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my old pdoc called me to check in, I didnt have the balls to say I wasnt on meds any more....now im stuck cause I could use alittle anti-anxiety med, but i dont want to get into the whle li, seroquel string....

here I am posting in the middle of the night!

I've been off meds since july and I have been prety good. eat right, sleep well and it really helps. I find myself so placid when on meds its disturbng, Im sure my husband loves it but it sjust notme! so far so good. i started kung fu and working out every day with chi gong breathing exercises and it makes a world of difference....

good night.. i always check in
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Originally Posted by poxybat
and dont post when youre manic
I know that one, hahaha
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look into these.....
amino acids, I take a complete amino supp., as well as L-Tyrosine. I also use a ton of Bragg's liquid aminos on my food.

vitamin B complex, with a B3 supp.

the Omega's ( I am a veg., but take the fish oil....flax is good, hemp, too)

with this regimen I have felt very healthy mentally for months. If I feel off, I up the doses for a few days and I am back to normal. Good luck

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Originally Posted by ediesmom
the Omega's ( I am a veg., but take the fish oil....flax is good, hemp, too)
is there any reason no one mentions that olive oil has omega's? is it too low a quantity to help or something? its alot more pleasant than fish oil...
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You all might appreciate a website called http://www.alternativedepressiontherapy.com for alternatives to medication for bipolar disorder. Good luck
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I like Kid's DHA
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Does anyone else have this problem with their DH?
Yup Yup!! -waves flag-

If I get even the SLIGHTEST bit depressed he becomes all concerned and prods me to tell him whats bothering me, he asks when I last took my medicine and even asks if I might need a little more or "do you think your good?" It gets frusterating and sometimes, that in and of itself pisses me off and pushes me to yelling. But I have to remind myself that DH has VERY good cause to be concerned when I start getting sad/depressed. He (and I) have noticed a pattern and that is, when I get sad, I let it DRAG me down (like the anchor of this boat will tie itself to me and drop) and I cannot come out of it until I lash out (and most often its at him). So he tries really hard to keep me out of sadness/depression. He's not wanting me to be jubilantly happy all the time, just on even ground, and then when I get sad he's there to comfort me. But when I begin getting sad over everything, that's when he starts worrying and being that way... oiy is it annoying sometimes!!
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so im bumping this thread to add thT I GUESS I was feeling low for about 2 months because now Im certainly NOT feeling low. I got out of low for 2 week and now Im in a fast track to manic. My chest is full of that energy, I cant shut up or stop moving. Right now its fun, but Im honestly terrified. So I took seroquel last night to go to bed. I dont wan to take it all the time, but maybe I should for a few weeks. Any ideas for natural anti-mania? there's so much out there to combat depression naturally, but not Too much for mania!
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I suggest the Hylands Calms Forte homeopathic tablets...It works well for my insomnia so I'd assume it'd do the same for mania...It might make you tired though...
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I've also found help from Bach flower remedies like Walnut, CHestnut and Rescue Remedy. One of them has a description like "For when thoughts and worries go round and round in your mind". I think that was Walnut. And there are others that are helpful. Look up online or find at a local natural food store.
Also there is homeopathic kit with three remedies in it called a stress pack that I found helpful.
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thanks! I do already use chamomile hylands and rescue remedy butIll definately look in to the more specific bachs. I also have used valarian to sleep - or5 try to, but I honestly have to say that not much of that is effective enough to cut into my points. It helps in the first few weeks but then its just ON, ya know?
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right here rowin' the ol' boat behind y'all!

the hyland's calm's forte is a good one when i'm feeling extremely agitated, or can't sleep. gotta only take one though, or much grogginess!

fish oils are our friends. i wonder if i should be taking more than the "one a day" dosage the packaging recommends? the midwife who suggested them didn't give me much guidance in that respect (only saw her once for a consultation).

