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hey this is goooood- I'm reviving it!

Hi all

I'm Erin... happy to find this thread today. I'm swimming in that water you're all boating around in! I've been going through BP (but didn't chalk it up to that) for a loooooong time, just thinking I was "out of it" and never went for help. Actually I thought I was depressed, since my mum has been forever it seems. So.... okay, my son is 15 months old and we're bfing (kind of motivates me to find alternatives to meds) and I've been all over the map since that.. raging, not functioning, screaming (I thought I actually loosened a wisdom tooth from screaming so hard ) I have a really supportive but worried dh and now finally FINALLY I'm going to a bipolar support group (general public, not spec. for mamas) and it really resonates deep inside me. I don't know how severely I swing, sometimes if I have caffeine I am so manic and like another mama said, I throw myself into sewing or sorting or cleaning etc.. and IT FEELS DAMN GOOD> then the next day is a writeoff. and the tv's on, it's a lovely day outside, and I feel like a nobody. empty and dull and afraid that if we go out, someone will piss me off and I'll be like "What was the point of getting out the door"/ ???? I'm really depressed today. Highly sensitive too.. I'm going to make a mission to get some fish oil! I want to feel better! I'm looking at my ds with so much love and yet my body and mind are saying "Uh, nope, mama's got no energy and very little patience for you, and are you ready for a nap?" THat f-ing SUCKS!!!! I don't want to regret all these bad days. WHat a waste.

: but !!!
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I hear you. It's reall f'ing hard to manage just life when you're cycling. I'll tell you what has helped me immensly. I cut sugar, coffee and wheat out of my diet. I'm taking zinc, manganese, evening primrose oil and B6. I just started acupuncture for BP and other things. Hopefully this will also have a positive impact. I can tell you changing my diet and starting the supplements has made a big difference. Before I was wanting to wean so I could go back on meds because I was beginning to feel so out of control and cycle har. Now, I still have the highs and lows but it's more 'normal' and workable. Anyway...I'm here if you want to talk and hopefully you can find something that works for you!
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Thanks for everything you said Ellie! I'm down to 1 organic decaf a day and really try to stay away from wheat too. Sugar's one of my vices-- but I'm having it in dark chocolate so... some kind of balance?! I'm going to look into acupuncture. And start some kind of yoga regimen too. Ahh, there's hope! I had fish oil last night and a B complex this morning and today does feel different.

My spidy senses are keener! :


Likewise about the chatting! Anytime..
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Fish Oil! Fish Oil! Fish Oil!

Wow-- thanks to a few glowing recommendations by other mamas in similar boats : I tried taking a high-quality fish oil and a B complex. I tell you, I feel clear-headed, calmer, like I have access to my brain and my instincts and energy. And that was the day after I started taking it!!! I highly HIGHLY recommend fish oil for boost out of that high-low cycle/depression (of course, with the thumbs up from someone medical if you're on meds). I actually feel more like myself... kwim?
YAHOOO!!! Even if I'm tired when I wake up, I've got a new set of coping thoughts and centeredness that cancels out that lingering dark feeling that has been my norm for ages now.
: I feel great!
I hope it works wonders for everymama reading this

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I have been suffering alone through my manicdepression. I haven't been on meds for 5 years, I feel like I'm never going to feel better. I love being pregnant, it makes me feel normal.

I have never tried fish oil or Bvitamins. What is the difference between cod liver oil and fish oil? which would you recommend? I have moved recently, and I don't have a doc to talk to about this - at least not one I trust - I could use any advice.

Its really great to know there is something out there besides meds that may help me, thtnk you for starting this thread!
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Fish Oils

Cod liver oil is a fish oil, but it is harder to get a pure source of this.(toxins are stored in fats, and oil is all fat)
For fish oil, I have been using a good product called Ultimate Omegas from Nordic Naturals. It has a high dose of EFA's with not too bad a fishy taste (it is flavored with lemon oil so not too bad). I take two in the morning with breakfast and two in the evening with dinner. It makes me feel remarkably better, clearer and more able to deal with the world. I would highly recommend this product, it's really pure and a good high dose of omegas.
From their website:
"All Nordic Naturals products are doctor recommended, pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled, and third party tested to document the absence of all environmental pollutants (No PCBs, dioxins, pesticides or heavy metals).

