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First question =)

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Hi ladies, this is my first time posting here so I guess I should introduce myself first before I ask my question I'm Britt, and I'm 26 weeks into my first pregnancy. My husband and I are planning on having a UC in February, and we're very excited I've had a really easy pregnancy so far, but I've recently developed a head cold, that has now moved out of my head and into my chest. I also have asthma, so it may not be the cold at all, it could just be that, but I'm still blowing my nose quite a bit so I dunno. Anyway, it started yestereday after I scrubbed a cat mess in the carpet (I'm allergic to cats, so that set my allergies off), and has continued to worsen today. I'm slightly wheezy, but still able to take full breaths, but I feel short of breath all the time, and an off again on again cough that is sometimes dry and sometimes flemy. I'm hesitant to call my allergist because I'm sure he'll want to give me meds, and he favors the steriods like prednisone. I hate prednisone when I'm not pregnant, and don't even want to consider the possibility of taking it now. Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions and advice on how to handle this? Should I go ahead and call him to see what he'd say? Or just chill, and see what happens?
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I don't have asthma... but i am 23 weeks along with an ex-sinus head cold that moved into my lungs.. I picked up the hyland's bronchial cough remedy to help my body get the stuff out of my lungs and I try to keep it humid where we sleep with a humidifier... and I am taking hot steamy showers.

I am also allergic to cats, but my husband had an unusual reaction (skin falling off his hands and bleeding,etc, versus my stuffy nose and runny eyes type reaction) so they have new homes now. It's been 1.5 years without them and I can't remember what I did, lol. I think Hyland's also has an allergy remedy that you can use in conjunction.. that would cover both bases and won't hurt you or baby while you take them to see if it helps. (JIC, Hyland's is homeopathic remedy company, and i found mine at WIld Oats)

Hope htat helps some! I wouldn't want to go to the doc for that either unless absolutely necessary, especially since you can still take full breaths.. It coudl be baby stuffing up into your lungs too, *grin* and everything combined is just making it more difficult to cope.
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just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't be handling cat poop at all during your pregnancy. there is a chance of toxoplasmosis which can cause severe birth defects or death of the child. get someone else to do it, or if thats not an option, wear gloves and wash your hands extremely well after you clean. the cats theselves cause no harm though, so it's still safe to pet them.
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Thank you for your suggestions I ran out and got a humidifier and am feeling tons better. I couldn't find Hylands around here, but my pharmacist suggested Benadryl. She said she took it with her last pregnancy, and it helped a lot (she had a lot of allergy problems with her last baby). If I get too bad, I guess I'll try that. So far rest, the humidifier, a couple of nice hot showers, back rubs and lots of water and vitamin c have helped. Now I'm just praying I don't get strep throat this year.

One of the smaller reasons I was so happy to be pregnant was it gave me an excuse to have my husand clean the cat box I've been having him take care of that since the first day I even thought I could be pregnant .. the mess was a pee mess, and I wore rubber gloves and scrubbed my hands afterwords. I've been such a paranoid pregnant woman better safe than sorry, right?
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