i'm just so, so glad to be off lithium ... it stabilized me when my life depended on it, but oh man, did the side effects suck.
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I'm right in the same boat with you! I was diagnosed as Bipolar when I was 16, and I've been on many of the drugs you named. But when I left my home state of Virginia to move to Ohio, I decided it was a new start all around, and I stopped taking my meds. It's been 2 and 1/2 years since then, and well...I'm alive, lol! I still cycle, and have ups and downs (not as bad as when I was a teen though). Thankfully, I have a very understanding, supportive DH who just loves me through the cycles if that makes sense. Alot of the depression is triggered by my weight, and the mania...well, I haven't figured out what triggers that! I don't have any advice really, just wanted to let you know, I'm in the same boat, and I'm ok.

good luck, I'm sending lots of love your way!
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Oh, I'm so happy to have found this thread!!! I was diagnosed bipolar in April of 2003. I'd been on antidepressents for several years and they had pushed me so far into manic that I'd ran up a secret cc, was behaving inappropriately in public, had started on a 100' rock wall and was making fast and good progress, and many other things that were totally out of character for me. Then I went on Lamictal and for the first time in my entire life I felt like a normal person. I cried when I was sad, felt happy sometimes, was productive, but not overly productive, etc. Then, last May, my mental health deteriorated very quickly. I probably should have been hospitalized. I started crawling under things at home. I'd have these weaping fits where I'd find myself half under my bed. Or one day, I crawled behind the toilet!!! I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I started seeing a specialist for medication as my family doc was handling it before. I also saw a psychologist that quickly became too expensive. Both were helpful. But, the specialist took me off of the antidepressant and put me on an anti-psychotic. It would help for a few days and then I would start rapid cycling. It was so bizarre that I started keeping a journal. I'd feel great for a few hours and then suddenly, I'd be going off the deep end. Part of this was that my values require me to be a SAHM but I'd been working full time for 2+ years with my youngest in daycare and was tearing me to pieces!!! I was crying nearly constantly. I had a higher level position at the office and had two innapropriate outbursts, one of which found me yelling at my boss in front of my crew, "Don't undermine me!" Another day I went into hysterical crying and snuck away soas to not be noticed. In September I went on a 3 day personal retreat at a little retreat community uplake where there are no phones. I journaled constantly, did a huge (several feet wide and several feet long) weaving, ate healthy food, had healthy conversations with people from my past who weirdly happened to be there at the same time, and had forgotten my medication. At first I was scared that something weird might happen, like seizures, but then I felt so free!! I also decided to quit my job even though dh still wanted my income (he got over it and is happy he agreed). Then, I had time to start exercising again. So, now I'm a SAHM who exercises almost every day and I'm not taking any medication. However, last time I saw my family doc she prescribed something similar to valium which I really think was a good idea. I carry them around with me, but don't need them. However, if I find that I'm getting really aggitated, I'll take half of one. I did that for the first time last Saturday when I was seeing my sister. Anytime I see my family I get aggitated. Otherwise, I've been feeling great. Well...I have struggled on and off with depression, but THAT I can handle. Sometimes I don't want to get out of bed. Sometimes I sit in front of the computer for far too long. But, I'm basically functioning every day. I can't say that I feel happy or content, but I do recognize true joy sometimes.

Whew, new paragraph! My public face is very stoic and happy. People around me, unless they know me very well, think that I'm a happy, contributing member of society. And that image is very important to me. It's probably the single-most powerful thing that has kept me from really going crazy. I HAVE to look good. I don't mean physically...I mean I have to look like a good, kind, happy, friendly person. I HAVE to. When I'm not doing well, I just fade away and torment my family.

My worst times have always been spring. Sooooo...I'm really scared to enter spring unmedicated. I've also taken on a lot of responsibility. I'm the fundraising chairperson at our daughters' school and I'm directing a musical this summer. I had also taken on being the chairperson for the school's auction which is a massive, huge job. But, with the support of some close friends and those feelings of aggitation beginning to build, I backed out. And amazingly, the world didn't fall apart!!! And no one was angry with me!!!!

So, I think the key for me is to keep exercising, keep living within my values (being home for my kids is the biggy), keep busy, but recognize when I'm getting too busy, and let myself say no, and also keep trying to live up to this reputation of being a good, productive person. I'd also like to look into alternative supplements. No one ever told me about fish oil. I do consume a lot of flax meal. Can't stomach the oil unless it's in capsules.