They also have other pills for pregnant women,kids and lower doses too.
In addition to fish oil, I also take a lot of B's and zinc.

I hope this is helpful
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Homeopathy w/bp

I'm new to the list so I'll introduce myself. I have two fantastic daughters and a wonderful husband. Thank goodness for that or I don't know how I would have made it through the last few years. I am also a doula, which seems to come very naturally for me. I have been BP probablly my whole life. I have been diagnosed as hyperactive and of course as ADD and depressed...sound familiar??? About 10 mos ago I was doing some reading and at the same time my primary care suggested that the reason my Lexapro wasn't helping was because I was possibly BP. Turns out he was right...texbook BPII. I was put on Seroquil and Zoloft...Finally "even" for the first time in my life...now the next problem...I am a recovering bulemic (13 years of it) and have gained over 20 lbs. on the meds. I work out with a trainer doing pilates 3 days a week as well as eat very healthy. I don't want to have to make a choice between "even" and fat...I am going to try to wean off and have started Heel brand homeopathy pellets as well as a detox. I know someone posted recently about how she hated the meds and started homeopathy and it worked for her...if you are that person, or have had a similar experience please let me know...I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing.

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Originally Posted by ellie_astrum
I recently found this Pyroluria info. At first I wasn't sure but I went for it. After eliminating that stuff from my diet and taking supplements things have improved 110% for me.

Hi. This link above was very interesting to me. overwhelming,a bit, as right now i'm at a low point and am overwhelmed by everything. However, I came here to this thread because i'm seeking some help.

dx about 2 yrs ag and am on low doses of effexor and depakote. i take fish oils and a multi and stuggle with stress, full moon effect and my hormone issues.

All of the alternatives are intriquing me, in as much as so many of you say they work for you. I would be scared to go off but still dont want to increase but wonder if i really need to right now.

i hope some of you come back and support as well as offer your insights and current updates. REally need some guidance right now.
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Originally Posted by passionfaerie
I am so glad I looked at this thread!
Does anyone else have the manic/depression swings that come with their periods? I feel like I am fine 2 weeks out of the month and the other 2 weeks I am rapid cycling.
Yes! me. The real clincher is also that my moon time keeps moving up about 4-5 days each month! Right now, i get the full moon that turns me absolutely irritable and manic-mad-agitated and then the hormones following right behind!
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How am I not subscribed to this thread yet? I know I read it when it first showed up (hi Tiff!).

Ah well, am now. Will catch up later.
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Originally Posted by lauraess
Yes! me. The real clincher is also that my moon time keeps moving up about 4-5 days each month! Right now, i get the full moon that turns me absolutely irritable and manic-mad-agitated and then the hormones following right behind!
the 2 week bad PMS thing i unbelievable for me this month, I had been doing really good for about a year until now.
I went back on the seroqiul hopefully just for a week or so.
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Hello again. I am feeling a lot better now. the hormones have done their thing and the moon is in a better phase for me.

I saw my med-psych and told her about my recent struggles. She thought i should go up again (been always trying to lower the dosage and keep going back up . I asked her for the name and no of the therapist she had referred way back so i can really get closer managed treatment.

I also found a good B complex that doesnt make me flush.

I wanted to take the info from the pyroluria site (above)along with so i could have her write me a script for lab work but of course i forgot.

So, I'm hoping i can fax her the info and she can send in a script to the lab.

Hope everyone is well and please, please come share.
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Hi everyone. I'm a med-free, bipolar, breastfeeding mother of a 2-year-old, and I'm probably going to homeschool her.

I've suffered from depression for the last 30 years, and started treatment (including meds) in junior high. Meds really don't agree with me, and often make things worse. By college, my reaction to anti-depressants was the thing that earned me the bipolar diagnosis. I got very involved as a subject in a bipolar research program at a local teaching hospital.

After years of feeling like crap, I finally made some progress with one of the psychologists in the research group, using cognitive behavioral therapy. I was on and off meds as they tried various experiments, but in the end I decided to drop out of the study program. I continued to see the psychologist for a while after I was off the meds, but we eventually felt we were "done" with treatment.

When I wanted to get pregnant, my psychologist helped me find a psychiatrist who would work with me through the pregnancy. I was on a super healthy diet while trying to conceive (including fish for dinner every night). Once I was pregnant, we opted for a low dose of Wellbutrin ER for the final trimester and the first few months after birth, with ECT as a back-up option if things got bad, but it went pretty well (mood-wise), so we didn't have to use ECT, and I tapered off the Wellbutrin.

