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hidden PUL

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How well does this work? If i have a layer of hidden white PUL with a cute flannel print over it. i have heard that this can cause some bad wicking to the outer layer of flannel. anyone done this? any tricks to get it to work right?
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heheheh I made the CUTEST diaper out of a gorgeous rainbow batik flannel doing this.
I made the mistake of turning and topstitching it. So the inner hemp layer is laid right against the outer hemp layer. Argh. It works okay for an hour or so, but too much longer and the outer gets drenched.

The next AIO I made with hidden PUL I just serged without T&T so that the outer flannel and the inner hemp don't touch. This seems to work just fine. I prefer T&T dipes, but oh well. You have to make some concessions some times.
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A hidden layer works in an aio when you serge it?! Cool. Really? Truly? Seems too good to be true! I've been avoiding aio's because I don't like to T&T-- love my serger, though. Are there any commercial aio's that are serged? Don't think I've ever seen any.
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Now that you mention it, I'm not sure that I have either. I just got the idea after making this other dipe that I mentioned and being SO disappointed. I really keep meaning to post a pic of it.

But yeah, the one I serged the edges of works just fine. Just make sure the inner and outer cottons don't touch. The PUL prevents that if you have everything cut properly and are using 100% poly thread.
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wow, that's an awsome idea. SERGING an AIO I will have to try it.
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Doesn't Mudpies serge?! I think I've seen several... but maybe they all have microfleece inners and snap in soakers??

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Serging an AIO is not a new idea y'all - it works best like this:

Outer fashion print (avoid flannels, they pill and are more absorbent, use wovens or knits)
Hidden layer of PUL
Inner layer of microfleece or suedecloth.

Sew elastic only to microfleece or suedecloth, then serge around all three body layers to create a shell. Some like fluffymail.com put an absorbent layer of hemp between the microfleece and the PUL for more absorbency.

Apply your fasteners. Now create your soaker pad - a contour works well, topped with more microfleece or suedecloth, or you can do a trifold or even a prefold folded and trimmed to fit if necessary. Then snap or lay into your shell and you have a "fancy" All in One with a serged edge and a quick dry soaker.

The soaker *can* be sewn to the microfleece before sewing the shell to make a true AIO but some tell me this seems to leak/wick more.

If you don't have a serger you can bind the edges with strips of PUL or fold over elastic.

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TX! I see that little lambs is serged, but they get pretty poor reviews for leaking. I'm willing to give this a try at home, though. Do you think using a snap in soaker would be okay, even if the snaps in the diaper go through both layers?
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Yes, I think that would be fine, remember to wash and dry the whole thing on hot to seal the PUL up around the snaps.

Maybe the little lambs poor reviews have to do with leg leaks rather than wicking leaks? I don't know, just a thought. Please let me know how yours works out. Mine does fine.
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I think most print outer AIOs (AI2s, really) are serged (a few are bound with FOE). I have a Luke's Drawers Candy Wrapper AIO and I love it. It leaked horribly today on the way home from somewhere, but when I opened it up, the entire soaker was soaked! That would be why the tabs were now soaked, and the legs had big wet spots all down them. Apparently, DS had a MEGA pee that the two layers of velour tri-folded (which really could be much longer for this diaper - like 2-3") just couldn't handle. I guess it's because I gave him his sippy cup of water in the car - he downed half of it in one sitting.

I've actually seen very few T&T AIOs... There's Very Baby and Bumware... I can't think of very many others (sold - I know Darling Diapers pattern is also T&T, but no one is currently selling the diapers themselves).
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I have had really good luck with T&T AIOs as long as I sew the elastic to the fleece side. It makes the fleece turn out and causes the hidden PUL to go between the fleece and the woven. I haven't had any problems with wicking once I figured out a good size for my soaker pad (at first I made them too big and they were too close to the edge so I had wicking).

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Steph, are you doing shell AIO's though, also called AI2's?
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well then i would have to use FOE, then, bc i dont have a serger.
hmmm, i really like the look of a T&T dipe.

thansk for the responses, ladies.
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You can do a snug zig zag instead of a serge. Don't let the lack of a serger stop you.

My experience with FOE is that it wicks. But you can give it a try and see how it works for you.

I'm interested to figure out what is meant by the T&T AIO technique described by Steph. I prefer T&T dipes, too. They look so tidy and professional to me.
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Okay, reading closer, I don't think I can do what she's describing and have any absorbant part sewn in unless it is just a soaker pad in the middle that doesn't touch the edges.

So this is my understanding if I want to make a T&T true AIO:

Cute Flannel outer
Middle soaker pad (not touching edges, but stitched onto fleece/suedecloth)
Lay-in soaker/doubler

What I did before that didn't work as a T&T but did fine as serged

Cute flannel outer
2 layers hemp
Lay-in soaker/doubler
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im really not understanding the T&T AIO that yall are talking about that would work with a hidden layer of PUL.
so, if i was going to have a diaper that was flannel on the outside, then hidden PUL, then the soaker, then the microfleece against baby's skin, i would actually sew the soaker to the microfleece on the inside?

so confused!! LOL
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You're confused because there are different concepts of what constitutes an AIO.

The T&T AIO described by Steph is really just a shell, if I'm understanding her right. Some people call an AIO a shell that has an external soaker pad. This means that you lay the soaker pad into the shell. I don't personally consider this an AIO, although I may go against the grain in the diapering community by saying so. I consider this a cover with a diaper. Some people make it a snap-in soaker, and that's closer to an AIO, especially if you never unsnap it for washing and it's always ready to go.

I consider an AIO to be having the outer waterproof layer and the inner absorbant layer in one package all sewn together. You can also (which I do) add snaps for a snap in soaker to boost absorbancy and decrease drying time.

So, that being said, I think the only way that you can do an AIO with sewn in absorbancy and hidden PUL and T&T is if the absorbant layer (I'm going to say 'hemp' now, it's shorter to write) is only a soaker pad, rather than being the entire shape of the diaper. Did that make sense? I usually make my hemp the same shape as the outer. But you can't do a hidden layer and T&T like that as the hemp will touch the outer flannel. But if you make the hemp only the size of a soaker pad and stitch it onto an inner fleece layer, it won't touch the outer flannel after T&T.

The AIO described above by Steph doesn't have a hemp layer sewn in. Therefore no hemp touching the outer flannel. Of course, it's possible I misunderstood her and she's really describing what I just did.

Hope I helped and didn't confuse you further.
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no, that makes perfect sense!!! i get it now!! LOL

actually that was what i wanted to do, i think it would be trimmer to just have a soaker. ok, yay, i get it!

BTW, i agree with you on the AIO...you cant really find "true" AIO, though...they are all actually AI2's!
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BTW, i agree with you on the AIO...you cant really find "true" AIO, though...they are all actually AI2's
There are true AIOs out there. Very Baby AIOs and Bumware are two that come to mind. PUL outer, absorbant body layers and internal soaker pad. Some people consider a AIO shell with the soaker pad sewn in place to be a true AIO as well, since it is all one piece and nothing can come apart.

But I agree, most 'AIOs' are really AI2s. Take it further, the difference between most AI2s and a pocket is where you put the soaker pad and the pocket opening.
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Originally Posted by Kari_mom
But I agree, most 'AIOs' are really AI2s. Take it further, the difference between most AI2s and a pocket is where you put the soaker pad and the pocket opening.
And the difference between an AI2 and a contour/cover system is that the soaker (contour) is snapped in.
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