car! We both feel so much better today!!!

On a side note, I went to the chiropractor yesterday to get adjusted. He usually adjusts my neck with the adjuster because I am paranoid about breaking my neck . Yesterday, I was in so much pain, that I let him adjust me manually. I told him that DH was in a car accident, and since then my back had really been hurting. He asked if I was in the accident as well, and I said, "no, I have just been so tense and have carried the tension in my neck." Anyway, there was alot of cracking and popping yesterday! he said I was worse yesterday than when I first started with him!
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Glad to know that you're feeling better! And glad to hear good news!!

We got in a wreck almost 2 years ago. The guy slammed into us (he ran a stop sign) and we thought that the car was done for. The insurance company totaled it out, we got $1300 for our 'pain and suffering' and $1400 for the car.

Well it turns out that the only thing wrong with the car was a hose that got pulled loose in the wreck. Aside from the dents, the car was fine. That's some good luck!
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Emily, I am so glad things are looking up with the car. I know how stressful situations like yours can be and it helps so much when things start going right. I hold tension in my body, too, and often get upper back pain when I am feeling a lot of stress.

Anyway, glad for you and DH that things are looking better. And I've needed to renew my AAA membership for a few months. I am going to do it NOW after reading your posts and being reminded that I could use it anyday.

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