I still have mood swings once a month, and I feel awful, and hopeless; then I get my period and I remember: "Oh! THAT'S why I feel this way!"

I generally don't think about or identify with my diagnosis; but since I'm trying to get a part-time job right now, it's on my mind again. In a few of my jobs my depression has been bad enough to require a leave of absence, or leaving completely, so it's always a struggle to go through the whole process of trying to get a job and wondering what my references will say about me. Oh well....
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wow I just had the WORST PMS/period ever ( well at least in a year) I FINALLY feel like myself again todayprobably 2 weeks of pure hell. I have to say thought there were times in my life when the pure hell was a constant and not even ebb and flowing with the moon. yeah for sanity when we can get it!!!
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hey just wanted to say Im volcano - I remembered my old password!!!!
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I started looking into http://www.womentowomen.com/ . It's very interesting. Of course you can take a Hormonal Health Screener Quiz to determine which category your symptoms lie, then they recommend a Personal Program (with vitamins and progesterone cream). I have not bought into it....yet. I read the testimonials (and there are a lot of positives!). Seems to be a naturopathic remedy with suggestions on nutrition.

Hope this helps.
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volcano> I'm sorry it was so rough Glad it's over, tho.
Do you live anywhere on the east coast? We just had this weather system that blew threw a doozy of hurricane- like stuff and i know it affected me!
I think that anything that touches on our sensitive neuro-sensory (is that the right word?) systems has the potential to swing us this way or that. Hormones, the barometric pressure, the phases of the moon, sickness.... oooo watch out!
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Originally Posted by lauraess
I think that anything that touches on our sensitive neuro-sensory (is that the right word?) systems has the potential to swing us this way or that. Hormones, the barometric pressure, the phases of the moon, sickness.... oooo watch out!
As someone wise once said, "It's ALL connected, baby"

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Originally Posted by Arwyn
As someone wise once said, "It's ALL connected, baby"

Yep! ..................................

Just one big ole spider web

And on another note, I have been getting a lot of side-effects/adjustment effects since i increased my meds. Yuck. I am really tired every afternoon, then i get a headache, after i eat diner i get a little bloated. I really wish it wasnt this way, and i get irritable Hopefully in a week or so i'll feel better.
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back again

I'm so happy this is a needed forum
I revived this thread and then I didn't look at it for a month and more! oops. we are REALLY not alone in this!
me... it's one of those weeks when i'd love to chalk it up to the moon/period/pms/pre-pms/post-period whatever.. but my brain goes NOPE YOU JUST AREN"T DOING WELL. there are just so many details weighing heavy right now, moving to new zealand in december, withdrawing from everything it seems, finding reasons not to see people i know (mostly because i have very little energy for my toddling son, let alone the world out there, or even at a friend's house, or on the bus). I am also a highly sensitive person and I FEEL EVERYTHING, every fluctuation in temperature, every facial expression, tone of voice, it's useful sometimes but it's driving me crazy right now!
Also, I'm so sad to admit.. the unplanned-ness (sort of surprise pregnancy)of our little sweet boy is like a freight train running into me every day. I know that sounds really awful and lazy and irresponsible... I mean, we WANTED to have a baby, i just never anticipated feeling like this. I feel like I barely get through each day, and if I put on Sesame Street for an hour I just look at his little self and can't help but feel selfish and unable to give him my attention. I still nurse him which makes me feel better about spending quality time, and I tickle him and talk to him all the time.. it's just that I feel so shitty and I wake up hoping that "today I'll feel like I LOVE BEING A MUM".. I don't resent him-- I love Andraeus so much.. it's just.. it's like I haven't surrendered yet to the fact that THIS IS MY LIFE. I have days when I feel alive and loving and wonderful for him, but those are once a week or so. Maybe I just need a good kick in the derriere. I don't know. I want to surrender to this! I WANT to feel the love and show it. When is my brain chemistry going to stop f---ing me around? Or is that a cop-out? It's probably something I can fix and am just lazy. I feel like I'm just playing house here, getting by. The rest of the time I'm not getting a grip and taking my life by the horns, kwim?
Does anymum understand this?

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