Nice to meet you all!
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Wow, I'm glad I found this thread...I'm medicated right now. I wasn't a good mom and my symptoms got worse with pregnancy (alot worse)

Right now I feel so placid and almost uncaring, unfeeling. I haven't even cried over my divorce once , but i have felt jealousy and mild anger though. I've had a friend tell me that he really notices the effects of my medication, my therapist tells me that i seem less animated than before (heck, i don't even need her except for the jealousy problem, which is now gone)

I want to reduce my meds and up my fish oil, etc. I took the high high doses of fish oil during pregnancy and BF (bf i was Dx) I refused meds until DD was 2, the earliest that I would even consider weaning her.

I want to HS my DS next year and am worried about the stress involved bc he is also bipolar (we are almost sure) School isn't a good fit for him but how can an unmedicated mom homeschool her son?

IOW, I'm terrified to go off of the meds, also terrified about being on them. I had a great DR work up this regime for me and now she dropped me as a patient bc i was stable. I've been seeing another doc who doesn't even remember me, i frankly don't trust her to tinker with what is working to keep the bipolar at bay.

BTW, the 'good' doc is semi retired so i doubt that she would see me again.

I think I'm going to start up my fish oil again and hope to find a good doctor to help me wean...and of course watch this thread.

I must say that I miss 'me' I feel lost inside of a pill bottle (s)

Good luck to everyone and wish me luck as I take the great leap.
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Here's a remedy I haven't seen mentioned so far - some chiropractors can offer you an amino acid supplement with B6, calcium and folate. The amino acids it contains are the building blocks of neurotransmitters used by the brain. If you have had some luck w/ SSRIs calming your cycles but don't like how they make you feel, this might be something to look into. It's called NeuroReplete and apparently is only available thru a chiro, and not all are into it. They officially use it to help patients deal with chronic pain, lose weight and to help with migraines.

The supplement info says that SSRIs actually reduce the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain, they don't increase it at all. So the approach with this supplement is to increase the "supplies" needed by the brain to make the neurotransmitters, in an effort to increase them & relieve the symptoms.
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I am so glad I looked at this thread!
Does anyone else have the manic/depression swings that come with their periods? I feel like I am fine 2 weeks out of the month and the other 2 weeks I am rapid cycling.
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I recently found this Pyroluria info. At first I wasn't sure but I went for it. After eliminating that stuff from my diet and taking supplements things have improved 110% for me.

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Nice to see this thread here. I am posting, but may not be visiting much because I prefer to forget 'bout this part of my life as long as it's not bothering me.

Diagnosed BP in 2000. Finally felt like that was an answer to the question I'd asked since childhood "Am I the only person that feels this deeply, hurts this painfully and experiences these colors?"

I'm lucky, I'm usually hypomanic which manifests itself in a little bit of grandiosity and over-exuberance. The downside is that I'm terribly disorganized in thought and unable to focus on things for much time at all. I have been able to function both on and off meds pretty well, but I feel much safer on them. My drugs of choice were Lamictal and Wellbutrin XR. Went off of them last June when I found out I was 10 wks pregnant. Got through pregnancy okay, now am breasfeeding and not having too many problems without meds.

It's like there's always something lurking underneath though, some shark ready to smack me if things go awry.

I just wanted to intruduce myself.

Jen (aka: Fireshifter)
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I want to HS my DS next year and am worried about the stress involved bc he is also bipolar (we are almost sure) School isn't a good fit for him but how can an unmedicated mom homeschool her son?

I stopped taking my meds several weeks ago and I actually feel better now. I was on Seroquel and it made me feel like a highly functioning zombie. I've been taking a combo of probiotics, mulitivitamins, and Flax oil (and my Levoxyl for my thyroid) every day, combined with Hylands Nerve Tonic when I start getting really pissed off about something. I also have a 32 hour/week job and homeschool my son. I prefer homeschooling off the meds because I tend to be on the manic side and I can get SO MUCH more accomplished when I only sleep 4 hours/night. The Seroquel was making me sleep 8 hours and I felt like I never had enough time for everything. We're unschooling so I don't have to actually sit down and "teach" but I've been able to spend more time just playing and interacting so DS is learning a lot more these days.
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