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natural twin birth

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Hello all,

My good friend is expecting twins in about 2-3 weeks and determined to have them naturally, however she gets discouraging looks and comments from folks around her.
She gets the same comments when she says she's going to breastfeed twins also.
With the big day drawing near, she's getting a bit worried. But I know it can be done, any advice?
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It CAN be done and the biggest issue with both natural birth and breastfeeding is determination and the will to succeed.
I had my twins naturally even though I was induced with Pit. THey were both head down so I didnt have to worry about a breech extraction. And I never even considered pain relief medicatoins. They simply arent part of my birthing options I give myself. Single or twin birth. If you can do it with one, you can do it with two. Two babies arent any more painful. And you only have to transition once and dilate once.
Same is true with breastfeeding. I have two breasts so I saw no reason or excuse why I could not breastfeed twins exclusively. I have previous children though so I also knew I would have no problems with milk supply.
Seriously, women have been having twins just as long as they have been having singletons. They are naturally occurring frequently enough in the population so our bodies are prepared to handle them.

Good luck to your friend.
Hopefully she has a supportive doctor (midwife would be better of course) and a doula or a good friend experienced in birth to act as a doula. And a solid birth plan.
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Yes It can be done.

I had my twins naturally...refused the epi.I did it going against the dr.,my then husband(wonder why he isn't around anymore )my mother and even my father when he called to see how things were going.It would help greatly if she had someone on her side. I had to insist that one of my midwives was there. Since they aren't allowed to do twin births with out a dr. they didn't even call her.
She was on my side and I had one very nice nurse. Everyone else thought that I was crazy.I did it successfully though and the second one was even breech. For the rest of my stay at the hospital I was the crazy super woman...
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I got pretty much no support from anyone for a natural birth or breastfeeding also. It is really annoying when you are pregnant to have people constantly telling you that you can not do it. I ended up having my twins at home after talking to the hospital and several doctors and not being at all happy about what they had to say. My babies were both head down and were born in only 1.5 hours. I have never supplemented at all, they have never even had a bottle of breast milk. My mil keeps trying to get me to pump so someone else can feed them and I can have a "break", but it is just so much easier to feed them than to pump. I hope your friend is very strong willed and willing to stand up for herself and her babies and that she has someone there that can do the same durring the birth if she is unable to comunicate what she wants. Good luck to her!
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Mine were born naturally (at home) also. Have her read birth stories and know it's not uncommon at all!
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I had my twins naturally - after being induced to have them evicted - - no epidural or anything. The ped was surprised when i told her i planned on nursing exclusvely - every time we see her - she says: wow! that's great, way to go.

a positive attitude goes a long way.
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Tell your friend to come "lurk" around this board - both can be done!

I was unable to have a natural birth for a number of reasons (positioning of the babies and cords), but nursed both exclusively and never supplemented.

Keep encouraging her
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Originally Posted by royaloakmi
Tell your friend to come "lurk" around this board - both can be done!
she's here (mostly on this parenting multiples board). she had a vaginal birth with a great doula (yay!!) and is nursing so well that she can play video games while feeding the two lil 5 lb'ers, should the need arise.

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I had twins non-medicated (I don't like the term "natural" to mean "delivering without pain medication".) & I bf them exclusively. They had a bottle of expressed breast milk on certain occasions (when I had to take my husband to surgery, for example) but other than that, they were all mine! Your friend can do it!!!! Also, check out the show, "Bringing Baby Home" I think it's on TLC. There is a re-run of a mom of twins who gave birth non-medicated, bf's them & cloth diapers!
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